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Samuel, Fanny, William Hanscom

Samuel, Fanny, William Hanscom

Barb Hartman (View posts)
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My grandfather William Bosworth Hanscom was born in Machias, Maine Aug 14, 1865. He came to Minnesota in 1898. From 1898 til his death on Jan. 10, 1931 is easy to document. The information I am looking for is before 1898. My mother and her siblings remember their grandfather Samuel Hanscom was buried in Machais, Maine, but I can't find any record.There is a record of his (Williams) mothers grave at the Court Street Cemetary. They were buried next to each other. My Great Grandmother was Fannie W. Hanscom. Her maidian name was Bosworth. Born Jan 19, 1838 in Maine, Died May 10th 1921 in Mpls. Mn. Her body was shipped back to Machias Maine to be buried next to her husband Samuel. Her parents were Daniel Bosworth born in Maine, Mother Mary Hucknis(?) born in Maine. Any information you have on these people or anyone related to them would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Barb

Hanscoms of Machias, Maine

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You have some very interesting ancestors...

GEORGE WASHINGTON HANSCOM, b. Machias, Maine, 1797, was the second child of ISAAC HANSCOM (1772-1854) and his first wife, ELIZABETH /"Betsey" (PINEO) HANSCOM (b. 1778). Betsey Pineo was the dau. of Jonathan and Esther (Libby) Pineo and, through the Hanscoms, was a third cousin of her husband, Isaac. [Her great-grandmother was Esther (Hanscom) Libby (1692-1761)]. Through the Pineo family, however, Betsey was a direct descendant of "Mayflower" pilgrims, John and Priscilla (Mullens) Alden, AND also, Capt. Myles Standish.

[Just as a point of interest, George's father, Isaac Hanscom, was married three times and fathered a total of 18 children. His eldest was b. when he was 23 (in 1795) and his youngest, when he was 68 (in 1840).

George W. Hanscom was m. 1st, about 1819, to BETHIAH ELSMORE, b. Machias, 4 November 1801, d/o Moses and Lydia (Andrews) Elsemore. Bethiah d. in Machias, 5 August 1856, age 55, and his buried in the Court Street Cemetery. Following her death, George m. 2nd, in Machias, 5 July 1863, NANCY MITCHELL, b. 1803. By 1870, George and Nancy had separated. George d. in Machias three years later, on 28 November 1873, age 76. He too is buried in the Court Street Cemetery.

Children of George W. Bethiah (Elsmore) Hanscom:
1. ELIZABETH LYDIA HANSCOM, b. Machias, 30 June 1820; m. 12 November 1837, JOHN PIERCE of East Machias, b. 2 December 1815, s/o Jonas and Margery (West) Pierce. They had 11 children.

2. MARY HANSCOM, b. Machias, c.1823; living 1830, but died early in life.

3. GEORGE SAMUEL HANSCOM, b. Machias, 11 December 1825 [always known as "SAMUEL HANSCOM"]; d. in Machias, 14 October 1898, age 72 yrs., 10 mos., 3 days. He m. in East Machias, 3 October 1858, FRANCES W. /"Fannie" BOSWORTH, b. Machias, 20 January 1838; d. Minneapolis, Minnesota, 10 May 1921, age 83 yrs., 3 mos., 21 days. Both she and Samuel are buried in the Court Street Cemetery in Machias. Three children [see below].

4. SOPHIA HANSCOM, b. Machias, 1832. She m. Capt. SIMEON GOULD. Four children.

5. [daughter] (name unknown), b. Machias, c.1835; living 1840, but died soon after.

6. LEVERETT HANSCOM, b. Machias, c. 1840; deceased by 1850.

7. CAROLINE HANSCOM, b. Machias, 1843. She m. 1st, in Machias, 13 May 1861, Capt. ISAAC BRADBURY; 2nd, WILLIAM WEBBER. By Capt. Bradbury, Caroline had two children. By Wm. Webber, Caroline had one more son.

