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Houchens-Houchins website

Houchens-Houchins website

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I have prepared a Houchens-Houchins website on I am now sending out invitations to participants for the website. You have to be listed to get access to it. If you are interested in being able to access the website, send me a reply. There is no cost associted with it as this website uses advertising and sale of various items. If you are listed as a member, your e-mail address would be listed but only visible to those with access to the site. I am only contacting people who are in the descent line from Edward Howchens of Virginia.

I have already put in my database of descendants of Edward of Virginia and have several other items in the website. As a person with access, you can put in pictures, files, historical information, other descent lines, etc. This gives all of us a place to share information with others in the Houchen(s)-Houchin(s) line.

>Let me know and I will submit your name for access.

Dave Houchens

Houchins in KY research

Mary Harlow (View posts)
Posted: 951758802000
I am looking specifically at Edward and Nancy Clements Houchins who settled in Mercer Co., KY around 1822. I am trying to link the family of Hugh Hall Houchins. He is my mother-in-law's grandfather. She has little information on her family as her father died when she was very young and her mother is now deceased also. Hugh Houchins was believed to be born in Mercer County, KY..

Hugh Houchins

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I have Edward Houchens and his wife Nancy Clements in my database. What I show is Edward, b. Feb. 29, 1760 in Goochland Co., Virginia, d. Feb. 14, 1846 in Mercer Co., Kentucky. Married Nancy Clements on Oct. 27, 1785. She was born in 1762 in Goochland, VA. I have nothing in my database on Hugh Hall Houchins. I also checked on the site and did not find anything.

Dave Houchens

houchins web site

jeannine houchins (View posts)
Posted: 952319312000
i am looking for parents of chesterfield houchins from pike co. indiana

Chesterfield Houchin

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I checked my database and found Chesterfield Houchin listed. He is probably the one you want since the spelling of the family name varies in different lines. I am adding his ancestry to this e-mail. Let me know if this is the one you are interested in. I can be contact4ed at I would like to invite you to participate in the Houchens-Houchins website which was sarted on February 2. If you let me know, I will add your name so that you can receive a password to log in. There are over 2000 names in the database. These are descendants and spouses from Edward Howchens in the late 1600s in Virginia. If you descend from Chesterfield Houchin, you would be in the descent from Edward. There is no cost to be a member of the website.

Dave Houchens


1. David HOUCHIN was born in 1849.


2. Chesterfield HOUCHIN was born in 1831 near Roundtop Hill, Indiana. He was married to Nancy SMITH on JUL 25 1846.

3. Nancy SMITH1,2. Chesterfield HOUCHIN and Nancy SMITH had the following children:

i. Harrison HOUCHIN was born in 1847.
1 ii. David HOUCHIN.


4. Jesse HOUCHIN was born on MAY 4 1798 in Kentucky. He died in 1861 in Lockhart Township, Indiana.

5. Elizabeth CLIFFORD was born in 1796 in Kentucky. Jesse HOUCHIN and Elizabeth CLIFFORD had the following children:

i. Jesse HOUCHIN.
ii. George HOUCHIN.
2 iii. Chesterfield HOUCHIN.
iv. Clifford HOUCHIN was born on JUN 9 1820.
v. Leright HOUCHIN was born on OCT 25 1825 in Gibson county, Indiana.


8. JOHN HOUCHIN was born in 1748 in Amherst County, Virginia. He died on DEC 19 1837 in Edmonson County, Kentucky. Moved from Virginia to Kentucky in 1790

Settled in the Green River area of KY

9. Patsey "Patty" ALFORD. JOHN HOUCHIN and Patsey "Patty" ALFORD had the following children:

i. Charlotte HOUCHIN.
ii. Elisabeth HOUCHIN.
iii. James HOUCHIN.
iv. Celia HOUCHIN.
v. William "Buckey" HOUCHIN was born in 1777 in Virginia. He died on DEC 19 1855 in Logan County, Illinois.
vi. Charles HOUCHIN was born about 1790 in Warren County, Kentucky. He died after 1813 in Warren County, Kentucky.
vii. Benjamin Wright HOUCHIN was born in 1790.
viii. Nancy HOUCHIN3,2 was born in 1798 in in Warren (now Edmonson) County, Kentucky or abt. 1795 in Amherst County, Virgin. She died on APR 27 1876 near Atlanta, Logan County, Illinois.
4 ix. Jesse HOUCHIN.
x. John HOUCHIN was born about 1800. He died about 1850.
xi. Polly HOUCHIN.


