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Clifford E Carnicom (View posts)
Posted: 942188926000
I was adopted 46 years ago and have just met my first cousin whom is still alive. I have learned from him of my great grandparents, Frank Zuzak (died 1939) and Laura Ramult in the Pittsburg PA. They were immigrants from Poland. In the same area was a Tony (born 1875) and Mary Zuzak (married name, born 1877), and they were also immigrants from Poland, as I have found out from the 1920 census for PA. I am trying to find out if Frank Zuzak and Tony Zuzak were related.

Can anybody help me? Thank you,
Clifford E Carnicom
PO Box 4653
Santa Fe NM 87502

Correction: Laura Ramult from PA

Clifford E Carnicom (View posts)
Posted: 942358177000
Correction: Laura Ramult was not an immigrant from Polant, only Frank Zuzak.
Laura Ramult was apparently a resident of the Pittsburgh area at the time of marriage.

adopted Zuza

maggi (View posts)
Posted: 987862061000
Do you have any connection to the Stiff surname?


Clifford E Carnicom (View posts)
Posted: 987891611000
Sorry, I do not know anything about that surname.
The only ones that I know that affect me are zuzak,
and stewart. Thanks anyway, from Clifford

Re: Ramult (for Clifford)

Julia (View posts)
Posted: 1046060138000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Ramult
Hi! I am unsure as to whether this email address for you is still active but thought I'd give it a go just in case. My surname is Ramult. My dad is Jerry Ramult. His father is Peter Ramult (who passed on when I was in the 5th grade). My great grandparents originally from Poland (found our family Coat of Arms) an all from PA here in the Western world. I'm in the beginning stages of doing a family tree on both my paternal grandparents' sides. Have you had any luck in finding out more information? Please feel free to email me at this address. Julia

Re: Ramult (for Clifford)

Posted: 1055480768000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1055485047000
Surnames: ramult zuzak

I hope that you get this message. I just found yours after I have started my work again. I have posted all that I know at:

Let me know if you get this, and maybe we can go further.

Thank you very much!
Yes my address is changed, now use

Very glad I found you, but still do not have an email address for you.

from Clifford

Re: Ramult (for Clifford)

Posted: 1055486540000
Classification: Query
Surnames: zuzak rumalt
Link spelling is in error. It should read

Thanks, from Clifford E Carnicom

Re: Ramult (for Clifford)

Julia (View posts)
Posted: 1055511807000
Classification: Query
Hi Clifford, and, wow! What a nice surprise to find a message from you. My dad and I had begun to give up on making any progress as far as tracing the family tree on his side of the family (Ramult). I sent out several emails to a few folks that I found via the internet with the last name of Ramult only to have them returned to me undeliverable. And, we also found a Jerry Ramult, which is my dad's name, who lives in Chicago. In fact, my mom and dad were going through some business stuff only to be told that my dad had 2 social security numbers which he doesn't. One belongs to the Jerry Ramult in Chicago and the other to my dad. By the time we were able to contact the Jerry Ramult living in the Chicago area, he had retired from his job position and have no contact info for him. : ( ! My email address is: Thanks so much for your email address. I'll drop you a line when I get to work (Disney) later this morning. Looking forward to chatting more. Julia
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