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A short review

A short review

Posted: 1276548728000
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I have a 1st gen Ipod Touch and I recently heard about the Tree to Go app so here’s my short review.

So I went to the app site on my Touch and downloaded the app, it installed quickly and didn’t take very long to start. It’s a very clean looking app that uses the same color scheme as Ancestry and FTM. A logon screen initially came up and after entering my info, it wouldn’t allow me to log on. Tried half a dozen times, went to to make sure I wasn’t being forgetful, restarted the Touch, tried everything but it kept giving me an error message. Finally I uninstalled then reinstalled the app…then it decided to work the first time.

So the next screen to come up was a list of your trees on, I selected my tree and a status bar came up showing the progress of the download, I have about 400 people in my tree and it took less than 30 seconds to download (my wifi is on a cable connection).

What came up next was pretty disappointing. There is a simply a list of the people in your tree in alphabetical order, it looked very much like the music playlist on your Ipod. From there you can view/edit/add parents and children but all on a very basic level. I can see if you have an Iphone (or have photos on your device) you can take photos and add them but as someone who does most of his work on FTM this doesn’t help at all.

And that’s pretty much it, you have a searchable list of names that you can modify the basic details of and sync back to Ancestry. That’s not what I would have liked for this app. If I’m going to a relative’s house and ask a few questions about the family, I’m going to use the notes app that came with the Touch, then I’m going to go home and enter in the info. They should have created an actual graphical tree so I could use this for what it would have an excellent use for, showing your tree off to friends and family. That would have paired up excellent with the touch screen, for what they used it for you might as well use a scroll/click wheel.

What would also be awesome is if they updated Family Tree Maker to be able to function as a content server so that an Iphone/Touch would be able to download date from your computer. One of my favorite ebook sorting programs, Calibre, can do this with an app called Stanza so that I can download the books on my computer to my Touch. Calibre was written by one guy in his basement so I’m sure Ancestry can do better.

Re: A short review

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Well done on the review. I did install the iPhone app yesterday before reading this. I feel like I have my ancestors in a contact list, like a phone book. Ofcourse, can't call them! :)

I would have liked to have something like you suggested. To perhaps go to a relatives home, and be able to take notes. Can you attach an audio file via the iPhone app? At least that would be good.

Re: A short review

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Nope, that's pretty much all the features there are.

Re: A short review

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I have to agree that I too was disappointed.

I downloaded this to my iPad hoping it would give me a more portable means of updating and adding to my tree whilst on the go, but its really just a directory.
I guess if you wanted to check a name, it's fine.
But any more than this and I wouldn't bother using it.

I had no issue installing or logging in, and it did download the list of a few hundred names super fast...

But there isn't anywhere NEAR enough functionality.
I'd love to see it expanded and added to, as I think it could be an amazing app!
So much potential untapped!

Re: A short review

Posted: 1296679340000
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I see theirs a app for the Ipad now how about downloading that Sharon and giving us a review on it to see if its improved.

Re: A short review

Posted: 1296697741000
Classification: Query
*heads off to get it*

Thanks for the head's up, I've been using another iPad software which is pretty useful, and a genealogy research tool alongside.

But I'll play with it tonight and let you know what I think!!!
Here's hoping it's awesome!

Re: A short review

Posted: 1300827561000
Classification: Query
Can someone give an update of the new app...
I'm seroiusly concidering buying an ipad ..
Maybe this is a noob question, but as I dont have an ipad i dont know... does the app store on off line vesion so i can refer to it with being in a wifi hotspot or connected trhu 3G..

Re: A short review

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Classification: Query
I got my iPad 2 about three weeks ago. I tried to put a lot of thought into this purchase. My "man purse" was getting very bulky and very heavy and I needed something that I could get onto one device. I found that the iPad could do most of it. But I also considred what I would do with it in the future. One of those future ideas was my genealogy research. This is where the iPad app came into play.

First and most important to understand, the app does not exactly mimic the Ancestry tree. Sure your tree is available to you, but the first thing you will notice is that the "shaking leaves" are not there. Then as you begin to utilize this app, you will notice that all the bells and whistles that you can easily find in Ancestry tree are not there.

The iPad app was designed to be a supplment to the Ancestry tree, not as a replacement to it. When you begin to think about it, this a very practical way of looking at this app.

It provides you with the right amount of information that if you were visiting with family member and needed to update or correct infomration, this a fantastic way to pull up the information, easily review it and also make the necessary corrections. Another use, when you are at a research center or at at grave site, again, a phenomial way to record your notes, corrections, additions, etc. Also, if you are a cemetary, you use the iPad to take pictures, along witht he GPS to record the location.

Now, take all this and bring it back home. The iPad is an extension of your regular computer. The only thing that is that it does not sync with "Family Tree Maker". This needs to be a must for future releases. But as far as the Ancestry tree, as you make changes, those changes are automatically updated on your tree. Now you can pull up all those notes and and with an easier keypad move those notes and pictures into your Ancestry tree.

The iPad is portability and easy to read. Very convenient and useful.

What needs to be improved? First for me, compatibility with Family Tree Maker. The second, is easier ability to enter or make corrections to the data. It is displayed, but you can not edit it, only add a new event.

This app has a lot of potential and I pray that Ancestry continues to work and improve it.

Re: A short review

Posted: 1311153484000
Classification: Query
I use an iPhone 3GS, and I thought that the Tree to Go would help me, as I previously had an HTCs620 phone, with my gedcom as a text file on it.

I find that the app isn't bad, but I use my FTM tree on my desktop PC as the master file. Every now and again, I upload a gedcom from that to Ancestry, then I have to download that to my iPhone. It would be easier to sync the tree from FTM on my PC, however it would probably need to only sync the non media data, or it would fill the phone if it synced all the media.

1 issue I have flagged back to Ancestry, is that here in the UK, the BMD registers are set up in quarters, so I regularly have peoples' births, marriages or deaths as, for example, Jan - Mar 1881, with a place that is represented by the Registration District. In FTM, this displays correctly, also on the Ancestry website it displays OK, but in the iPhone app it just appears as a string of zeroes. As I say, I've reported this issue to Ancestry, but updates haven't cured it yet.

Re: A short review

Posted: 1314038816000
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Thanks for the information. It almost answers my question.

I have FTM 2010 on my laptop with information on over 7500 relatives. I have just purchased an iPad2. I hope to be able to take my tree or part of my tree with me on my iPad when I go hunting for information or visiting relatives. I am currently printing PDFs of relevant family branch, hand writing on the paper and then typing it in when I get home.

There must be an easier way, suggestions please?

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