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WOLFER, George/Vollmer, Kathryn

WOLFER, George/Vollmer, Kathryn

C. A. BOWMAN (View posts)
Posted: 929205284000
Seeking descendents of George Wolfer
born Dec 14, 1878 in Gueldendorf, Odessa,
Ukraine, South Russia, died Dec 28, 1949
in McLaughlin, South Dakota. Married to
Kathryn Vollmer in 1900.

Your Wolfer family

Posted: 932557458000
Edited: 1084559120000
I have corresponded with a woman whose family lived in ND. She is now in Wisconsin.
Her family were in the Ukrain and came to the US in 1892. Could this be part of your family? I will give you her mailing address.
Her letter is dated 1993. - I also have an address of someone whose family was in SD. They came down from Canada. E-mail me for the addresses.

My family

Vertigo (View posts)
Posted: 951392333000
my mother's maiden name is wolfer and we live in Wisconsin. Norma, when did this womand you know live in ND?

Wolfer Family History

Dennis Seher (View posts)
Posted: 951405661000
Hello C.A. Bowman,

Noticed your request for info on the George
Wolfer Line. Not sure if you have already
found the info you were looking for. I can
possibly help. I am always trying to add to the family lines and in the
case of George and Katharina (Vollmer) I have
six children named with another two not named.

Arthur, the oldest, is the only child that I have
a family listed for.

**Is it possible to correspond through our
email addresses? I find it a lot easier.


george wolfer

Alex Ketch (View posts)
Posted: 951544013000
my grand father name is George Wolfer the second. i'm not sure what year he was born but i don't think he was born in wisconsin. i'm pretty sure it was further west. i think that this george wolfer may be his father.

Wolfer Family Line

Dennis Seher (View posts)
Posted: 951554641000
My line of Wolfers emigrated directly from
Russia. I do have a few George Wolfers listed
but cannot tie anything with the information
you provided.

Wolfer's in Wisconsin

Posted: 954412001000
Edited: 1084559120000
Sorry for the delay.
I had written to the Wolfer decendant from Wisconsin in 1993. I will send the information from the letter to you in an e-mail, if you wish to give me your address. Mine is

Wolfer / Seher

Posted: 954412562000
Edited: 1084559120000
The Wolfer letter I have is from Lola Olson, whom you must be famliar with, for she mentions Christian Seher. It appears you could be related, so if you wish the information she gave to me, E-mail me at, Norma

Wolfer Family Histort

Dennis Seher (View posts)
Posted: 954659300000
Thank you for your reply Norma. Yes! Lola and
I are related. I completed a Seher Book a number
of years ago and she helped me with her families
history. I had added a great deal of Wolfer family
history at this time.

However, I am not sure if she found some additional
Wolfer information.

Norma, I am interested where you into the
Wolfer line. And you correspond with Lola by
regular mail or email. If by email could you
forward me her email address.

Would you mind corresponding directly through
our email addresses?

Mine is

Wolfer family

HELEN CRABB (View posts)
Posted: 957199258000
I am looking for any information on Jacob Wolfer,wife Catherine Pifer,who lived in or near Pontiac Ill. in the 1800,s. They had 3 sons, John,William and Charles,and one daughter Lizzie,and moved to Oregon or Idaho
in early 1900's. Where did they come from?
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