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info on deceased Grandfather: Herbert Fogal

info on deceased Grandfather: Herbert Fogal

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My grandfather (whom I nor his 5 other grandchildren never met) died in 1959, possibly 1960 somewhere in the Southern California area. His only child, my father, also Herbert Fogal had not seen him since he was 3 yrs. old (New York). My grandfather was remarried for many years when he died in California. I am searching for obituary records and would like to locate the cemetary where he is buried. Again, his name is Herbert (Ambrose??) Fogal, died in 1959 or '60 in Southern CA at the age of 55 or near that. Anyone in Southern CA that would possibly search the local cemetaries on my behalf? Please, if you means a lot. Thank

Info on Herbert Fogal

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It appears the Herbert you are looking for is
my 2nd cousin once removed. I do not have info
on him in California other than he died in
Los Angeles Dec 1959, but have considerable info
on his ancestors and relatives.
I have him born in NYC 19 Dec 1904 and died
Los Angeles Dec 1959. His first wife was
Marie Schlumbohn born in 1907. They were married
in St. Anns Church in the Bronx, NY.
His second wifes name was Adebel.
His parents were Franklib Fulton Fogal b.1863
NYC and Mary K. Van Orden b. 1864 NYC d. 1930 NYC.
I am in contact with a direct line cousin of
yours living in Delaware.
Your gg grandfather George and my g grandfather
John were sons of John Fogal b. 1796 and Catharine
Amelia Provost b. 1800.
If this fits with what you have I would certainly
like to hear from you. Have much Fogal data and
Provost data going back to 1545.


Thank you for the Fogal information

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Hello Everett: You just don't know how much this information means to me. My father, Herbert William Fogal ( born 23 Oct 1928, was the only child of my grandfather Herbert Ambrose Fogal (I may have the middle name incorrect). We MUST defenitly be related as my father was from the Bronx, NY. His parents were Herbert Fogal and Maude Anna Schlumbohm (I belive your e-mail stated her name as Marie). I know my grandfather was in some branch of the military and when he and my grandmother divorced, he moved to California and did in fact remarry. I do believe her name was Adebel. This is the very first time in my life I have ever had any more information whatsoever on my family on my father's side (Fogal side). I am the youngest daughter of 5 girls (6 grandchildren all together from the Fogal side). My parents are Herbert William Fogal and Jeanette Fogal (mothers' maiden name is Salerno). They married on 14 June 1951 had a total of 6 children (5 girls and 1 son who is the youngest of the Fogal grandchildren). Please contact me directly at my E-Mail address: OR at my other E-Mail address which is I have so much more information, my address: all of our names, birthdates, etc....Plus, of course, I have so many more questions. I am looking forward to your reply. Thank you so very much for responding to my searh in regards to my grandfather. Sincerelly, Carol Ann Fogal (married name Carol Ann Fogal-Pratt). or (living in Sacramento, CA)

Grandchildren of Herbert Fogal

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The sole maternal grandchildren of Herbert Fogal (born in NY on 12/19/1904 died in CA on 12/1959) are as follows:

LINDA LEE FOGAL, born 12/8/1951 (Haner)
SUSAN JANE FOGAL, born 4/9/1953 (Carmine)
JANET ELLEN FOGAL, born 3/4/1955 (Kupfer)
KATHY JEAN FOGAL, born 12/2/1956 (Fogal)
CAROL ANN FOGAL, born 8/1/1959 (Fogal-Pratt)
STEVEN JOHN FOGAL, born 10/27/1960

LINDA has 3 children 3 grandchildren (1 of the grandchildren already in Heaven). She lives in Redding, CA

SUSAN(Sue) has 2 children. She lives in Danville, CA

JANET has 3 children 3 grandchildren (plus a 4th on the way). She lives in Reno, NV

KATHY has 2 children. She lives in Shingle Springs, CA

CAROL has 2 children. She lives in Sacramento, CA

STEVEN(Steve) has 2 children. He lives in Ione, CA

Just Want To Thank You...

