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lorraineeastlake (View posts)
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would like to talk to any eastlake's around the world


June Boyland (nee Eastlake) (View posts)
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I am an Eastlake (now Boyland) living in Australia. My ancestors came from Devon England (1655 - )
June Boyland (


Tom Eastlake (View posts)
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Email me at and I'll find the info about this Leslie person who puts out an Eastlake/Eastlack/Eastlick/Estlick/Estlack newsletter and has tons of info. Below is the test of a message I just posted.
Hi. I live in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. My family can only trace back for sure to a William Eastlake, who was younger brother to the artist Sir Charles Loch Eastlake (Britannica). As to his origin, I spoke with a David Eastlake in England, who shared that common ancestor (also Lady Elizabeth Eastlake, a noted early photographer), and his family traces back to roots which are actually in Abergavenny, Gwent, Wales. I have also spoken with Eastlakes here in the States that trace back to ancestors in Scotland. Much wisdom asserts that Eastlake is an Anglicized celtic name. Here in the States, I have found a woman who is in contact with many Eastlakes, Eastlicks, and Eastlacks, who all apparently are really the same extended family. My father has 5 brothers and a sister, so there are lots of Eastlakes in my immediate family, living all over the place. Another Eastlake you might find actually documented is my great-great-grandfather, George Washington Eastlake, who was a Union (North) Cavalry officer in the American civil war. In fact I have his rifle and saber.

Welcome comments and if you are interested in the newsletter this Leslie (married to an Eastlick, I think) puts out, contact me and I'll find her email address.

wanting to talk to eastlake's around the world

jakob eastlake (View posts)
Posted: 980780959000
Hi there,

My name's Jakob, as you have already guessed. I'm originally from Denmark but am now living in Mid-Wales, UK. I was just curious to how many Eastlake's that were around the world. So I thought that I would send you a message. I don't want to give too much information out at this stage. But what I will mention is that I do know that my grandfather was from Abergavenny, Gwent, Wales UK.
Hopefully we could E-mail and chat.

All the best,


Re: wanting to talk to eastlake's around the world

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I'm brand new to this. Live in Kent, UK. Any info on the Eastlake family (especially UK) would be great to get me started.

Re: wanting to talk to eastlake's around the world

Judy (View posts)
Posted: 1000444702000
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I am an Eastlake (single name) from N.Z. My ancestors came from Devon via Australia to N.Z, It is fascinating searching out their history.

Re: wanting to talk to eastlake's around the world

Judy (View posts)
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You will have a lot of fun when you getstarted with your tree.
My relations came from Devonshire England, via Australia to N.Z. Would be good to hear how you are getting on with your research

Re: wanting to talk to eastlake's around the world

Lorraine Eastlake (View posts)
Posted: 1002457628000
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The Eastlake's I am related to come from Tavistock, Devon, and some of them did go to Australia and I believe still live there. My auntie is researching the family tree so I shall pass on your e-mail address to her, I hope you don't mind, and I am sure she will contact you if she feels we could originate from the same place!

How long have you been researching your Eastlake family tree? Celia has been doing it for 20 years or more and has gone a fair way back.

Cheers again Eastlaker.

Re: hello

Philip Eastlake (View posts)
Posted: 1105412537000
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My dad did quite a bit of research on his Northumberland family that came from the Cornish mines to work in the newly opening Northumbrian coal mines.
Are you still following up on the family?

Re: wanting to talk to eastlake's around the world

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Surnames: Eastlake
Hello Lorraine, are you still researching the Eastlakes?
My G Gmthr, Hannah Eliza Eastlake (b 1861), also came from Tavistock, Devon. Any relation?
I'vee been in touch with many of our 'cousins' in the UK, Aus & NZ, I live in the States! Iguess we're worldwide!
Pls reply, Elizabeth
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