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Simon FINN of Galway, IRL

Simon FINN of Galway, IRL

Mary Ann Stalcup (View posts)
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If anyone has information on Simon finn from galway, ireland please contact me.

FINN: 1870s/80s Galway, IRL > 1890s Boston, MA, USA

Jackie Fenton (View posts)
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Surnames: Finn, Tully
I have a great-grandfather, Thomas/Robert/William
Finn (I will confirm first name) who was born
in Connemara Galway in the 1870-80's.
He emigrated first to Boston, MA around 1890's
and then moved to Elizabeth NJ. Married
Margaret Tully from Cavan, Ireland around 1905,
my grandmother was Catherine Finn of Elizabeth
New Jersey, born 1909. She had four brothers,
Thomas, Robert, Marty (Babe) and John. Any

FINN: where in Galway, IRL?

Jack Keating (View posts)
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Where are yours Finns from in Galway? Jack

Birth record: Simon FINN 1882 Baltimore, MD, USA

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When I was researching my grandfather's name in Baltimore, the Archives send me birth records from 1882. Included are the name Simon M. March 30, 1882. I assume this couple had a baby on that date. The number at the end of the record is A-54801. I hope this helps.

Martin FINN bur 1943 Baltimore National Cemetary

Mo Finn (View posts)
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Hi - in searching thru the Finn site on, I noticed that you mention a grandfather in Baltimore by the name of Finn but do not mention his name. I am searching for info on Martin Finn, buried Baltimore National Cemetery in 1943, with a James P. Finn who died in 1970. any connection? contact me at

Grandfather FINN of Baltimore, MD, USA

Mo (View posts)
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Surnames: Finn, Blair
Dear Moe,
My grandfather was an orphan. I have little info about his family except that he lived in Baltimore, may have been in St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys (an orphanage), had a sister or aunt named Loretta Blair and worked for B O Railroad. Even though I grew up with him he died when I was a child and I wasn't interested in family history at that time. I'm sorry I can't give you more info about Martin, but will contact you if, on my geneological travels, I find his name or more info. Perhaps we're related in some near or distant way. Joanne Finn

Martin FINN Family: Ireland, Australia & USA

Mo Finn (View posts)
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Surnames: Finn
Hi Joanne - and thanks for your reply. Our Martin died in 1943, or so advised me when I requested genealogical help. Have you tried them? I suspect that many people thought that Martin was an orphan because no family arrived in America with him, and his two attempts to find them (once in military uniform) in their village in Ireland proved fruitless. Martin spent one year in a seminary (possibly Jesuit) in France, so I guess to be a simple Irish boy suddenly hoisted off to France would have been daunting, but also indicates he must have been pretty bright. He found the seminary to be not of his liking and returned home one night and left before dawn for the home of a fellow seminarian in America. It was such a crime for Catholics to flunk out in those days, that he realised that he would save great family scandal by leaving before dawn. Anyway, his father walked him down the path and finally said goodbye, and I can imagine that they realised they would never see him again and were broken hearted over it, and subsequent generations of our family still wonder and talk about Martin and what could have happened to him in America. Several years later, the entire family emigrated to Australia, left the family farm for Martin in case he returned, or in the event that they were forced to return themselves, and relatives of his mother, Catherine Dormer, occupied the farm and in lieu of rent, were to pay the rates. They neglected to do this, and in 1980 when my parents visited Borris, discovered that they acquired the property from the local council for a pittance, as the rates were not paid at all. The village people got together, and when my grandfather wrote over to sell them the property (he needed money in the depression years to feed his large family), they all decided that the Finns were as good as dead and no reply was needed! We are happy that the farm is in other hands, as times were hard, and a bit of farming land in Ireland is of no interest to our Oz family anyway, but Martin was deprived of his family, and now that we have the internet, my father is anxious to find out if his uncle was happy in America and if he had family. When you are 81 years old, I guess these things matter more! It is just possible, if your Martin is our Martin too, that the aunty you describe was the mother of the fellow seminarian. It is only a long shot, but you would discover all sorts of things on a death or birth certificate. Do you have siblings? Martin had Bridget, Joseph, Mary, John, Ann, Alice Catherine (Kit). Names generally run in families, and this is sometimes an indication that there is a possible connnection, although the Irish were notorious for using the same (Saints) names for their kids. Keep in touch and contact me directly at Thanks, Mo Finn

Re: FINN: 1870s/80s Galway, IRL > 1890s Boston, MA, USA

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Do you have any details on where your Finns came from in Galway?

Re: FINN: 1870s/80s Galway, IRL > 1890s Boston, MA, USA

Jackie Fenton (View posts)
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William Robert Finn, Born in Connemara, Galway, around 1845, I can get the exact date and place from home.....

Re: Grandfather FINN of Baltimore, MD, USA

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Do you know if the St. Mary's Industrial School building was still in existence in 1939? I read on the web that the school is now the Cardinal Gibbons' High School. However, I do not know whether the building that was there in 1910 was still standing in 1939 or if the school was at the same address.
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