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Grace Styler Aro

Grace Styler Aro

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Looking for parents and siblings of Grace Styler (maiden) Aro (married), born 1897 in New York. Married Edwin Aro about 1920, probably in New York.

Ed Aro

Joel Aro (View posts)
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Where are you from?

Grace Aro

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My family has been in Colorado since the early 1950's. My grandparents, Grace and Edwin Aro, moved from NYC to Colorado Springs at that time. Both died in the 1980's. Harold "Sam" Aro, my father, died in 1971. Think there's a family connection here somewhere?

Ed Aro

Joel (View posts)
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Interesting. As for the family connection - possibly. My great grandfather moved from Pajala Sweden - NYC - Butte, MT. I am not sure when he passed on. He had two sons (Gunnar and Walt). My grandfather Gunnar had one Son (Edward), my father. Walt had no sons. I am the youngest and last male Aro.

I have been doing a little research on the internet regarding Aro family history. It looks like most Aro's are from the same area in Sweden - thus we might be related.

Joel Aro

Re: Ed Aro

Rodrigo L. Aro (View posts)
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To all Aro's

I'm Rodrigo L. Aro from the Philippines. I'm the son of Pedro Moneva Aro, my grandfather is Bartolome Aro from Taal Batangas, Philippines. I hope I will be able to know all the Aro Family in the world or trace our origin.


Re: Ed Aro

alicia marshall (View posts)
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Surnames: Aro
Norrbotten census records on line at this link. Your ancestors were Finnish.
seach by last name

Re: Grace Aro

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As you can see in my name, I bear also the name ARO. I was stumbling through the net and landed here, saw your request and decided to reply. I really dont Know if we are related, but I answered your call bcos, WHO KNOWS !! maybe somewhere along the line.
About me,
I originated from the Aro`s Royal family of Lagos State in Nigeria. The Family is BIG, consisting of 3 Chieftaincy families, namely the Aro`s of Lagos, Ojora`s of Lagos and the Odofin`s of Lagos. All belonging to his royal Highness, Oba Oyekan(King) of Lagos`s Cabinet of Chiefs. My Family comes from Ijora Oloye part of Lagos.

Now, to our Forefathers, we were told as kids, they were descendants of Slaves brought back to Africa in the early 19 hundreds. To be eaxact, brought to Saroland ( meaning Siera Leon, Nehbouring country NOW to Nigeria )
They eventually over the yrs. migrated to start Lagos in Nigeria, probably bcos it was the next nearest free and open piece of Land then. Only the See seperated the two places we were told.

So, I think if we we descendants of these so called repariated slaves from United States, surely we The Aro`s of Today MUST have lots and lots of related ONE`S still out there somewhere. Maybe this will be a small step towards lots of UNIFICATIONS.

I`ll be glad if I`ve been of help in this way, but still Happy to know you even if this does not help you.

feel free to contact, if necessary for more research work needs to be done or Questions to be answered. I will be glad to introduce you to more elderly Family members who KNOW definitely MORE than me, I am just over 40yrs. they will surely answer your Questions.

Best greetings from Germany ( I live here now since almost 14 yrs. but do go HOME, Nigeria regularly, even as I have to apply for VISA everytime bcos, I am now GERMAN )

Best Wishes,
Samuel Aro ( member in FACEBOOK.Com. you can check it up)
Nurnberg, Bayern, Germany

Re: Grace Aro

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Surnames: Albert, Aro
My aunt, Maureen Albert, married a man named Sam Aro, who was an announcer for the NY Giants Baseball team before they moved to SF. Maureen and Sam later divorced and he moved to Colorado Springs, dying in 1971. I just googled his name and this posting came up..... could this be the same man as your Dad? My Dad (Maureen's younger brother Michael Albert) and I are writing a book and starting to put all the pieces together. Would love to connect if they is some relation. Plus we have photos of Sam Aro!!!!!

Re: Grace Aro

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Thanks very much for your post. My father is indeed the Sam Aro who married your aunt. I'd love to connect; I have pictures from their wedding and tons of information. You may reach me at
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Hi Grace, Hi Rachael

Grace, I knew your father well. I first met Sam when he and my sister, Maureen, were dating. Early-mid fifties. And saw him more often after the marriage. After my parents died, I and my sister Janee, went to live with Maureen and Sam. Their relationship was fairy-taie'ish when they were married but deteriorated into a neurotic and sometimes violent and often stormy relationship.
Sam, for the most part, was really nice to me. I was really impressed that he was a baseball announcer and had been a minor league player.
Rachael is correct. We do have photos of Sam, great shots of him as a Navy pilot and some memorabilia. Photos of Maureen and their child, Allison. Allison died about 10 years ago.
We would love to hear from you!
All the best,
Michael (Albert)
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