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Mathis Archie (View posts)
Posted: 949075026000
Any info regarding "Archie" family from Nashville, Tn.


Debbie Pelker (View posts)
Posted: 952018208000
I am looking for information regarding Maudie Archie's family. Are you under the understanding that who you are looking for
is of Indian descent?

Archie Surname

Claudette Deshler (View posts)
Posted: 952097774000
Regarding your message about Indian descent, I am looking for any info re Archie surname from Nashville, Tenn.

Tennessee Archies

Posted: 953211427000
Edited: 1045430722000
I have no ties to the Archie family myself that I know of; however I have a scanned copy of a photo of a Corie Browning who may be from Robertson County, TN (right next door to Nashville). On the back of the photo are written the words "For Mr. Charlie Archie...Linksville, Mo. Email me at:

Tennessee Archies

Claudette Deshler (View posts)
Posted: 953817099000
Thank you for your reply, but,the Archies I want are still living in Nashville.

archies in Tennessee

david s archie (View posts)
Posted: 969908612000
My great-grandfather, James Ellis Archie was born in Allen County Kentucky, but moved to Nashville Tennessee and married Sara Elizabeth Smith from Sumner County Tennessee.I do not have a date on James Ellis's birth, but a family bible dates the marrige @ 1896. James Ellis (his wife Sarah Archie and children James Elzie, Inell, Stella, Vera Mae, Francis, Carrie Lee and William Forrest Archie)plus James Ellis's brothers Hardy and Grady Archie then moved to West Tennessee @ 1910. James Ellis moved to Weakley County Tennessee, but Grady and Hardy moved on to Lake County Tennesssee and lived near Reelfuoot Lake. Verbal history passed on by my father and uncles denotes that James Archie was "part Indian." He was a hunter and whiskey maker by trade. He lived in the "bottoms" of West Tennessee and sold animal skins, meat and whiskey for his living.All I know about his origins is that he was born in Allen County Kentucky in either 1872 93 1873. The writing in the records in the family bible is not clear enough on the date of his birth to be certain. I have not found his record of birth in Allen County KY, but have looked for it. His wife (Sarah Smith) also was said to be "part Indian." Interestingly, I have found that Archie is a Scottish Surname and the first Archies in America came from an area of Scotland known as Ross Cromartie. If you have any links to this information, or corrections, please get back to me.

Archie History

Claudette Archie Deshler (View posts)
Posted: 969983643000
I want to thank you for responding to my inquiry about the Tennesee Archies. My father and his family were from Nashville. I visited there as a little girl. My father, Mathis, was killed in World War II when his ship sunk off the coast of Salerno, Italy. I really have little or no further info. I still have relatives living in Nashville. I loved your info and truly appreciated it. Thanks,

tennessee archies

david archie (View posts)
Posted: 969995441000
You're welcome for the information. Sorry it wasn't any more helpful. I expect that we're related, distantly. Most of what I've found about Archies in West and Middle Tennessee at the turn of the 20th century is tied to middle or eastern Kentucky as their home before moving to the Nashville area. Perhaps your link is there, also. Regards, --dsa


Janice Archie (View posts)
Posted: 970058661000
My husband, James Robert Archie, past away June 29, 1999. He was 58. His grandfather was Hardy Archie. I am working of Jim's (James Roberts) history. Please send me any information that you have Thanks Janice

james ellis and hardy archie

david s archie (View posts)
Posted: 970080758000
Dear Mrs. Archie,
The information that I have states that Hardy and Grady Archie were the brothers of James Ellis Archie, my great-grandfather. James Ellis, according to a family bible filled out by my grandmother Rhoda Ferguson Archie, was born in Allen County Kentucky. He and his family moved to Davidson County when James was a teenager. I do not know if Hardy and Grady (brothers) were older or younger. Neither do I know of any sisters of the three brothers. James Ellis and Sara Jane Smith of Sumner County, near Gallatin, were married @ 1896. At this time, James, Hardy and Grady had moved from Davidson County to "West Tennessee." Evidently, Hardy and Grady moved to Lake County, where they were guides for hunting and fishing on Reelfoot Lake. It is my understanding that the two brothers were part of the "Night Riders of Reelfoot Lake." I have tried to find a copy of the book to see if their name is mentioned. My uncle, Robert Archie of Greenfield, told me that Hardy was arrested in the time of the Night Riders hanging the judge from Memphis, and that he had to be restrained in court by policemen holding him by his beard and long hair. That is family history of the verbal kind. I have tried to find a copy of the book about the Night Riders, but it is out of print. I have been meaning to get up to Lake County to see if there is a copy in their library just to see if either of the Lake County Archie brothers of James Ellis are mentioned in the book. At any rate, James Ellis was also a hunter. He spent the 1920s and 1930s in Weakley County, but was arrested in the late 30s for shooting a man in Haywood County. James Ellis spent one year on the county farm for that shooting. He died in Crockett County Tennessee in the early 1950s and is buried near Bells. James Ellis's children were William Forrest Archie 5/1/07-11/16/82, Carrie Lee ARchie, b.11/2/97, Francis Archie, Vera Mae Archie, B. 4/13/1899-d 4/18/85, Stella Archie, Inell Archie and My grandfather, James Elzie ARchie b. 9/18/03-d. 1/30/1969. I have visited the geneology section of the Allen County Kentucky library a few years back and I could not find records of the Archies' birth, but the information there at that time was not too sophisticated. Perhaps it has improved by now. I keep meaning to go back and spend a couple of days looking around the county courthouse, but I have just started a new job in Memphis and have been very busy lately. I hope that this will prove helpful. If you find a copy of the Nightriders (or Night Riders) of Reelfoot Lake and discover either of the Archie brothers in that book, please let me know. I think that my uncle Robert was telling me the truth. He is not an educated man and he knew all about the incident at Reelfoot Lake when the Night Riders hung the Memphis judge/lawyer who was representing the lawyers who had bought up all the land around the lake and had denied access to the local fishermen and especially guides who worked on the lake for a living. Evidently, both Hardy and Grady did some part time farming and served as guides for out of town fishermen on Reelfoot. Regards------dsa
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