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principe family

principe family

matteo vescera (View posts)
Posted: 953520416000
I'm surching information about the principe famili, from Monte Sant'Angelo, Foggia, Italy, that came in USA, California, on the beginning of the '900. One is perhaps Pasquale Prencipe, born 9 may 1902 and died 29 dec. 1994. This is a brother of my grandmather Prencipe Pasqua. Many Thanks.

Principe/Prencipe from Foggia

B. Ellison (View posts)
Posted: 959350772000
Matteo, I have Principe/Prencipe relatives from Mattinata and Monte Sant'Angelo, Foggia. I can be contacted at baell@home to compare notes.


Matteo Vescera (View posts)
Posted: 960649158000
My grandmother was Prencipe Pasqua, born on febraury 12th 1898. she had 7 brother GIUSEPPE, MATTEO, MICHELE, FRANCESCO, PASQUALE (AND ANOTHER MALE WE DON'T REMEMBER), and 1 sister, MARIA. Pasqua married my granfather Matteo Notarangelo on 1919 (Matteo notarangelo, from Michele Notarangelo and Lombardi Mattia). All this happened in Monte S. Angelo (I suppose, but they lived in Monte S. Angelo at that time). After she was married, she came in Vieste, where she lived and had 7 children. All the brother of Pasqua went in the U.S.A. most of them togheter, and only Pasquale, the younger of the family, after the first World War (I think). One of the brother, after a life of work became a Franciscan friar. This is all that I know about the Prencipe family, that in the USA used the surname "Principe".

re:Principe's from MonteSant'angelo

Rita M. Bar (View posts)
Posted: 960710683000
Dear Barbara,We are Principe's from Cleveland, Ohio. Our grandfather, Dominic, came from MonteSant'angelo in the early 1900's. Please contact us at

Principe family; Monte Sant'Angelo, Italy

Posted: 963160001000
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Matteo, I believe your grandmother, Pasqua Prencipe and my grandfather Matteo were sister and brother. Please write for further info. to Hope to hear from you soon.

Notarangelo, Monte Sant'Angelo, Foggia

DM (View posts)
Posted: 969490300000
Matteo, my grandfather Lorenzo NOTARANGELO had a brother named Matteo. They were from Monte Sant' Angelo, had brothers Antonio, Luigi and sister Rosina. I know nothing more of Matteo. Lorenzo was born 1890, came to USA around 1915. Any connection?


Diana (View posts)
Posted: 979078295000
Another possible connection. My grandmother Raffaela was born in Vieste, too, and came to the US at about the same time. She died before I was born so I know very little but her son, my uncle, almost deceased, was named Matthew. Please let me know what else you know. Many thanks.

Principes of Vieste

Diana (View posts)
Posted: 980287047000
I don't know if there is any relation, but my great grandparents came from Vieste. Do you know anything about this coastal town?
The family name is Principe, and of course, my great grandfather was named Matteo...and so was my uncle and cousins. I always wanted to visit this region...and now it seems to be getting a lot of press.

What do you know about the Principes? My grandmother died before I was born and my mother has no interest and no memory of any family history.

principe or prencipe

matteo (View posts)
Posted: 980329210000
I don't know if there is a relation between my family and your family, because my family came from monte s. angelo, a town near Vieste. Vieste is a beautiful small town in the south of Italy (Puglia), that now is become a quite important turistic place. You should visit it!!


Romina (View posts)
Posted: 986976677000
Hello my name is Romina Principe or Prencipe in my documents both are stated and I really newer knew which is correct. My father is from Vieste and I really do not know a lot about my ancestor.. Who are you?? we may found out our story together? I live now in Florence, Italy

hope to hear from you ...
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