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Merchant navy or mercantile marine or Royal Navy ?

Merchant navy or mercantile marine or Royal Navy ?

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Hugh W


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Hugh W

Re: [Mar] Apprentice Records (of mariners)

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Re: [Mar] Apprentice Records (of mariners)

G'day Bert,

May I suggest you rent the following film from LDS?--

Title Register of seamen's tickets, 1845-1854 (BT 113) and
alphabetical register of seamen's tickets, 1845-1854 (BT 114)

BT 113/53-54: Seamen's tickets, nos. 104,957- 107,396 FHL BRITISH

You should find a photocopy of his Ticket!

Hope this helps,


Shirl Gaunt
Taree, NSW, OZ

I would love top see this fully computerised

it would be possible to reconstruct crew lists from the data too by sorting

Hugh W

Re: Merchant navy or mercantile marine or Royal Navy ?

Barry Campbell (View posts)
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Hullo Hugh,
Can you help me? Trying to find occupation information re my great-grandfather, John Campbell, Born Scotland and married in Liverpool UK in 1864. His marriage cert and also the 1871 UK census list his occupation as "Master Mariner".

Kind regards
Barry Campbell

Transcribing for FreeBMD, and oz-mariners lists

Re: Master Mariner

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6. (Naut.) The commander of a merchant vessel; -- usually called captain.
Also, a commissioned officer in the navy ranking next above ensign and below lieutenant; formerly, an officer on a man-of-war who had immediate charge, under the commander, of sailing the vessel.

Master Mariner ______________________________________________________________________
The filmed volumes of Lloyds Captains' Registers found in large archives ...


Before 1845 Masters and other Officers were not separately registered. Use
the Indexes and Registers of Seamen and Seamen's Tickets.

1845 -1854 Masters and Mates of all craft; Alphabetical Register of
Masters, BT115

1845 - 1850 Men passing voluntary examinations for Masters; Certificates of
Competency & Service, Miscellaneous; BT143

1845 - 1921 Series of six RGSS registers, comprising several volumes.
(BT122-128) Each register differs in the masters whose details are included,
depending on the category of certificate and the period covered. Indexed
from 1845-1894; Index to Registers of Certificates of Competency and
Service, Masters and Mates, Home & Foreign Trade; BT127

1880 - 1921 Fishing Officers - two registers each in several volumes
(BT129-130) indexed 1880-1917; BT138

1910 - 1930 Index To Certificates of Competency, Masters, Mates, Engineers
and Fishing Officers, Home and Foreign Trade; BT352

1913 - 1935 Registers of Examinations for Certificates of Masters, Mates and
Engineers, Returns of Passings and Failures; BT318

1917 - 1968 Registers of Masters and Mates Certificates, Passings and
Renewal; BT317

more on

You need to join the mariners list

The career pattern was to go to sea age 14 as an apprentice
ie after confirmation.

Hugh W

Re: Merchant navy or mercantile marine or Royal Navy ?

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How do you know which board to go to? My ancester John Gerrard was born in 1775, left London with his father to go to Archangel in Russia where his father joined a Russian warship as a navigator at the rank of 1st Lieutenant. My ancester John became a Ship's Captain who in 1800 went to Norway and lived there until he died in 1850. I have all the Norwegian descendants who are master mariners but cannot find John Gerrard or his English family. Can you advise me on the best places to look.

Many thanks


Re: Merchant navy or mercantile marine or Royal Navy ?

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Surnames: GARRARD
whilest you must not spamthe boards
by copypasting the same message

just post to all relavant localities and surnames

and occupations according to the stages of ONE persons career

London parish registers of 1775 for briths

before that for marriages
Pallot Marriage Index

St. Marylebone
Westminster St James
St. George Hanover Square
St. Michael Cornhill
are some in which later GARRARD appear is good for London stuff
and the metropolitan Archive too

then there may be wills or apprenticeships

Hugh W

Re: Merchant navy or mercantile marine or Royal Navy ?

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Many thanks for your advice. My ancester John GERRARD got married in Norway so he won't be in the Pallot Marriage Index. I've posted a note on the GERRARD board. I will look up the other information I need on the sites you suggest.


Re: Merchant navy or mercantile marine or Royal Navy ?

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naturally most norwegian genealogy goes on in Norway in norwegian
but post to

to make contact

Hugh W

Re: Merchant navy or mercantile marine or Royal Navy ?

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Thanks for the info. We have his descendants - it is his ancestors we're trying to find and we know he left London in 1780 and that he was British originally. I will try that site and see if I can find anything out from it.

Many thanks for your help.

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