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Luse/luce connection

Luse/luce connection

christy (View posts)
Posted: 948053812000
My immediate family has been trying for
to research are geneology. We've come to more than a few dead ends, the most intriguing is are last name. We have been told a few different things, one is that their were to brothers who came to America and at soe point for some reason the two of them decided to take two seperate spelling of the Luse/Luce name. If its true which is the oiginal spelling? The other is the last
last name of Luse/Luce is only a derivative
of another name, we been told either Luse' or De Luse'. We have had a very difficult
time find any hard proof that these stories
are true they have been past down to me by elders in family. We did have a geneology
done, its not very indepth but if anyone is
interest E-mail me at" target="_blank">
and I will try to get you the information I have. I would apprciate and help you could
give me in my research.

C.A. Luse

luse surname

Jonathan M. Luse Sr. (View posts)
Posted: 949214189000
Christy - In 1995 the New England Historic
Genealogical Society published a 4 volume set
titled "the american descendants of Henry Luce
of Martha's Vineyard 1640-1995. It details
many generations of the luce/luse family. If you
e-mail me with some of your ancestors names birthdates
I'll see if they are in the book.

4 vol .set "the american desendants Henry Luce

Michael I.Luce Sr. (View posts)
Posted: 952768253000
Jonathan M. Luse Sr.

My name is Michael I. Luce Sr. I am a descendant of Henry Luce. Can I access the 4 Volume set "The American Decendants of Henry Luce through the internet? If not how can I? I'd like to view the information.

luse family history

Jonathan M. Luse Sr. (View posts)
Posted: 952835967000
Michael - I'm not aware of the history being available on the internet. If you'd like to e-mail me your grandfathers fathers names dates of birth, I'll check to see if you're listed.

Luse Name

Charles Luse (View posts)
Posted: 973834151000
My Grandfather was Oscar Perry Luse and my father was Willard Oscar Luse both men were from Nebraska. My information carried down verbally is the name was originally Luseau which is French as my Grandfather was said to be. No one seems to know how the au was removed from the name and there is a record of a Phillipe Luseau being in the U.S. 1n the 1600's. Let me know if your knowledge lends any validity to this. Regards, Charlie Luse

David Luce,Joseph Luce, Zephaniah Luce(Luse)

Peggy Piersall (View posts)
Posted: 985624993000
I am looking for information about my
grandfather Zephaniah Luce from Miliam
Co. Texas. He was born in Mo. I think
his father was John Luce who was 59 in
the 1850 Cherokee Co. Texas census.
Thank you.
Peggy Piersall

Re: Luse Name

Carol Luse (Hughes) (View posts)
Posted: 996131984000
Hi, Charlie, I came across your post. I just got started on my family research, my uncle sent me a pack of material. Well, here goes! Your father was my grandfather!

Re: Luse Name

Carol Luse (Hughes) (View posts)
Posted: 996133473000
Surnames: Siler
I didn't post right. See further message...Also, in my info, I have that my great grandfather was W.O. and married to Cecile Siler. Then it gets vague. Great,Great grandfather was a Luse from Ord, Nebraska and all the rest of that generation were from Ord. I can probably get more info from my uncle. He
decided to quit genealogy and write novels. I look forward to hearing from you. CAH

Re: Luse Name

Charlie (Willard) Luse (View posts)
Posted: 996147435000
Well, What a Surprise! You all must be from the Houston area, for I knew my Father was married before he married my mother. Thank you for your condolences about my mother's death. Looks like our ancestor was quite a "rounder" and he did not stay long in one place. I vaguely remember him smoking a pipe as he and mother divorced when my sister and I were probably three and six years old respectively. He was evidently a smart man and must have passed on the gypsy blood to me as I have "been around" a bit myself. I am now 59 years young and working in the Boston, Massachusetts area as a Construction Manager. We live in Tucson, Arizona 7548 West Summer Sky Drive (520) 579-1732. I would love to learn more about this if you have more information. I wonder how many kids he and his wives had? He was married after my mother and is buried somewhere in Marshall, Texas.As to the orgin of the name I now believe it came from Henry Luce if the tree on O.P. Luse is correct in this same website.

Your Newly Found Uncle,

Charlie Luse
(978) 659-9238

Re: Luse/luce connection

Posted: 1012706380000
Classification: Query
My first husband was Thomas Kent Luce. we have traced the Luce name back to Henry Luce who came to America from Gloucster England and settled in Martha's Vineyard in Massachussetts. (Duke County and Tisbury County) and most of our information came from an author named "Binks"
it is a 4 volume set, now out of print. We were able to find it in the LDS genealogy library in Salt Lake City. Hope this may help you. Good luck, Neva Luce Madson.
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