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Drinnon family tree

Drinnon family tree

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I have been trying to find information on my father's family. I know his father, Rector Jesse Drinnon was born on May 10,1913, in Tennessee, possibly Hancock County. His father was ??Eli Drinnon probably also from Hancock County, but I can't find any information. My grandfather, Rector had a brother named Wayne Drinnon, born Feb 4, 1925.
Any type of information would be helpful.


Carolyn Remy (View posts)
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My grandfather was Leland Drinnon he was one of eight kids(I believe) and they were from the Winert,Texas area. His father was from TN, and I know one of my greats(Drinnon)fought in the Civil War for TN
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I will check on the information I have and see
if there is a Leland listed for you and get
back to you soon.

Leland Drinnon

Bobby (View posts)
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My grandfather's name was Jesse Jefferson Drinnon. He was from Haskell, TX. This is the county seat of Haskell. Weinert, TX is about 15 miles from there. I don't know if he is any relative of Leland Drinnon or just a coincidence. He was born around the turn of the 20th century. He married my grandmother who was from Weinert, TX and her last name was Rainey. Does this sound familiar? I do not know if there is a connection to Tennessee. He died in 1962 and I was born much later. Also my mother died when I was young. She had many brothers and sisters. One brother I call uncle Buddy, his name is Leland, I believe. Hope this helps.

we're cousins

Carolyn Smith Remy (View posts)
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Bobby, when your Mom, Etta Marie was in the hospital, you stayed at our house. You even got my brother Lee's bike to take home with you. My Mom(Gloria) was your Mom's cousin. She still has the baby doll that they played with when she stayed out with Mama Drinnon. I remember you so well!!!!!!!!! I was a in High School and on my way to band camp when everything happend. I hope you know how very sorry I am about Etta, but she sure touched our family's life. Especially my Mom. Mom's nickname was "Goaty".

The connection in Tennessee is Aunt Jesse, Leland's sister. She's up by Gatlinburg. You have Aunt Reba down in Trinity,Texas. Also, you have my grandmother Jean in central Texas.

Papaw(Leland)went on to Heaven two years ago next October 6. And yes, he was the same Uncle Buddy to you.

This is so cool talking with you Bobby. Are you still a pastor up near Abilene? I think that's what I heard.

You need to come to the ranch and enjoy some good ol' fashion family time. Era Reese(Leland's mother-in-law) will be 104yrs this August. Her family(Long) comes from Haskell as well.

Write back Cousin :-)
Carolyn Smith Remy(Married name)

Leland Drinnon

Cindy L. Drinnon Scott (View posts)
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Hi Bobby, Im your cousin Cindy,one of Buddy's daughters, your uncle Buddy Died in 98 we buried him in Haskell, email me at and Ill give you everyones Email - and phone numbers that I can

we're cousins oops

Bobby (View posts)
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I remember you. It seems like I stayed at your house all summer, but it was only around 6 weeks. I thank you and your family for letting me stay there. I would have gone crazy if there hadn't been any young people to do stuff with.
I now live in Amarillo, TX. I am married to my beloved Kristi. We have two children: Ashton Breck and Beckett Christian. They are 6 and 4. I am a minister for the San Jacinto United Methodist Church. I am actually the assistant minister. It's funny that when I first cam here, I remembered the name San Jacinto from the Houston area when I stayed with ya'll. Then the most clear memory came of when me and Lee were almost kicked off the Battleship Texas I believe. Your mother wanted to strangle us. We were in big trouble. But we didn't know how to get to the next flight of stairs without climbing. My sister Edgwyna still lives in Haskell and she keeps in touch with Aunt Reba and Uncle Russell. My brother Jeff also lives in Haskell still. Not much else to tell. I pray for my Drinnon family because I know there is a lot of suffering from cancer.
My email is so if you want to send me anything else. One question I have is what about Aunt Nancy? I know she was either the eldest or next to eldest. Wasn't she? Also my cousin Terry sends me a Christmas card every year. Where is she? She is Aunt Elsie's daughter. Sorry I don't know much else because our ties became very loose after mom then grandma died.
Hope to hear from you soon.
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