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Need info on my father Alvin A. Vlasek.
Lived in Roselle IL early 1940. Worked for Rossiter Trucking
Never met him or family. Would like to know what
he was like. Please help.

QUERY: Alvin A. Vlasek, working in Roselle IL in 1940 -- found in 1930 Census

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Dorothy, I don't know the family, but I did a little bit of digging to get you started.

There was an Alvin Vlasek living in Cicero IL during the 1930 census. He was 16 then, making him 26 in 1940. The 1940 census has not been released yet.

Three people were living in a home they owned worth $8500.00 at 1632 58th Avenue in the 1930 Census. They did not own a radio. They were Albert H. Knack, a widower now 58 years old who got married when he was 20. He was born in Germany. He had married a woman born in Ilinois. He spoke German when he immigrated in 1872, and he became a naturalized citizen. Albert did not serve in WW I.

Albert Knack was a supervisor at a "telephone apparatus." (Perhaps they meant switchboard?) Some of the people next door worked at a "telephone apparatus," too -- as a typist and stock selector, and further up the block, there's a telephone engineer. I have no idea what the "telephone apparatus" actually was. You might see if Bell Telephone had a factory in Cicero at the time.

Albert's daughter, Mildred Vlasek, was a widow now 38 years old who married when she was 20. She was born in Illinois. Her occupation is given as "none," which means she was an unpaid homemaker.

and Albert's grandson, Alvin Vlasek, 16, was also born in Illinois. His occupation is given as "none" also, but the Census indicates that he was in school. This was important -- in 1930, many young men his age were pulled out of school and put to work by their families who needed the money.

Most of the people on this Census page were Czech or German heritage, with a few Poles, one Scot, and one Canadian.

Dorothy, if you are still interested in this research, you should check the 1920 Census for Illinois families with the name VLASEK or VLASIK or VLASIC, as well as for the Albert Knack family in 1920 (when Mildred was already gone and married) and in 1910 (when she would still have been living with her father, and perhaps her mother was still alive in 1910, too).

You can also start checking the Social Security Death Index here at Ancestry.Com.

Re: QUERY: Alvin A. Vlasek, working in Roselle IL in 1940 -- found in 1930 Census

Dorothy (View posts)
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Thank you for the information. I will check this out.

QUERY: Looking for Mildred VLASEK, b. about 1892, mother of Alvin in Illinois

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You'll remember I found Mildred as Alvin's mother in the 1930 Census. She was a widow and had gone back to live with her father, KNACK, in Cicero.

I did not find her in Illinois in 1920. Looking for Mildred or Millie VLAS*K in 1920, I found three white females, but all three are about ten to thirteen years too young to be your grandmother. The parentheses are around their father's occupation:

Mildred Vlasak Chicago Ward 35, Cook (Chicago), Illinois born abt 1912 (printing industry)
Mildred Vlasak Cicero, Cook, Illinois born abt 1915 (clothing industry)
Mildred Vlasak Shiloh Valley, St. Clair, Illinois born abt 1915 (coal mining)

They might be cousins or nieces, especially that one in Cicero; or perhaps Mildred was just a very common name among that ethnic group at that time. Your Mildred might have been outside of Illinois; or the census taker might have gotten a different version of her name; or she might have gotten left out of the 1920 Census computer database here because of severe misspelling or human error.

The 1910 Census is more difficult. The only names in the computer database are the "heads of household," so unless Mildred was already a widow then, running her own home, she would not appear in the computer database (though she would be handwritten on the Census sheets themselves).

I found two VLASEK households in Cicero in the 1910 Census. The first one is a newlywed couple, Anton & Bessie, sharing housing with a large family headed by Joseph and Antonie CELEDA , who have seven children and a 22 y.o. boarder written as Frank VACEK, which may be a variant or mis-written version of VLASEK, or might not. Everyone in these households is "Austr (Bohemia)" meaning Austrian Bohemian, either born there themselves or their parents were. The CELEDA adults still speak only "Bohemian," but all the other adults speak English. Anton VLASEK is in the printing industry. The CELEDAs and their VACEK boarder do common labor & housework.

Still in Cicero in 1910, I found a Josef Vlasek, aged 21 and single, working as a tailor at a clothing shop, boarding with the household of Frank and Marie Paral on 25th Place. All were "Austr (Bohemia)" as above, and Josef, a resident alien who had arrived in the U.S. in 1908, still spoke only Bohemian.

I had hoped that these Cicero households would lead us to Alvin's mother Mildred and her VLASEK husband, but no luck so far. I estimate Mildred to have been born about 1892, and we know that her son Alvin was born about 1914.

