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Angus family website

Angus family website

John Clark Angus Family (View posts)
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John Clark Angus immigrated to Utah in 1857 as a Mormon Handcart Pioneer. Our family has an active website. John Clark Angus came from Dundee Scotland and family goes back to 1500's in surrounding areas


Alexander Angus (View posts)
Posted: 951480122000
Please let me have the website URL. My e-mail is

Angus Family

Jack E. Angus (View posts)
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Dear Alexander,

The Angus Family website is set up under I am the administrator of two sites, the John Clark Angus Site and the Delbert and Revella Angus Website. I send invitations out only to members of those families. I do not recognize you as one of the Delbert and Revella members, Perhaps you area a descendant of John Clark Angus, born 1835 in Dundee, Scotland who immigrated to Utah in 1857.

If not, I like to hear from anyone named Angus to find out more about our people and places. Our Branch of the family comes from the area around Dundee and Clunie, Scotland.

I am a retired Army Officer living in St. George, Utah and am sort of the Patriarch of our branch of the Angus Clan.

Please respond with more info about yourself and I will open up also.

Looking forward,

Jack E. Angus

Angus family info.

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Do you have any information on the Angus family from the Ohio area. My Great Grandfather, William Angus, born 1840?? came from Scotland. Don't know where and am just now getting into researching. If you have any info, I would appreciate it.

e-mail is

By, the way, I had an uncle Jack. lived in Ranger Texas.
Thanks. Paula

William Angus in my family tree

Paula Angus James (View posts)
Posted: 952026850000
Dear Paula,

I have five Williams in our Angus Line, two of which are direct ancestors, born in 1713 and 1631.

My emmigrant ancestor was John Clark Angus born in 1835 in Dundee Scotland. He joined the LDS Church and came across the plains to Utah in 1857 in a handcart. All of our Angus family comes from that area, towns of Clunie, Kinlock , Blairgowrie.

All our family information is in the LDS Church website which I suggest you try. You can find it at

Perhaps you can tie into our Angus family line which goes back to 1597.

Jack E. Angus, St. George, UT

All my information is found in the

More Angus'

Virgil Angus (View posts)
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Jack, Virgil here, Fathers name also Wm. Origanally from Wetzel Cty, WVA. His Ggrand Parents from Scotland Contact me at our E-mail we will go from there. We are in Ohio, Beautifull area around St. George. Please Contact.

Angus/ Ice

Dorothy DeGarmo (View posts)
Posted: 964461181000
Hi cuz, I am grandaughter of Bertha Lucinda Angus,Ice who married Oliver Ludwig in Wetzel. Uriah and Mae Ice are ,were also relatives as is Ruth whom is still alive ,I believe. Just started on Angus. Had been working on Ice and a nearby cousin e-mailed a Cunningham in Wetzel and I got the history back to Indian Billies time. Have little on Angus need as much help as I can get. But, did find burial place of Ancient Angus on this tiny Island Iona 3mi.lomg 1and half mi. wide. They are burried in the Abby. Found we fall under MacInnes Clan and through them there is a lot about Angusshire etc. but no Angus leanige. Hope to hear from other s especially links to arrivals and locations and any in Scotland itself. Please respomd. Dorothy

Scotland-roots of Angus Clan

Jack E. Angus (View posts)
Posted: 964878354000
The house of Angus migrated from the island of Argyll (off the western coast of Scotland)in 843 to the southeastern part of Scotland near what is now Dundee. The area was named after the Angus families who settled there. This information was taken from the official Angus Council website at Hopefully, someday our genealogy will be traced to those early inhabitants of the area.


Angus Kin

Dorothy DeGarmo (View posts)
Posted: 964981210000
Thank you Jack for your reply. I am tracking my grandmother on mothers side ,found her father was AElam ice and Abigale(abby ) Angus .Even the dates are obscure and tracking how the came to be in Wetzel Co.WVa. Good to hear from another Angus .I was getting worried . Please keep in touch. e-mail Dorothy

Re: Angus Family

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