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Yves Phlem.....the original (Hivon/Yvon/Evon) ancestor.

Yves Phlem.....the original (Hivon/Yvon/Evon) ancestor.

Candi Evon (View posts)
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Surnames: Phlem, Hivon, Yvon, Evon
Because there were two posts today re; Yves Phlem, I decided to give you as much information I can for now. Therefore this post will be a long one.

Guillaume Deflem b. abt 1670 in Ploujean, Brittany France married Marguerite PEROINE abt 1670 in Ploujean.

*I only know of one child, the original ancestor. There may have been other sons unknown. A cousin has been to Brittany France several times and came up empty. We can't seem to find any other data from France.

Children of Guillame and Marguerite PEROINE

1. Yves Phlem b. abt 1695 Ploujean/Morlaix area of Brittany France, d. Sep 26, 1749 Ste. Anne de la Perade, Quebec. married Marie Madeleine Leuvreau April 8, 1724 St. Famille Ile d' Orleans Qu. She was born Nov 8, 1695 St. Famille Ile d' Orleans Qu, d. July 12, 1784 in Ste Anne de la Perade. The daughter of Sixte Leuvreau and Reine de BLOIS

*Church records of Assumption Church, Sandwich, Ontario states name as Mary Lebreau (there have been numerous spellings of her last name) daughter of Sixtus Lebreau and Regina DEBOIS.

Yves Phlem was educated as a surgeon in Morlaix France. At the time of his marriage and death in Qu he was referred to as a 'healer'.

*Yves spoke and wrote Breton, a form of Gaelic. In Qu, Yves inability to speak or write French, combined with high illiteracy among the 1720's population, explains phonetic variations and transposing of given and family names.

*His signature on his marriage certificate reads Yves Defleme. Seperate documents around the event recorded his name as Yves Phlem, and Fluery Yvon.

*The family name has been spelled many ways.

The three sons of Yves

1. Joseph Yves PHLEM, b. July 26, 1727 Ste. Anne de la Perade Qu. (I will refer as Ste Anne) Married (1) Marie Francoise DESSUREAUX Feb 22, 1747 in St. Genevieve de Batiscan, Qu. Daughter of Francoise DESSUREAUX and Elizabeth BERTRAND. She was b. March 30, 1728 in Batiscan and d. before 1756. Married (2) Marie Josephe TESSIER Jan 29, 1757 in St. Anne, daughter of Francois Xavier TESSIER. She was b. 1732 Batiscan Qu. *Joseph Yves is my direct lineage.

2. Charles Francois PHLEM, b. April 16, 1731 Ste. Anne. Married Marie Jeanne GENDRON Feb 22, 1751. She was b. abt. 1731 Ste. Anne, d. July 1, 1792.

Charles was baptised April 17, 1731 and burial Feb 6, 1808.

3. Louis PHLEM b. Jan 24, 1738 Ste. Anne

The Children of Joseph Yves PHLEM and Marie DESSUREAUX

1. Joseph PHLEM DE HIVON b. May 16, 1749 Ste. Anne. d. May 16, 1749 St. Anne

2. Marie Francoise PHLEM DE HIVON b. March 18, 1750 Ste. Anne

3. Marie Josphe PHLEM DE HIVON b. Aug 17, 1752 Ste. Anne

4. Joseph PHLEM DE HIVON b. April 10, 1754 Ste. Anne, d. May 1, 1843 River Raisin (Monroe) Michigan.

Children of Joseph PHLEM and Marie TESSIER

1. Elizabeth PHLEM DE HIVON b. Aug 20, 1762 Batiscan, Qu.

2. Angelique PHLEM DE HIVON married Pierre TROTTIER Jan 12, 1775 Batiscan, Qu

3. Marguerite PHLEM DE HIVON b. 1773 d. 1775

The 1 son, Joseph PHLEM DE HIVON was the only living son of Joseph Yves PHLEM. He came down to Sandwich, Ontario and River Raisin (Monroe) Michigan, near Detroit. b. April 10, 1754 Ste. Anne, died May 1, 1843 River Raisin m. Sept 29, 1783 to Marguerite SORDILLET at Assumption Church, Sandwich, Ont. Dau of Francois SORDILLET and Marie GENDRON. She was b. 1766 in Sandwich, d. Nov 26, 1838 River Raisin.