I looked for Mildred VLASEK's father, Albert H. KNACK, in the Illinois Census for 1910 and did not find him. That doesn't mean he wasn't there; it just means I didn't find him. I did not find any KNACK households in Cicero in 1910 at all. I think I did track him down in the 1920 census, 48 years old, living with a 52 year old wife named Alizabeth (Elizabeth), on Elmwood Avenue in Berwyn (very close to Cicero), but there are no children present in the house at that time. He did not record his year of immigration from Germany; Alizabeth said she was born in Illinois to German parents. This Albert was working as a carpenter in an electric shop in 1920. If this Albert Knack, 48 in 1920, is the same as Albert H. Knack, 58 in 1930, then his wife Alizabeth died sometime between those dates.

We still don't know for sure if Mildred's son Alvin is your father, right? So I will stop here until you have more info. Remember, the one I found for you is from Cicero, IL, born about 1914. There is another one out there, Alvin B. VLASAK, 1926 -- 2004, but he lived his entire life in Minnesota and is apparently not your father (unless he worked in Roselle IL at some point, which seems unlikely).

Alvin, Anton, and Albert seem to have been common first names for male Bohemian immigrants in the time period you are interested in.

QUERY: Alvin A. Vlasek, found in Roselle in 1935

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Surnames: VLASEK
Dorothy, this is a separate item I found here on Ancestry.Com in the "Historical Newspapers" collection:

Arlington Heights Herald
November 8, 1935
page two


Alvin Vlasek and Raymond Stoltenberg were elected officers in the newly bounded stamp club, which met at the home of Raymond Stoltenberg Friday evening. Charles Lies, George Sim, and Frank Wind are members of this new club who are planning to meet every two weeks at the homes of the members.

Assuming these men were only 20 at the time, they'd still be 90 years old now, and I don't know if any of them would still be alive to share memories of Alvin Vlasek with you.

While researching property records, I found a LIES family who had bought land not far from Alvin's mother, Mildred VLASEK. You might check a Roselle telephone directory even now to see if relatives of any of these men are living.

If the Roselle Library has a local history section, you might be able to find a photo of the stamp club, or more info about it.

QUERY: Mildred Vlasek, found in Roselle IL in 1939 with her father, Albert Knack -- property tax records

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Dorothy, I found a tax assessment record in the "Historical Newspapers" collection here at which shows that Albert Knack & Mildred Vlasek were co-owners of two small parcels (I think they were adjoining parcels) in the township of Roselle in DuPage County, Illinois, in 1939.

I have attached a copy as a photograph, so you can see it for yourself. I had to type in the headline myself, though. Don't take the valuation too seriously. Aside from inflation since 1939, even at the time, if this was "assessed value" instead of "market value," it may have been only one-third or less of the property's actual market value.

What this tells us is that nine years after the 1930 Census that showed Albert, his daughter Mildred, and Mildred's son Alvin (possibly your father) all living together in Cicero, at least Albert & Mildred had certainly moved to Roselle.

I believe that Alvin was still with or near them in 1939, for two reasons:

a. the 1935 stamp club item shows Alvin living in Roselle; in 1935, he would have been about 20 years old.

b. the 1935 stamp club item mentions another member with the surname LIES. I found a LIES family owning property not far from Albert & Mildred.

This matches up with your belief that your father, Alvin VLASEK, was in Roselle around 1940. I'm sorry that all I've found so far about him as a person was that he was interested & energetic enough to have formed a stamp club as a young man; and that his mother's family were Germans who started out in Cicero, IL and then went to the western suburbs. I still have found nothing on his father's family.

QUERY: Mildred Vlasek, found in Roselle area in 1933 with her father, Albert Knack -- property tax records

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Dorothy, I found Mildred VLASEK and her father, Albert KNACK, already in the Roselle area in 1933. The newspaper (or assessor) made a typo, spelling her name BLASEK instead:

Arlington Heights Herald
Page Four June 30, 1933
State of Illinois
County of DuPage
Section 10 [means a section of land, not of the newspaper]

Albert H. Knack &
Mildred Blasek Pt
NE 1/4 Desc in
Book 241 of deeds
on page 464
Doc No 287316
1.00 [acre] 800 [value]

This is only half as much land as they owned in 1939, and in a different section. Remember, Bloomingdale & Roselle were communities formed out of the same general area of land.

Re: QUERY: Looking for Mildred VLASEK, b. about 1892, mother of Alvin in Illinois

Dorothy (View posts)
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I have a death certificate now. His name was Alvin Anton born 5/12/13. Died 1/28/68 in LA. His father was Albert... mother Mildred Peipho. Still don't know what he looked like or even what I looked like....I was put in foster care. There are no pics anywhere. Thanks for all you have done to help.

Re: QUERY: Alvin A. Vlasek, found in Roselle in 1935

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Are you still wanting info from this feed. I am a Lies and I do recognize Rossiter name. My Dad is still in Roselle. I know there was a Charles Lies but I'm not sure which Charles you are referring to?? I could ask Dad is he recognizing the name and I can post it back here for you.
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