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Weddick clan

Weddick clan

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I am intereted in contacting any Weddick.
I live in England near Liverpool.
I have a nephew (Anthony Weddick) in Salt Lake City.
My parents were from Ireland.
My father James Weddick was born in Limerick
in 1875. He joined the Royal Navy in 1889 and retired to join HM Customs in 1925. He served in both wars.
His family except for Anthony all live in the U K .
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I've found a Joseph Weddick born 1868 and died 25 may 1919; buried in the State Institute Cemetery, Cranston, Rhode Island. Do you know anything more about Grandad's brother Joseph?
Also there is an extensive family of Weddicks living in California going back 3 generations with a mother maiden name McClintock probably born around 1900-1915

Also a family living in the Florida area and few others scattered in Canada .

Found Elizabeth Weddick - George Doherty marriage certificate January 23 1869 in Monkstown. Father Peter Weddick (coastguards)
Eliz. is Kathleen McCormicks great grandmother(I think)
Think Eliz's brother was Thomas (your grandfather). Can you confirm that they had brothers John and Peter and sister Margaret. Any other information on this lineage would be helpful


Wedd/ick/eke/g/ge/gen Clan

Uwe Weddige (View posts)
Posted: 975725620000
please write to my eMail adress
I have many informations about the
Wedd/ick/eke/ig/ige/igen family in US and Germany.
In church books I found in 1657 one of my ancestors
was written Weddeke.


Re: Weddicks

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I married into the family of Weddicks in California. My father-in-law's name Frank R Weddick, born in Canada 1911, his wife changed the spelling of name, from what I don't know. Frank's wife, Irene McClintock Weddick, is my mother-in-law. Do you have any information for me. Thanks

Re: Wedd/ick/eke/g/ge/gen Clan

Betty Haworth (View posts)
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Surnames: Weddigee, Grant
EWU.. You contacted me when I first posted about my GGmother Helene Elizabeth Weddigee. YOU collected ALL my information promising you had some to share.. With many promises you soon disappeared and I have not heard a word from you. I also do not see that you shared any information with others who posted..WHO are you and WHY have you been Dishonest..?? I caution others not to tell you anything at all. YOur Email is no good and you cannot be contacted. Someone should investigate your motives.
Betty Haworth

Re: Wedd/ick/eke/g/ge/gen Clan

G Weddick (View posts)
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Surnames: Weddick
I have just read your reply to the querey from Uwe weddige? who replied to and ansestory search for Weddick surname. I am the person A J Weddicks, sister who first put the search up for Weddick. We are English although my brother now lives & works in America. Our family name ( from Ireland) is Weddick it has not been changed from this spelling and there are few of use around we are now from Liverpool. I'm sorry if you were offended by not hearing anything but the person you e mailed is not known to use as Weddick and we do not know anything about this name ( weddge sorry.....
J Davies ( nee Weddick) originally Liverpool England)

Re: Wedd/ick/eke/g/ge/gen Clan

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Hi Betty,
I am very unhappy to rad your message. Often tried to get contact with your woolspinner adresse, but I never heard something.
Since 2005 I lost my email-adress weddige .... !
Now you can write to
I would be very happy to hear something about you!
CU Uwe
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This is the grandaugher of June Weddick Williams brother to Frank. We have met before on a few occasions. I used to have some research that Uncle Frank did into the Weddicks. I don't know if you have copies of it and I am not sure where it is now but I do remember that Uncle Frank went to Sauk Centre, Minnesota to research the family. He found some kind of family home that was still operating. There was lots of information about the family and the farm that they operated on the Canada US border. I remember that that Frank and June's father's name was Joseph. You may know all of this already but I thought I would relay it in case. If I run across the actual documtents I will let you know. Greetings to the rest of your family.

All the best-Kasey
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Did find this file. The spelling was Weeddeck. This has not helped me too much but there it is. I can't find either Grammy or Uncle Frank's birth certificate's for some reason so if you have found those, it would be much appreciated.

All the best,


Re: Weddicks

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Surnames: Weddick
Dear Kasey,
when I read your last email, I thought I would let you know that my father's brother was named Joseph.
I did not ever meet him, as I was born in 1920 and he had emigrated to U S A by then. My father James was born in 1875 and his brother was born around that time. I recollect my father talking about his brother ,Joseph leaving Liverpool and going to sea on a passenger vessel and eventually living in the U S A. This would be before the first world war 1914.
Perhaps this info might be of some use to you.

Best wishes Tom Weddick (
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