Janet Fogal-Kupfer (View posts)
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Dear Everett, I am Herbert W. Fogal's 3rd daughter, Janet. I was born on March 4, 1955 in Huntinton, Long Island, NY. I wanted to add my children to the list, so here goes: Daughter, Erica Buehner, born December 16, 1978. Son, Justin Thomas Buehner, born Sept. 26, 1980. Daughter, Dina Jeanette Kupfer, born March 7th, 1987. My first husband's name was Tom Buehner, and we were married in June of 1978, then divorced in 1984. I remarried Samuel P. Kupfer in February of 1986 and we had one child (Dina) who's now 13 years old. I also have 3 grandchildren, David Buehner, born March 7, 1996, Destiney Polier, born January 20th, 1998, and Danielle Polier, born April 25th, 1999. (These are all my daughter's children) and she is not married, however, she gave the last two children her fiance's last name. Her fiance's name is Jacob Polier and they will be getting married sometime this year. I hope this helps with the Fogal name...and I want to thank you for all that you've done in helping us to find out more about our heritage!! Sincerely, Janet

Just Want To Thank You...

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I am glad I recognized Carol's message.
I'm sorry I missed on yours. She has given
me your e-mail address. Have entered the data
from your message -- thank you. I guess Carol
has filled you in on everything I have sent her.
Welcome to the "tree"!

Re: info on deceased Grandfather: Herbert Fogal

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hi my name is Sean and Everett and I have both been working on the fogal family history. my wifes grand father was reginald fogal who was herberts brother. their father was frank fogal who is my wife's great grandfather i have a lot of information on this side of the family
contact me

Re: Info on Herbert Willaim Fogal October 23, 1928

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Hello Everett,
My name is Linda Lee Fogal/Haner. I am the first born of Herbert William Fogal. I have 4 sisters, and one brother, Susan Jane Fogal/Carmine
Janet Ellen Fogal/Kupfer
Kathy Jean Fogal/Kissel
Carol Ann Fogal/Pratt
Steven John Fogal
I wanted to correct my birthdate given to you by my sister Carol Fogal/Pratt. Carol had me listed as 12/08/1951, but my CORRECT date of birth is December 8, 1950. I was born in Brooklyn, New York. I have 3 children:
Michael Jason Gumbert: November 27, 1972
Rachael Ann Gumbert/Virzi: April 3, 1976
Darren Steve Cook: April 26, 1983
I also wanted to let you know of all my grandchildren and their names and birthdates. Their names are as follows:
Jacob Michael Gumbert-(deseased):10-20-1994 to 5-11-1995
Nickolas James Gumbert: March 14, 1997
Jared Hunter Gumbert: July 4, 1998
Alexander Thomas Gumbert: July 1, 2003
Grace Lynn Virzi: June 12, 2006
Cody Jacob Cook: October 22, 2004
Gavin Ashland Cook: April 9, 2008
If you have any information pertaining to my father: Herbert William Fogal, Grandfather: Herbert Ambrose Fogal, or Great-Grandpather:Franklyn Fulton Fogal I would greatly appreciate any family history that you might have.
Linda Fogal/Haner

More Information on Linda Fogal/Haner

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Hi Everett,
It seems I neglected to give you some missing information.
I was married the first time to a Gary Michael Gumbert. He was born on July 6, 1950 and committed suicide on August 25, 2003. We were married on May 19, 1972 and divorced on November 2, 1980.
I then met Craig Allen Haner, who was my food service delivery man while I was a chef in Weaverville, CA in October of 1994. We became engaged in August of 1998.Craig was born October 4, 1958. Craig and I were married on February 19, 2000. Craig has 2 children by his First marriage; Christopher Allen Haner and Shawn April Haner.

Re: info on deceased Grandfather: Herbert Fogal

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Surnames: Fogal, Provost, Proovost, Knapp
Hi Sean,
My name is Linda Haner. I'm not sure wether you are the one I spoke to on the phone in or around 2004. If you are the one who lived in Virginia, I believe you told me that your wife and I are cousins. You had called my in-laws to get my phone number. If you could please contact me sometime I would greatly appreciate it:
Thanks, Linda Haner
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