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Zakar Surname/ Assyrian

Zakar Surname/ Assyrian

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My great-grandmother was Fareda Zakar. (Born 3/10/1892, died 10/85.) She lived in New Jersey and had three children. Sally (Malko,Koff), Tommy and Isabel(Demers.) Isabel is my maternal grandmother and is now deceased. (She had two children, Eugene of New Jersey, and Valerie [Bryant] of Massachusetts and once lived in Oregon.) I have just begun my search into the Zakar lineage, so I do not have any info yet. If you do, and are willing to share, please contact me at my e-mail address.


Rianne Zakar (View posts)
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I didnt know that there were this many Zakar's do you have any Middle Eastern roots?
Please write me back!


Zakar Roots

Laura (View posts)
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Hi Rianne, I have Middle Eastern Roots. My great grandparents were from Syria, they were Assyrian. I have some info to share. Have you been doing research as well? I am anxious to hear from you!

Re: Zakar Surname/ Assyrian

Zakar Mohamed (View posts)
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Surnames: Zakar
Hi, I am verry happy to sent you this letter, i am men 32 years old , from Algeria. i want know more about your your grandmother Fareda...
and about you also.
waitting for your respend.
Have a great time.

Re: Zakar Surname/ Assyrian for Mohamed

Laura (View posts)
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Hi Mohamed,

It is nice that you took the time to respond to my query. I will provide you with the information I have, and I hope it helps you. Even more so, I hope my Fareda is also a Fareda in your family tree. Fareda Najar (or Najjar) was an Assyrian born in Syria, possibly in Damascus, in April 1892 to Hannah and Fareda Stamboul (spelling?) Naj(j)ar. She was one of seven sisters, and two of the sisters were twins. I don't know the names of all of her sisters, but I know there was Rosa, Minnie, and Ofsanna. (Minnie - birth name Mina- was one of the twins, and I think Rosa was her twin, but that hasn't been confirmed.) I was also told there was a sister Anna, but I have come to believe that Anna was the nickname of Ofsanna. This too, is speculation. I know my information is sketchy, but all I have is various sources that do not coincide with each other. Rosa stayed in Syria and visited her sisters on ocassion, who were living in New Jersey, but Minnie, Ofsanna, and Fareda came to the USA to stay. Fareda received her American naturalization papers between 1909-1912. She married Riskallah Zakar, an Assyrian from Turkey. I don't know where they were married, but I would sure love to find out. Fareda died in New Jersey in 1985. Riskallah was born in the late 1880's, ('86 or '88), and he died in New York in a Veteran's hospital in December 1955. (He served in WW I for USA). That is all the information I can think of for them. If you need to know anything else, please feel free to e-mail me at I look forward to hearing from you. --Laura

Re: Zakar Surname/ Assyrian for Mohamed

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Dear Laura,

You said in your message that your grandmother married Riskallah Zakar, an Assyrian from Turkey. Do you know if he was from the Hakkari Mountains region of Turkey? My father-in-law and my mother-in-law were both Assyrian and were born in a village in Hakkari Mountains in the late 1800s and migrated to the United States about 1910.

Mary Yonan

Re: Zakar Surname/ Assyrian

Laura (View posts)
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Hi Mary,

I have since learned that my great-grandparents had Armenian names (Najarian and Zakarian). Perhaps I may not understand the culture as well as I once thought, but my family insists we are Assyrian, not Armenian - (and we do look Assyrian). The concept that I struggle with is that people with an Armenian name live in Turkey and call themselves Assyrian! This confuses me, no matter how I try to sort it out. Can you shed some light on this for me, please?

My great-grandparents came from Diyarbakir, a city in Turkey. I believe it is not in the mountains, but the city may be at the foothills of the Eastern Taurus Mountains...? The Hakkari Mountains which you mention is the Van Mountain, no? The Van Mountain is part of the Eastern Taurus Mountain, I think. Even if I'm wrong, they are definitely all in the same geographical area!

I can tell you what I know of Riskallah: He is one of three children, (I believe, because I cannot find info on a sister I was told about). He was born in 1887. He has an older brother, Thomas, and a sister, who like I said, I am unable to learn more about. Riskallah came to this country in 1909, and his brother, Thomas, came three years later with his wife and three sons. When Riskallah came here, he changed his name from Zakarian to Zakar at Ellis Island, and I believe Thomas did the same thing. (I know Thomas' descendants have the surname Zakar).

Please e-mail me with any questions or info. I would love to share and learn about my Zakar ancestors, especially if you and I are from the same family tree!

Re: Zakar Surname/ Assyrian

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I am Zakar myself (from Hungary), I wonder how Zakar's ended up in Hungary?
Could be the Ottoman dominance in Hungary began with the Battle of Mohács in 1526?

Re: Zakar Surname/ Assyrian

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I am Zakar myself (from Hungary), I wonder how Zakars ended up in Hungary?
Could be the Ottoman dominance in Hungary began with the Battle of Mohács in 1526?

Re: Zakar Surname/ Assyrian

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I am a Ph.D. candidate at Bilkent University, Turkey. I wrote a master's
thesis on the early Turkish immigrants in US (1900-1930) and I am writing
my dissertation on the same subject. Last year I was a Harvard fellow and
I lived in Boston to do more research on the Turkish immigrants,
especially from Diyarbakir, Harput, Malatia, and Tunceli in eastern Massachusetts cities including
Peabody, Lynn, and Salem. I found your message and I am very excited. I
also did various interviews with the children of Turkish immigrants in
Peabody and Salem, MA.

I'll be very
grateful to you if you can provide me more information about your
grandfather. I really want to learn more about your grandfather as a part
of this project. Do you have some documents?

I am going to be in New York in April to give a talk on the early Turkish
immigrants in US at Columbia University.

The link below is an article about my research that is published in Salem

I'll be very glad if you can email me back.
Warm regards,
Isil Acehan

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