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Are there any Winquests out there who want to be in contact with me. I'm the daughter of Edward and Carmen Pearl Winquest they are both decesed my mothers maiden name was Grantham, She was the daughter of William and Mary. My Dad's parents were Emil and Maude Winquest.

Robert Winquest Daughter

Ellen Winquest Houghtaling (View posts)
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Just found this website,very interesting.My Mother
Alice Provo Winquest was married to My Dad
"Bob" Winquest. We would like to get in contact with you
and possibly get more information on our family history.
Either via e-Mail or telephone Mother at area
code ( 505 ) 894-3559. Or write HC 32 Box 8139
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico 87901. We may have other
information that can assist you. Thanks Ellen

Robert Winquest

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I was pleased to hear from you Ellen, you must be the youngest daughter becaue I recall Douglas and Darlene very well.I still live in the Pinconning area. I remember Aunt Alice very well,I hope shes well we came through Truth or Consuquence when we came back from az.If I,d known her address I would have stopped by and said hello. Karen


Ellen Winquest Houghtaling (View posts)
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Karen, I am the oldest daughter of "Bob" and Alice.
Douglas is next and Lori is the baby. Darlene is
Uncle Harold's and Aunt June's oldest daughter. I have lots of information
on the rest of the family if you are interested, let me know.
Mom has lived here for 34 years. Let us hear
from you, would like to keep in contact. Thanks, Ellen
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I,m so sorry to get back to you at a later date but my grandsons sister spilled water on my keyboard and had to wait for a new one to be sent. After I sent you the reply I remembered that you were the oldest of Uncle Bobs. I hope Aunt Alacie is doing well It,s been a long time I didn,t think it had been that long though. My sister Dolores is in a nursing home now she,s been there over 8 years. She Had a tumor on the brain and she just didn,t come out of it that good, Charlotte broke her hip and I guess is getting along better now. My brother Bob is in not so great of health either and my brother Richard is doing well and of course so am I. I have a different web site for you to go to also. Uncle Rays daughter got in touch with me one the other web it,s called you,ll see some Winquests there and if you go into the phones and address link you can look up every Winquest that is listed across the country. Well I have five children and I have eight granchildren. My oldest is 41 and mt youngest is 33 and we,ve been married 42 years I can,t think of anymore I can tell you but if you have queastions let me know. Are you still married,how many children and is your mother married again and Doug is he married and how many children and also your sister Lori I,m going to sighn off for now let me hear from you soon. Karen


Ellen Winquest Houghtaling (View posts)
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Hi Karen, Sorry I haven't gotten back with you. My Husband
Had an accident and is still in the Hospital. So
I have been running back and forth for the past 16 days. This is my
third marriage, I have two children,Jimmy who is 33 and Erica
who is 23. I have one granddaughter, five. Doug, is single now, has been
married three times as well, has three children. Jennifer is 29, Zachariah is 23
and Rachel is 18 0r 19. Lori, married twice and has two children, Morgan is 13
and Grant is 11. Mother never remarried, and she lives by me. We
built her a house on our property. I will check out the other website when I have time.
Would like to keep in touch with others in the family. Write more soon. Ellen
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Ellen, Sorry to hear about your husband I hope he's well soon. I talked to my niece yesterday whom is my sister Dolores's daughter her name is Carmen she said to say she remembers all of you to. My childern are all grown and gone to my oldest is Andrea she is married and has one child Brett, she is 41, Brigitte is next she is 40 and has two children Denielle and Jason, she is divorced, Hilon Jr. is 39 and has never been married but has one child Cody, Lisa is next and she has two kids Derek&Jade she has been married twice, Darin is 32 and has two kids Connor and Chase. I' been married 42 years. Aunt Edna lives in Bay City and is doing fine bit she is very frail. I rember when you lived on seven mile rd. and on Kitchen rd, but 34 yrs. is a long time so if you want to know more let me know and I'll try to fill you is. Give your mother a hug for me and tell her I wish her well. Karen
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ellen hougtaling: Just to inform you my brother Bob Winquest Passed away today, maybe you can notify your mother. Thank You Your cousin Karen Brunett

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Ellen Houghtaling (View posts)
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Thanks Karen, Will give this note to Mother. Aunt Vicki had left a message on her machine that Bobby had passed away. She will try to contact Charlene I think. Thanks again, keep in touch.

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karen [winquest] brunett`` (View posts)
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Dear Ellen, That's for the note glad Aunt Vicki Left a message with your Mom, Hope everythings well with all of you glad to hear from you. Karen
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