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Looking for relatives

Looking for relatives

Melissa Jefts (View posts)
Posted: 956845796000
My grandfather was George Edward Jefts born 6-14-1926 and died 12-24-1991. I am looking for brothers and sisters and info about his parents and Indian heritage. I think that he was born in Mass. but his family came from Vermont. Any help would be great.

George Jefts

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George Edward Jefts was the son of George Edward Jefts(1895-1970) and Mary Ellen McIver(1896-1935). His siblings were Doris Mary (1918), Benjamin Allen (1921=died at 2 months of spinal meningitis), and Bernice Irene (1922). They were all born in Ware, MA.
George's grandparents were Albert Theodore(1860-1925) and Harriet Electa Moulton (1868-1912) Jefts.
Albert and Harriets children were Ira Albert, Ray Henry, Bessie Hattie, George Edward, and Etta (my grandmother). They were all born in Andover and Grafton, VT.
I have more information on these people and can go back another generation too. E-mail me if you want more.



Melissa (View posts)
Posted: 959422699000
I am not sure of the info. All that I do know is that my grandfather has a sister(Bunny) who is still alive. I also know that his mother either died or they divorced and he was raised by his father and stepmother.If this is correct from your info please let me know. George E. Jefts( grandfather) had 2 sons, Alan and Paul, and he was Scottish and American Indian. Thank you.


Melissa (View posts)
Posted: 959431308000
I just found out that the information is about my grandfather. It is very exciting! Would you happen to know what type of American Indian I am? Meaning what tribe? Any info would be a HUGE help, Thank you. Melissa


Melissa (View posts)
Posted: 959509207000
We would love more information as soon as possible. I was e-mailed recently from a man who wanted some info. He is on the website. Please e-mail me and him soon, thank you. Melissa


kelly ( jefts ) white (View posts)
Posted: 959535058000
i would deffently like ANY info that you could provide and also any info on how you came about this info- i'm looking for realitives on other sides and seem to be stuck!!!!
Posted: 959764384000
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Here's the info I have. Most of this came from a book my grandmother kept of her families births, deaths, and marriages. My dad says Bernice is known as "Bunny" to the family.

David Jefts (1799-1876) Mason, NH
+ Rua Robbins (1796-1863)
R.Willard Jefts (1829-1900)

R.Willard Jefts
+ Mariett Leonard(1828-1904)
Delbert Ruel Jefts (1851-1895)
William A. Jefts (1855-1871)
Albert Theodore Jefts(1860-1925)
Mary Jane Jefts (1868-1926)
Rua Eliza Jefts (1870-1913)
Delbert Ruel Jefts
+Stella Needham(1856-1911)
Harry Warren Jefts(1875-
+May Doubleday
Julius Albert Jefts(1877-1934)
+Kellie Leoti Metsker
Alice Geneva Jefts (1880-
+Albert Rice
Caroll Alton Rice(1904-
Verne Louis Rice (1911-
Harland Andrew Jefts (1882-
+Lena Crossman
Lewis William Jefts (1884-
+Mettia Nelson
Mildred Irene Jefts(1893-
+William Stewart

Albert Theodore Jefts
+Harriet Electa Moulton(1868-1912)
Ira Albert Jefts (1886=1965)
+Ethel Tuttle (1899-1970)
Joyce Ethel Jefts (1927-
Ray Henry Jefts (1888-1975)
+Lottie Hazel Pierce(1900-1969)
Robert Ray (1918=
Donald Fred (1923-
Beverley Bertha (1933-
Bessie Hattie Jefts (1891-1943)
+Ray Harrington (1876-1956)
Harlan Harrington (1910-1968)
+Vera Rink (1911-
Lydia Hattie Harrington (1912-
+Paul Carr
Oscar Albert Harrington (1914-
George Edward Jefts (1895-
+Mary Ellen McIver 1896-1935)
Doris Mary 1918 Ware, Mass
Benjamin Allen Dec.25.1921-March 12, 1922
Bernice Irene May 15, 1922
George Edward Jr. June 14, 1926
Etta Jefts (1897-1977)
+Benjamin Prouty (1892-1963)
Theodore William (1917-1991)
Raymond Bradford (1916-
Edna Mae (1919-
Irving Norman (1921-1921)
Norman Gordon (1922-
Carl Donald (1923-1923)
Ralph Edward (1925-
Harold Benjamin (1926)
Donald Earl (1929-
Howard Ray (1930-
Clyde Richard (1931-
Mildred Louise (1933-
Mary Jane Jefts (daughter of R.Willard + Mariett) 1868-1926
+Fred Wheeler
+Clark Spaulding
Frank Spaulding
+Filmore Grover
Rua Eliza (daughter of R.Willard + Mariett)
+Frank Rowe
Henry Endell (1891-
+Addie Mae Roe
Charles (1894-1926)
Walter H. 1896-
Grace Mariett(1906)
+Malcolm Whitney
Franklin Roy (1909=
+Mertie Jones
Eleanor May(1928-
Elaine Margaret (1931-
Lewis Willard (1912-1913)

Thats all. Hope it can be of some use to you. I have never heard my family speak of the Jefts being part Indian.

+Benjamin Prouty (1892-1963)

+Ray Harrington
Posted: 959768602000
Edited: 997201452000
My typing came out a little confusing. Children of Albert Theodore and Harriet Electa are Ira Albert,Ray Henry, Bessie Hattie, George Edward, and Etta.

If theres anything else you don't understand let me know.


Melissa (View posts)
Posted: 960037743000
I do have a question, are you sure that Jefts isn't Indian(American).I was alsways told that Jefts was an Indian tribe name and that his(George) mother was Scottish. My mom was told that I was Creed Indian from the tribe in Vermont. If this isn't true then what nationality are we. If you need any info about my family I'll be glad to help. Another thing of interest, my mom use to take care of Mildred Jefts in a nursing home. I have a personal question to ask you if you could please e-mail personally at thanks. Melissa

English Jefts

Debbie Jefts Rollins (View posts)
Posted: 962263964000
Hi! All of the Jefts families in America descended from Henry Jeffs. He was born in England in 1606. He came to America, arriving in Boston in 1634 or 1635. He lived in Woburn, Ma. and then was one of the first settlers in 1654 in Billerica. If you want any more info. on Henry let me know! Debbie Jefts Rollins
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