Here are the three children b. to (George) Samuel Hanscom (1825-1898) and wife, Frances W. (Bosworth) Hanscom (1838-1921):

1. ANNIE MARIA HANSCOM, b. Machias, 3 December 1859; d. Machias, 16 September 1876, age 16 yrs., 9 mos., 13 days.

2. MARY LIZZIE HANSCOM, b. Machias, 1862; d. Machias, 11 January 1865.

3. WILLIAM BOSWORTH HANSCOM, b. Machias, 14 August 1865; d. Minneapolis, Minnesota, 10 January 1931, age 65 yrs., 4 mos., 26 days. At the time of his death, he was living at 959 18 Ave. NE. He m. 1st, in Machias, 4 November 1890, EVELYN N. /"Eva" BRYANT. He m. 2nd, ANNA LOUISE ----, who d. in Minneapolis, 24 October 1941.

That's all I have on this family. I would love to hear more about William Bosworth Hanscom's children and descendants... Also, I would be more than happy to share with you more details about the ancestry of Isaac Hanscom (1772-1854), Betsey (Pineo) Hanscom (b. 1778), and, to the extent I know it, Bethiah (Elsemore) Hanscom (1801-1856).

Hanscoms of Machias,Maine

Barb Hartman (View posts)
Posted: 972420298000
It was great hearing from you about Williams family before he came to Minnesota. Both William and his wife Anna are buried at Sunset Memorial Cemetery in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Anna's last name was Paulson. William and Anna had five children, 4 daughters and 1 son.
Will send more information in the next couple of days. I need to get it more organized. Thanks again for the information

Hanscom of Machias, Maine

Barb Hartman (View posts)
Posted: 972482247000
My cousins and I would be very interested in Isaac and Betsy Hanscom> Please post what you have.
Barb Hartman

Otis Pineo Hanscom son of Issac Hanscom

Cheryl (View posts)
Posted: 972812122000
Otis Pineo Hanscom b May 30, 1895 d June 19 1873.He married Lydia Bowker on Nov 5, 1817 in Machias Me. His son was Watts Bowker Hanscom. I do not know birth or death dates for him. Watts Bowker Hanscom married Sarah Perkins Robinson B Oct 12 1833 d 1919. There daughter was Mary Caroline Hanscom. I do not know her date of birth but she died on Oct 12 1941.She married William Hale b 1850 d 1936. They had six children Helen, Albert Marjorie, Kenneth, Sarah, and Dorothy. Kenneth Hale b 1889 in Machias d 1984 in Detroit MI married Marie Louise Roy. Their daughter is Betty Marie Hale. She married Peter Antonich. Her son, Michael, is my husband. I did not have very much information on the Pineo line untill your post. Betty's cousin Patricia { daughter of Helen Hale} always said they were an ancester of Myles Standish looks like she knows what she is talking about. I have an oral history about Otis P Hanscom if you would like a copy emial me at I could fax it to you. I am would like to have more on the Pineo's . Thanks in advance Cheryl

correction on Otis bith date

Cheryl (View posts)
Posted: 972813079000
Otis Pineo Hanscom, eldest son of Issac, born May 30 1795. His wife Lyia Bowker was the daughter of Major Levie Bowker, Revolutionary Soldier.

Family of Isaac Hanscom

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ISAAC HANSCOM was born in Machias, Maine in 1772, the fourth child of Aaron and Sarah (Seavey) Hanscom. He was a farmer in Machias during the early years of his life, and was still a resident there in 1830. Shortly thereafter, he settled in the town of Northfield, where he lived for several years. In 1850, he was residing in nearby Centerville, Maine. Isaac Hanscom died in Northfield, Maine on 20 May 1854, age 82.

He was married three times and fathered 18 children over a period of 45 years. His first wife, whom he married in Machias on 27 July 1794, was ELIZABETH "Betsey" PINEO, b. Machias, 24 March 1778, daughter of Jonathan and Esther (Libby) Pineo. [Betsey's great-grandmother was Esther (Hanscom) Libby (1692-1761), dau. of Thomas Jr. and Alice (Rogers) Hanscom of Kittery.] She died in Machias between 1810 and 1813.

On 6 September 1813, Isaac Hanscom filed intentions to marry one Hannah Colbeth. A short time later, however, this engagement was broken.

On 25 November 1813, Isaac married 2nd, ELIZABETH "Betsey" DRISKO of Harrington, Maine. She was still living in 1817 but, by 1820, had died.