He was called Joseph HIVON

In 1749, the French were given a land grant in Petite Cote (LaSalle) Ontario. Joseph arrived here about 1780. Married in 1783. The British arrived in 1784. Joseph's first child was born in 1785 and died in 1786. Soon after, Joseph and Marguarite moved to River Raisin.

Josephs' son, also named Joseph and born in River Raisin, Michigan returned to Petite Cote where he married in 1823 and died abt. 1871. Buried St. Antoine Cemetery, River Raisin, Michigan.

Children of Joseph de Hivon and Marguerite SORDILLET

1. Infant HIVON b. 1785, LaSalle, Ontario. d. Feb 17, 1786 LaSalle.

2. Joseph HIVON b. Apr 1788 in River Raisin, Mi d. Aft 1871 in Sandwich.

3. Angelica HIVON b. 1790 River Raisin m. Peter DUCHENE Feb 5, 1806 River Raisin. He was born 1774 Detroit, Michigan, d. Feb 18, 1831 in River Raisin.

4. Archange HIVON b. Feb 1792 Detroit married Augustine RIVARD b about 1787 Detroit.

5. Margaret b Jan 20, 1795 River Raisin d. Dec 18, 1813

6. Anthony b. May 18, 1796 River Raisin, d. Aug 19, 1796

7. Charles HIVON b. July 19, 1798 River Raisin married Julia GUIGNIER DE BURGVIGNON Feb 7, 1835 River Raisin

8. Joseph Louis HIVON b. March 15, 1800 River Raisin. Married Pelegre METAY Jan 31, 1826.

There were 3 more sons to carry on the Hivon name. I believe at least 2 of them went on to carry the Hivon into Michigan.

Joseph HIVON b. Apr 1788 River Raisin, d. aft 1871 in Sandwich. Married Therese DUFOR Sept 2, 1823 in Sandwich dau of Peter DUFOR and Mary PARAY who was born Dec 11, 1803 in Sandwich, d. June 6, 1842 in Sandwich. Joseph was buried at Assumption Cemetery. Occp: Farmer

Children of Joseph HIVON and Therese DUFOR

1. Joseph HIVON b. Aug 17, 1824 Sandwich

2. Peter HIVON b. July 21, 1826, Sandwich

3. Matilda HIVON b. July 14, 1828 Sandwich married Peter GIGNAC Nov 23, 1847 Sandwich.

4. Julia HIVON b. Nov 11, 1830 in Sandwich. Married Magloeire DUBAY Jan 14, 1851 Assumption Church, Sandwich.

5. Emily HIVON b. June 1, 1833 Sandwich

6. Claude HIVON b. Aug 28, 1836 Sandwich

7. Noe *Husbands gr grandfather......b. Apr 4, 1839 Fighting Island; died June 5, 1926. Married Zoe GIGNAC

8. Ann Suzanne HIVON, b. June 1, 1842 Sandwich

9. Mary Theresa HIVON, b. June 1, 1842 Sandwich, died July 18, 1842 Sandwich.

Note: Noe in the 1871 Census identified him with the family name of HIVON. 1883 data showed Noe living in Sandwich with the family name of HIVON. Bertille, granddaughter of Noe b. Feb 1898 with the family name of Evon. Name changed from HIVON to EVON between 1883 and 1897, assumed about 1890.

In 1926, the death notice for Noe in the newspaper identified his family name as EVON. (In French, the silent 'h' makes HIVON phonetically the same as EVON in English

Kathee, in the 1880 US Cenus shows a Charles Lewis Hivon b. July 19, 1798 There is a Lewis HIVON in the genealogy. Birthplace : Michigan; Occp; Farmer; Home in 1880 Frenchtown, Monroe Michigan; Marital Status; Widower. Fathers birth; Canada; Mothers birth; Canada; Son James, occp; farmer b. 1837 43 yrs

I believe there is likely a correlation between these Hivons and the Evons in Mi and maybe further. I haven't gone that far on that line as yet. Also a Julia Hivon shows up in the Census. It may be a good starting point for you in your quest.

The best of luck and if I can help in any way let me know.


Re: Yves Phlem.....the original (Hivon/Yvon/Evon) ancestor.

Kathee Kiesselbach (View posts)
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Surnames: Evon/Hivon/Yvon
Dear Candi,

Wonderful! Thank you so much for taking the time.

