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I am Antoinette WAUGHTEL, d/o of Roma James WAUGHTEL (and Isal WILCOX), granddaughter of Rome WAUGHTEL (and Antoinette PONSLER), great granddaughter of John WAUGHTEL (and Eliza Ann KEITH), great great granddaughter of James WAUGHTEL (Nancy KEIL/KEEL/KEAL), great great great granddaughter of Frederick WAUGHTEL (and Patsy KNOT/TS) and although we are supposed to go back to Jorge WACHTEL and I have alot of the lineage to him, I cannot find the "parents" of Frederick in order to tie in with this line.
Any, and or help, will be gratefully appreciated.


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I have a Edward and Sharon Waughtel in my family. They have 3 children named Kim, Edward And Rebecca.
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I am not familiar with the names of the children that you give me but I have been searching the WAUGHTEL which has also been known as WACHTEL (and especially so in early day Pennsylvania. What is so ironic is that I had a cousin Edward his 3rd wife is named Sharon. To the best of my knowledge she lives in Minnesota. Edward died about 4 years or so ago and he was in his 70s at that time. Although Edward had children by his first second wives he had none with Sharon to my knowledge.
I am leaving this afternoon for a week researching in Salt Lake City (I live in Tacoma, Washington) and have been planning on just doing my dad's side of the family which besides the WAUGHTEL, WACHTEL, includes VANTREESE, STORMS, LONGNECKER, KEITH DRYBREAD. If any of these sound familiar please let me know and I will get in touch with you upon my return after the 24th of this month.
Thank you for writing me.

Edward Sharon

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My mom's sister is Sharon and she is about 40 something and the man she married (28yrs ago) is Edward Waughtel. He's in his late 40's. Her maiden name was Martin. Edward has alot of brothers and sisters. Some of the sisters names are: Ida, Shirl and I try to get more info for you when I visit with them during Thanksgiving. I'm curious, how far back where you able to research your family tree?

Re: Waughtel lineage

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I have a couple of Frederick Waughtels in my line. Your post gives no places or dates so it's hard to relate to my tree.
Let me start with Jorge (George) Waughtel and move to the present.
George Waughtel b. 1620 in valley of the Neuce River, Germany
Heinrich (Henry) Waughtel b. 1766 Yard Co., PA, d. 1850 (IL or VA)
Frederick Waughtel b. 1803, d. 1877, m. 1828 to Catherine Baughman
- I'm descended through Frederick's son Samuel Baughman Waughtel b. 1834
however, Frederick had many children, one of whom was also named Frederick
This Frederick (Frederick A. Waughtel) was born in 1849 and may be a good
candidate for your many-time great grandfather.

If I can be of any further help, please feel free to contact me


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Hello Mark and thank you for writing. I believe somewhere in the past that we have been in contact. Your names sounds familiar. My Frederick Waughtel was born circa 1785 (or before) as he married in 1808 in Washington County, Virginia to Patsy Knot/ts and they are my 3rd great grandparents. Frederick Patsy had 4 children according to the 1820 census ~ 2 daughters, 2 sons ~ and all under the age of 10. My great great grandfather James Waughtell was one of the sons. I have found a Jane Waughtell who I believe to be one of the daughters. I believe they may have had another son in the mid 1820s named Abraham. Patsy died prior to December 1828 as Frederick remarried to a Susannah Boatman in Washington County, Indiana at that time. Whether they had children, I know not. Frederick was admitted to, and released from, the poor asylum and this was 1836 in Washington County, Indiana. I have alot of information on James Jane but cannot find anything on Frederick. Some of us believe he may have been a son of Jorge Barbara and that Patsy may have been a 2nd marriage. But this is just a thought. If you know of anything that might help me tie in my Frederick I would deeply appreciate any help you might be able to give me. I do have one question and that is where did you ever come up with the area of which George/Jorge came from and the year of his birth. According to what I have read he was 60 years old when he served in the Revolutionary War or do I have him mixed up with the son George? Again, thank you for writing and I truly hope we can come to a set of parents for my Frederick.

Jorge Waughtel

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I believe you are correct that there is another generation between Heinrich and Jorge. Perhaps another Jorge.
I'm sorry that I don't have a reference for the birth date. I entered that information some years ago when I was just
beginning to do genealogy research and did not comprehend the necessity of noting sources. The location, however, is a family
verbal tradition. According to my older relatives (now deceased) it had been handed down from the first Waughtel to arrive in the new world.
It's not a very "scientific" method of fact determination but probably has some validity. Obviously you've gone much further
in your investigation of the Waughtel family than I. btw, how do you pronounce Waughtel. My Great Grandmother (the last Waughtel
in my line) pronounced it "Wa'ftel." Thanks and sorry I couldn't be of more help.


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Mark, are you by chance descended through the Marquis D. Miller line of the Waughtel/Wachtel lineage.
We pronounce it Waugh tell but in Indiana where they came to from Pennsylvania Virginia pronounce
it Wauck tull (quickly) and I think it depends on the area you were in, plus the person pronouncing
it and then the person hearing it as I have seen it spelled Wagtail also. And in the German
W sounding like V it has been written Vochtel and even Fochtel in some instances. Just try saying it
fast sometime and you will be surprised how it comes out. We have a Wachtel Mailing List and you can
subscribe in either the L or D (digest) form. This is administered by a Dorinda Shepley in Maryland
whose children are descended through John Wachtel of Maryland and the one who served in the Revolutionary
War. I have his papers and sent copies to Dorinda.

re: Waughtel/Wachtel

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Interesting. As I said, my great grandmother pronounced it with an "f" sound: Waf-tell (emphasis on the 1st sylable).
I'm not related to Marquis/Marcus Miller. I'm descended from Waughtels as follows:

Me b. 1943
Patricia Mizener (my mother) b.1923
Mark Mizener b. 1887
Zillah Jane Waughtel (Mark's mother) b. 1863
Samuel Baughman Waughtel b. 1834
Frederick Waughtel b. 1803
Heinrich Waughtel b. 1766

The Miller name was "anglisized" by my father's great grandfather from Mueller (actually the u has an umlaut)
when he arrived from Trier Germany ca. 1835. My GEDCOM is posted on World Connect if you desire to look at it
(database = ebulon).

Thanks for the response
M. Miller (

Re: Edward Sharon

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Surnames: waughtel
Do you by any chance know if Edward's father's name was Leroy waughtel, If so could you let me know ... I am looking for information on my father Guy E. Waughtel.. Married Frances Hazzard.. This Leroy was married to Martha Homsher thank you for any help Ruth
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