Isaac Hanscom was married, 3rd, in March 1821, to ELIZABETH "Eliza" COREY. A newspaper announcement in Calais, Maine refers to the groom as "age 48" and the bride as "age 16". This would suggest that Eliza was born about 1804 or 1805; however, her age seems to vary through the subsequent years (age 16 in March 1821; age 48 in 1850; age 60 in 1860; and age 63 at death, 1863). According to census records, Eliza was born in Massachusetts. Following Isaac's death, she married 2nd, in East Machias, 9 November 1854, Larkin Lawrence (1797-1877) [as his third wife]. Eliza (Corey) Hanscom Lawrence died in East Machias 2 March 1863.

Children of Isaac Hanscom:
[by 1st wife, Betsey (Pineo)]
1. OTIS PINEO HANSCOM, b. Machias, 30 May 1795; d. there, 19 June 1873, age 78. He m. in Machias, 20 Sept. 1817, Lydia Bowker, 8 children.

2. GEORGE WASHINGTON HANSCOM, b. Machias, 1797; d. there, 28 November 1873, age 76. He m. 1st, about 1819, Bethiah Elsmore, 7 children; 2nd, 5 July 1863, Nancy Mitchell.

3. ELIZABETH A. HANSCOM, b. Machias, 25 Dec. 1799; d. in East Machias, 11 Feb. 1862, age 62. She m. Aaron Andrews, no children.

4. ELLIS HANSCOM, b. Machias, 15 April 1802; d. there, 14 April 1883, age 81. He
m. Sarah Bowker, 8 children.

5. JOHN HANSCOM, b. Machias, 1803; d. Marshfield, Maine, 1844, age 41. He m. 1st, 5 May 1825, Rebecca Longfellow, 2 children; 2nd, 7 Nov. 1833, Ruth F. Getchell, 3 more daughters.

6. LAVINIA HANSCOM, b. Machias, 10 November 1806; d. in Northfield, Maine, 8 Dec. 1877, age 71. She m. 6 Nov. 1822, Benjamin Harmon, 10 children.

[by 2nd wife, Betsey (Drisko)]
7. DAVID ODEN DRISKO HANSCOM, b. Machias, 9 Sept. 1814; d. in Marshfield, Maine, 28 October 1903, age 89. He m. 1st, 19 March 1837, Maria B. Longfellow, 10 children; 2nd, 2 November 1880, Ada C. Farnsworth, 3 more children.

8. WILLIAM HANSCOM, b. Machias, 1815; living in Princeton, Maine, 1860. He m.
Anna L. Humphrey, 1 daughter.

9. MARY ANN HANSCOM, b. Machias, about 1817; d. in Leroy, Minnesota, July 1886, age about 69. She m. in Wesley, Maine, 20 May 1833, William Perry Day, 12 children.

[by 3rd wife, Eliza (Corey)]
10. SARAH JANE HANSCOM, b. Machias, 1821; living in Crawford, Maine, 1860. She m. 1st, in Northfield, Maine, 14 November 1841, George S. Cates, no children; 2nd, in Crawford, Maine, 9 June 1850, Joseph Seavey,
5 children.

11. ISAAC HANSCOM JR., b. Machias, 1824; living in Centerville, Maine, 1850.

12. [daughter], b. Machias, about 1826; living 1830, but died early. Unidentified.

13. SAMUEL A. HANSCOM, b. Machias, 1828; d. in Anoka, Minnesota, 1895, age 67. He m. 1st, in Wesley, Maine, 12 August 1854, Sarah A. Getchell, 2 sons. He m. 2nd, in Minnesota, Mary Ellen McGloughlin, 3 more

14. STEPHEN HANSCOM, b. Machias, 27 April 1830; d. in Plantation #21, Washington Co., Maine, 16 July 1899, age 69. He m. about 1853, Louisa C. Brown, 14 children.

15. CHARLES HANSCOM, b. Machias, 1831; living in East Machias, 1892. He served
in the Navy during the Civil War, and resided for several years in Rockport, Maine.

16. HARRIETT EMELINE "Emma" HANSCOM, b. Machias, 1834. She m. in Northfield, Maine, 13 May 1850, Jacob Young. They resided in Rockport and Belfast, Maine and had at least 1 son.

