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Alfred Zucca (View posts)
Posted: 940104400000
Can't find any information where my
gGrandfather, John Baptista ZUCCA, came
to the United States (possibly from Lake
Como area). His wife Geovanna (Tinnitti)
ZUCCA was found to be buried next to her son,
Peter ZUCCA, and his wife in California.

Any information on the ZUCCA family would
be appreciated. Will share information.


Zucca family

Roni (View posts)
Posted: 967894162000
Have cousins Chester "Chet" and Jimmy Zucca in my family line. Both lived in California many years. Jimmy retired in Arkansas and I believe died there in the mid 1980's. The Zucca's are related through the Odonetto line in my family. Odonetto's arrived in US in the early 1900's and settled in Arizona. I believe there were Zucca's with them for a time in Arizona. The Odonetto's were from Sale Castleneuvo, Italy, No. of Turin. Have some info on Zucca's also in that area. Someone has researched the Odonetto-Beardo line in (Mormon site), and there is a Zucca connection there. I tried corresponding with her but received no response. We may be of help to one another, even though it seems the lines go different directions. Stay in touch.


Tony (View posts)
Posted: 968455351000
I am a great-grand child of Pietro Beardo (born Turin, IT) and Angelliana Odonetta (born Compo Canavessa, IT). I believe they were married and lived in Starkville, CO and Globe, Az. I would be happy to share more info if this seems along the right lines.


Roni (Bowen-Beardo) Arnett (View posts)
Posted: 968494978000
There aren't that many of us out there! You must be Larry's (my cousin's) son! Tell him Roni said Hello! I have bits and pieces of info, love to get and share more. E-mail me @

Zucca's of San Francisco

Alfred Zucca (View posts)
Posted: 981555613000
Peter Zucca, son of John B. Zucca, married
Josephine Borero in San Francisco. They
moved around the bay area quite a bit before
having thier son, Alfred John Zucca, Sr., and
finally move to St. Helena, where they had a
wine vineyard. Alfred became a dentist and
moved to Sacramento, CA. He married Marie
McLoughlin when he was around 30 in San Francisco.

I can be reached at


Donna Beardo Cooknell (View posts)
Posted: 990807507000
I am sure you are the son of my cousin Larry.
I have been in touch with Roni and am trying to help in the family research. I found my father Domenick (Don) Beardo's birth certifcate today and may have some helpful information. Please say hi to your Mom, Barbara, and your Dad for me. If you would like the info please e-mail me at

Re: Zucca family

Posted: 1087112871000
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My Zucca line went to Seatonville, IL about 1880 and married into NARETTI family. It is said both were from the Turin area. Please contact me as I would like to trade notes/

Re: Beardo-Odonetta

Posted: 1266702997000
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Hi, My Grandfather was Lorenzo Beardo your great grandfathers brother. They were from campo canavesse, italy. Yes they were in Globe, Az and then I know my grandparents Lorenzo and Domenica Beardo moved to Los Angeles where my dad was born. I have a picture of the boat Pietro and Lorenzo came over on and a copy of their boarding pass. They had like 30 dollars on them. I believe my grandmother came over here and they married in 1900. They knew each other in Italy, she came from a town called castelnuovo nigra, It. The towns were very close to eachother. My dad had an older sister and brother, Lena and Aldo. My dad was Harry Beardo. He just passed away in April , 2009 at the age of 90.

Re: Beardo-Odonetta

Posted: 1266887026000
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Hi Tony, My name is Charlene Beardo Faccuito, I was looking on this website and saw you message from the year 2000. Your great grandfather was may grandfathers brother Lorenzo Beardo. I was just looking up there home town of Compo Caneveses, Italy because my daughter might be going in August. I was checking to see if any Beardos lived in that area still. I did find on Eliss Island web site the original boarding pass on the ship your g-grandfathers and my grandfather came on. They were together, with 30 in their pockets! Let me know if I can make a copy to send you , Im on facebook charlene faccuito. Looking forward to hearing from you and any info you might have for me. Thanks Charlene

Re: Beardo-Odonetta

Posted: 1364423530000
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Hi Charlene, I have not looked too hard obviously. However years ago I asked my great aunt about Lorenzo Beardo and she said the only one was her husband, my great uncle Larry, however he was not alive when my grandmother (who as it turns out is your grandfather's niece) was baptized. Your grandfather was the witness and God Father. As you have seen previous entries Roni and Donna are my dad's cousins. Roni has a copy of the passports and Ellis Island entry forms.
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