Her is what I have to share. I don't have all my records with me, but can provide more source info:

First, there is a Monroe Co death record, Vol 3, 1889-1897, that lists Louis Hivon on pg 49 #166, "Hivon, Louis, died 25 Dec 1892 at Monroe age 94 years, cause: heart disease, sex M, color W, martital Status M, Birthplace: Michigan, Occ: --, Father: Joseph Hivon, Res: Monroe, Mother: unknown. Res: Monroe." That would have him born in 1978 as you say about the Louis you mentioned toward the end of your post.

Second, Here is what I think my line looks like:

1. Joseph Yvon b. 1727 St. Anne de la Perade, m. 1748 Mary Frances Dessurault/Dessurreaux
2. Joseph Yvon/Hivon b. 1754 Ste Anne de la Perade, d 1843, St. Antoine, River Raisin, Monroe, m 1783 Assumption,Sandwich, Margaret Sordelier
3. *Joseph (Louis?) Evon b 1794 St. Antoine d 1888, bur Sat Calvary Cemetery Lot 1 Sect E) m 31 Jan 1826 Monroe, MI, Pelagia Matay; She was b. Detroit 1801, d 1831 River Raisin, Monroe, MI; he lived at 1122 S. Wash St., Saginaw.
From here down is 100% with a few missing pieces, as my family members knew them, and they are listed on census info, etc. So John and his wife Narcissa lived in the same house with his father Joseph and mother Angelique--and Joseph's father Joseph (Louis?). I just need to prove it was the same Joseph. I need to find out more info in Saginaw about this man, and his wife Pelagia Matay.
4. *Joseph Evon b 1822 d. 1890, m 1848 *Angelique (Drouillard?), b 1817, d. 1890 at 73 yrs, (both bur in Calvary Cem Lot 20, Sec J, both lived in 1122 S. Wash St., Sag)
5. *John Evon b 1837 Quebec, m Nancy Anna/Narcissa Campau (St. Andrew's, Saginaw) (John was dept'y sherrif Saginaw 1890-92, he died 1907 in Chicago, but bur in Sag, Calvary Cemetry, lot 1 Sec E) Resided at 1122 S. Washinton St per cemetery records. Narcissa b 1844,
6. Henry Joseph Evon Sr b 1861 in Sag, m 1881-3 in Saginaw, Alice LaFontaine (Spring) (Sr's 1913 death cert says father was John; Sr. resided at 1731 S. Jeff Ave., E. Saginaw)
7. Henry Joseph Evon Jr b 1889 m Catherine Marie Dobrowalski (Henry baptized at St. Mary's Cathedral, Saginaw)
8. Gladys Mae Evon b 1927 m Thomas R. Keller
9 Kathleen Keller Kiesselbach--me!

*According to Saginaw City directories, and cemetery records, all lived at 122 S. Washington Street, Saginaw, MI

Re: Yves Phlem.....the original (Hivon/Yvon/Evon) ancestor.

Candi Evon (View posts)
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Hi Kathee,

Looks like a definate connection going on. A few questions.

At #3 you had Joseph (Louis) b. 1794 and I have his birth as March 15, 1800

The death date you have of 1888, do you have the full date?

bur Sat Calvary Cemetery, is that in River Raisin? Do you have the certificate?

I looked up my notes from the geneaologist who did mine and found the parents of Pelagia (two dif spellings......but mine came out of the Assumption Church records so there could be names misspelled due to the writing) her parents were Felix Metay and Catherine LeMay?

Sounds like after she died he went up to Saginaw?

4. Joseph Evon.........son of Joseph?

5. John Evon b. Quebec? This one really has me stumped. How does he fit in.

I've been rushing about looking up notes etc. I am also working on two other trees at the moment.

Kathee, could you please email me at: ?? I would like to get into this deeper, and see what you have. I am fairly certain that Joseph Louis may be the connection here.

I have printed up your email here. Maybe together we can find more.

Have a great day!

Re: Yves Phlem.....the original (Hivon/Yvon/Evon) ancestor.

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Classification: Query
Did anyone ever find out any more information from France? I noticed that these posts are from 2005 and I only started looking in 2008. My mother is a Frechette, Grandfather Onesime Frechette from Trois Riviera. thanks, Chris
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