17. HANNAH W. HANSCOM, b. April 1838; d. in East Machias, 19 September 1883, age 45. She m. in East Machias, 29 Sept. 1857, Alfred Horatio Bryant, 7 children.

18. PHEBE A. HANSCOM, b. Northfield, Maine, 8 February 1840; d. in Yarmouth, Maine, 9 September 1906, age 66. She m. in Cutler, Maine, 16 Sept. 1863, Andrew Jackson Bryant, 2 known children.

As you can see, Isaac Hanscom was the father of 18 children from his three marriages. He was 23 when the eldest (Otis Pineo Hanscom) was born, and 68 when the youngest [Phebe A. Hanscom] was born. The summary above shows exactly 100 known grandchildren and, as you might imagine, he has a multitude of present-day descendants.

Let me know if you'd like additional information on any of these people...

Elizabeth Pineo

Ben (View posts)
Posted: 972893028000
Robert: Barb and I are working together on this. I need to establish the link between Elizabeth Pineo and John and Pricilla Alden.
I can't get passed Johathan Pineo. Can You Help. My wife and I are planning a visit to New England in the next year or so. I was stationed there in the service. We will make it a point to get to Machais.

Betsey (Pineo) Hanscom

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My notes show that Betsey's father, Jonathan Pineo, was b. in Lebanon, Connecticut, 8 September 1747, the son of Peter Pineo (1723-1810) [who later settled in Nova Scotia] and his wife, Elizabeth (Sampson) Pineo (b. 1730). Jonathan Pineo m. Esther Libby (bapt. 4 June 1749), d/o Timothy and Sarah (Stone) Libby. He spent his last years in Cooper, Washington Co., ME (near Machias) and d. there 10 June 1821, age 73.

Jonathan's mother, Elizabeth Sampson (bapt. Duxbury, Mass., 31 Aug. 1730), who was the Alden-Standish descendant. Her parents were David and Mary (Chaffin) Sampson of Marshifeld, Mass., and her paternal grandparents were Caleb and Mercy (STANDISH) Sampson. Mercy Standish was the daughter of Alexander Standish and his wife, Sarah (Alden). In turn, Alexander was the son of Capt. Myles Standish and wife, Rose, and Sarah Alden was the daughter of John Alden and wife, Priscilla (Mullens).

As I'm sure you're aware, Myles Standish, John Alden, Priscilla Mullens, and Priscilla's parents were all "Mayflower" pilgrims.

Hope that helps...

Otis Pineo Hanscom

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I have a large file of info on the descendants of Otis Pineo Hanscom (1795-1873). There are numerous descendants of Otis who still live in the Machias area, and I am in periodic contact with some of them. Many of them descend from Otis' eldest son, Simon Otis Hanscom.

With respect to the Alden-Standish ancestry of Betsey (Pineo) Hanscom, see my response to "Ben" above. Quickly, here's how it goes:

1. JOHN ALDEN, Mayflower pilgrim, m. PRISCILLA MULLENS

2. Their dau., SARAH ALDEN, m. ALEXANDER STANDISH, s/o Mayflower pilgrim, Capt. MYLES STANDISH

3. Their dau., MERCY STANDISH, m. CALEB SAMPSON of Marshfield, Mass.

4. Their son, DAVID SAMPSON, b. 1685, d. 1772, m. MARY CHAFFIN, b. Boston, 1 July 1694, d. Duxbury, Mass., 11 Nov. 1780

5. Their dau., ELIZABETH SAMPSON, bapt. Duxbury, Mass., 31 Aug. 1730, m. PETER PINEO, b. Lebanon, Conn., 4 May 1723, d. Nova Scotia, 1810, s/o James Pineo (from Lyons, France) and wife, Dorothy (Badcock).

6. Their son, JONATHAN PINEO, b. Lebanon, Conn., 8 Sept. 1747, d. Cooper, Maine, 10 June 1821, m. ESTHER LIBBY, bapt. 4 June 1749, d/o Timothy Sarah (Stone) Libby and granddau. of David and Esther (HANSCOM) Libby.

Hope that gives you enough to go on!

I would very much like to hear more about your "oral history". I will e-mail you...
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