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noonkester /noonchester

noonkester /noonchester

cathy (View posts)
Posted: 948490674000
I am looking for relatives of Irby Hampton Noonchester.He is my Grandfather.He was born in the U.S. but his relatives are from Germany/Austria area. My Mother says the spelling has possibly been changed when they came here. It is now Noonchester but we believe it was Noonkester originally. If there is anyone out there with any info it would be appreciated.We know that he lived in Kentucky area and was born there and some of his family became Mormons.We also know he was married to a lady in Canada before he married my Grandmother;Marie Smarsh.They had three sons.


Carol Noonkester (View posts)
Posted: 949037327000
I have Irby's line but not his family. I would love to exchange data.
(1) Adam Nungesser (2) Daniel Noonkester
(3) Joseph Noonchester (4) Irby Noonchester
Your very distant cousin,
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Hi. I found your site with a search of the name Guzy. I'd be interested to hear where your Guzy relatives came from. My grandmother's maiden name was Guzy from what is now southeastern Poland - Wola Cieklinska. Her parents names were Nicholas and Maria, grandfather - I think - Gregory Smarsh. Hope to hear from you. Possibly you are the person a Peter Danilo told me about in Canada with Smarsh relatives.


Irby Noonchester

Renee Graves Woodrum (View posts)
Posted: 962302463000
Cathy Hi my name is Renee Woodrum my grandfather was Edward Noonchester His fathers name was Bruce Noonchester and Bruce's brother was Irby Noonchester they were origanally from Va' but later moved to Middlesboro Ky My great grandfather Bruce another brother named London Noonchester who moved to Ca and also lived in Or and is said to have been very wealthy I am trying to locate information about him . To no avail if need more info about Irby I can tell you a little more as I can get it from my grandmother Ruby Noonchester she still has a good memory My great grandmother Bruce's wife was Bertha Mulwee Noonchester she was a Cherokee Idain as that also runs in the Noonchester family.Thank and please email me at


cathy (View posts)
Posted: 962352720000
You just made my day I will contact you by email later tonite when i get off work and talk to you hopefully soon thank you , Cathy You can contact me at ;


Arlene (View posts)
Posted: 971722761000
My great-grandmother's maiden was
Cielinska. Her husband was Jan Opalka.


kathy (View posts)
Posted: 988324297000
i am daughter of the late jerome guzy. we are from chicago. looking for relatives.

Re: Irby Noonchester

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Surnames: Edwards, Lowry, Mulwee, Seay, Stanley, Toney
Hi There! My name is Theresa Willson. I live in Richmond, VA Here is the problem. My grandmother was Mary Margaret Mulwee. Her parents were Frank and Lizzie (I think short for Elizabeth) Mulwee. I too, have been told that my grandmother was full blooded Cherokee Indian. We have been to the Cherokee Reservation in North Carolina trying to find info on them, but nothing there. We believe that they were from Lee Co., VA. For some reason, my grandmother and her siblings became wards of the state, and were seperated. Grandma was put in a home in Hanover Co., VA., where she met my grandfather. One of her brothers was in Lousia Co., Va., the other one was in Fluvannia Co., Va. Her sister, I found a record for her marriage in Lee Co., VA. I have been told from some of my aunts and uncles that they went to visit in Lee Co. It seems that at the time, my great-grandmother was living in Lee Co. One of the brothers ended up moving back there. This line of my family has been the hardest to research. It's like they came from no where. I have not been able to find any records. Is there a chance that there is a connection with your Mulwee Family?

Re: guzy[[my grandmother was hettie noonchester

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Surnames: noonchester,noonkester,howington
my mother use to talk about uncle london noonchester,at one time my grandmother and mother had some kind of paper on gold minding he supose to have been vary rich, got in the movies or greatrandmothers brother suposely, and moma said their was 2 moe brothers that got kell in the mine exploson, i did have a copy of a book that said whem the 2 brothers got kell,which, their was insurane moy their but,dont ask,well you said they was from virginia,,,right for as i know ,wise county russel county,scott,and maybe lee county, i got the marriage liences of my grandmother ,with her parents hettie noonchester ,and alfred howington,i have been to Hetties grave,uncle london,what i was told never married or had children.their surpose to be alot of money out their somewere,but i dont know were.please let me know if i can help,and i think moma said aunt addie tucker,and uncle jim tucker,so addie must had been an sister, they dead to,the graves are in virginia,wise county,but london is in california or organ,moma said that clint,which hetties son went out their alot and always had alot of money,and came back showing gold,i one aunt on that side living might be able to shed some light, but moma had some kine of paper showing somethig about gold that was gave to my grandmother,and hettie noonchester greatgrand

Re: noonkester /noonchester

Donna Noonchester-Crabtree (View posts)
Posted: 1112046230000
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Actually, you are right. The name was changed to Noonchester some where down the line. My grandfather was Milburn Noonchester, he is deceased now. My mother told me that he told them about the name being changed. I am very curios as to how many relatives I have that I don't even know about. I can actually find some more things out. My e-mail is If you find anything else out about the family before I do, please contact me with the information. It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Donna Noonchester-Crabtree
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