16. JOHN HOUCHIN died in 1785 in Virginia. He was born in Goochland Co., VA. He was married to MARTHA ORFORD about 1750.

17. MARTHA ORFORD. JOHN HOUCHIN and MARTHA ORFORD had the following children:

i. EDWARD HOUCHINS died in 1800.
ii. CHARLES HOUCHIN was born on MAR 20 1759 in Amherst County, Virginia. He died before JUL 20 1852 in Edmonson County, Kentucky. Revolutionary soldier.

Moved to KY with his brother John
v. FRANCIS HOUCHIN was born in 1765 in Amherst County, Virginia. He died in Brownsville, Edmonson County, Kentucky.


32. EDWARD HOUTCHENS was born between 1686 and 1700 in GOOCHLAND CO., VA.. He died in 1765 in Goochland Co., VA.4 He died on FEB 19 1765 in Goochland, Virginia. The name of Edward Houtchens, Jr. first appeared in the records of
Goochland Co. Virginia in 1737 He was married to HANNAH (Aner) about 1717.

33. HANNAH (Aner). EDWARD HOUTCHENS and HANNAH (Aner) had the following children:

i. CHARLES HOUCHENS signed a will on OCT 13 1781. He died in 1782.
ii. RACHEL HOUCHENS was born about 1718 in Virginia.5
vii. MARY HOUTCHENS was born in 1723 in Goochland Co., VA.
viii. FRANCIS HOUCHINS was born in 1735 in Goochland Co., VA. He died in 1805 in Louisa Co., VA.
ix. JAMES HOUCHIN died in 1833.


64. EDWARD HOWCHENS6 was born about 1658 in England.7 He died in New Kent Co., VA. Living in New Kent County, Virginia in 1686
He was a parishioner in St. Peters Parish. He was a "possessioner" i.e. a
land holder. Records of New Kent County were burned in 1866.

He was reported to have been transported to America as a bond slave for 6
years. He was married to REBECCA about 1685.

65. REBECCA was born about 1660 in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent, VA.8 EDWARD HOWCHENS and REBECCA had the following children:

i. CHARLES HOUCHINS was christened on AUG 17 1690 in New Kent Co., VA. Obtained a grant of land in 1711 in King William Co., VA from Gov.
Alexander Spotswood.
iii. RACHEL HOWCHENS was born on OCT 24 1686.

Prepared by:
David P. Houchens
1501 Langston Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43220
(614) 451-3891


1. GEDCOM file imported on 17 Feb 2000.
3. GEDCOM file imported on 17 Feb 2000.
4. Family Search-Morman Church. AFN:4K7C-SN.
5. Ibid. AFN: 4K7C-ZJ.
6. Dr. Paul C. Houchen. 1930/1950.
7. Family Search-Morman Church. AFN:4K7C-V1.
8. Ibid. AFN: 4K7C-W6.


Corinne (View posts)
Posted: 952441621000
David, would appreciate you adding my name to your list. Thanks!
Posted: 952449475000
Edited: 1017843496000

I need you to contact me to add you to the site. I have to have your name and e-mail address to do that. Please contact me at


Dave Houchens

Houchins info

jack graham (View posts)
Posted: 953418994000
My Great-great-Great grandfather on my mother's side was Samuel Houchins, Born Jan. 14, 1827 near Harrodsburg, KY. His father was Thomas Oliver Houchins, Born near Richmond, VA 1803 and died in 1841 in Mercer County, KY near Harrodsburg. Samuel's grandfather was Edward Houchins, the person you are looking for, Born in Goochlandd Co., 1760-1846. Married Nancy Clements (1766-1849)in 1785 and the family moved to KY in 1822, bought land 2 miles south of Harrodsburg, Mercer Co. He and Nancy were burried in Terhune Cemetery, just outside of Harrodsburg.
Edward was the oldest of 13 children born to Francis Houchins, born 1735 in Goochland Co., Virginia, and Died in 1805, Louisa County, where they bought land in 1796. Married Joyce Clements in 1758, who died in 1821. Their home was near Richmond, VA.
How far back do you want to go? I've got historical infomation dating back to 1686.

houchins in KY research

peggy ann houchins day (View posts)
Posted: 953449405000
My ancestors decended down to Edward Houchins who died in KY. His father was Francis.

houchins website

peggy ann houchins day (View posts)
Posted: 953449798000
To David Houchens....
Please give me access to your website. My Houchins decend from Virginia
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