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Nelson Lowe, 1800-1861, NC

Nelson Lowe, 1800-1861, NC

John Lowe (View posts)
Posted: 924864116000
Looking for info on Nelson LOWE, born during 1800-1861. Married to Martha(?)Hancock. Lived in Lilesville township, Anson county North Carolina. Had a son named John Gaston Lowe, born 4 July 1861. Any ideas??? Also, anyone have people (lowe's) that came from France? My father always said we were of French desent, and had owned a plantation in Anson county NC before the civil war. Thanks, John


JEREMY LOWE (View posts)
Posted: 925859949000
My Lowe's are from Missouri I think and some of them put up the telegraph wires in the trees.. My Great Great Gfather was In the army and had 2 families one in Georgia,and here


JEREMY LOWE (View posts)
Posted: 925860038000
My Lowe's are from Missouri I think and some of them put up the telegraph wires in the trees.. My Great Great Gfather was In the army and had 2 families one in Georgia,and here I believe the other one was Surname Lee

Low family in Misouri

sandy (View posts)
Posted: 926722200000
i have some records handed down to myself with serveral people named Low<e> in both misouri and Kansas. If any of these names are familiar please resond: Ozius Low, alice Low, daisy sarah lowe, Cornelius Lowe, Abegail Low, Grace low , Olive Lowe, william MKinely Low, George D. Lowe. saidy and alice were cof illinois, and the rest are listed as being "from" Mo.

i shared so now if you recognize any of this its your turn:)

hope you can help
sandy great, great grandaughter of Daisy Lowe

Sandy Lowe in Missouri

Howard Lowe (View posts)
Posted: 927724558000
i was attracted to your posting because my gr gr grandfather was a Sandy Lowe orphaned in St Louis in the 1850's at the 1890s he had migrated to Salida County Kansas where he was the sherrif for a period...his son George Washington Lowe was my gr grandfather and his wife, my gr grandmother was named Olive(born Tompkins) brother was George D Lowe from California born grnadfather, GW Lowe's son was also George Lowe but i cannot recall his middle name or initial...would like to know who Sandy Lowe's Parents were and where they came from

General Grant Lowe

Sandee Sweigart (View posts)
Posted: 927957524000
General Grant Lowe was born in Indiana (I think) and married Elizabeth M Mahin in 1907, July 14. She died in Ashville NC on May 27, 1939. Would appreciate any info out there.
Thank You

George Lowe

jerryc (View posts)
Posted: 929075199000
Maybe you could help me as I am trying to track
Down a relative. George lowe who lived in
Richmond Missouri around 1960, and also lived
Utah in the late 1950s. Thanks for your
time and help.

Lowe in Mo.

Posted: 929376560000
Edited: 994720086000
I have a Mary Lowe b 15 Jan 1842 to Peter Lowe b1817 in NJ and Rosanna Wiggins Lowe b 1822 in NC.

Mary m. Wm Thos Harrison b 15 Jan 1855 in WV.

Both died in Wichita, Ks.

Looking for information on Peter, Rosanna & Mary's siblings.

Please e-mail me at if anything looks familiar.



George Lowe

Leni Scarr (View posts)
Posted: 930787991000
To: jerryc

Do you know George Lowe's middle initial or
his age? I do know of a George Lowe that
very possibly could have lived in Missouri.
Please feel free to contact me at the above

George Lowe

Leni Scarr (View posts)
Posted: 930789013000
To jerryc:
My apologies for being so incomplete in previous reply:
George Wesley Lowe was born in Indianapolis, Indiana
(son of Charles Newton Lowe) would be(I would have to
look up exact date)about 71 -74 yrs old. He did a great
deal of moving around and it is very possible
that he lived Utah and Missouri. He traveled a great
deal between California and Indiana.

Again, please feel free to contact me.

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