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Valandra or Shaw or Whitihg or Fallis of Native Indian Heritage

Valandra or Shaw or Whitihg or Fallis of Native Indian Heritage

Sharyle Stover % Native Indian Heritage Organization (View posts)
Posted: 964094903000
I'm looking for any info on, Clement P. Valandra D.O.B. March 16 1892, married Mabel or Mable Shaw, D.O.B. ? ? 1901 She was also Married to Whiting and a Fallis. He also was married to Sophia Hatten. All died before 1976. We are Lakota Sioux from S.D. I have coppies of their Will's with a lot of names on them. I don't think the names originated in S.D. but the people I'm looking for did. Clement and Mabel or Mable was my grandparents. My mother went to school at St.Francis Indian Boarding School, in the late 20's early 30's. I went to Holy Rosary Mission, Stephan and Our Lady Of Lords Indian Boarding Schools. in the 50's. If anyone has any info. or wants info. or just wants to chit-chat Please E-Mail me my nick name is Pokey

Valandra surname

Denise Valandra-Nack (View posts)
Posted: 965728554000
My father, Stanley, went to the same boarding school as your relatives. I will make a copy of your request on information and send it on to him. If he remembers anything, I'll let you know.

Valandra Schools

Pokey (View posts)
Posted: 965729572000
Thanks Denise ! I'll be waiting. If you need to E-Mail me my address is


Steven R. Valandra (View posts)
Posted: 966374691000
Denise I have send you newsletters in Colorado, but they were returned to me. I need your correct address. I think your dad gave me or I took the address worng. Thanks, SRV


Steven R. Valandra (View posts)
Posted: 966374855000
Hello, My name is Steven. My grandfather was married to Mabel's sister Agnes. I have done family resarch over 20 yrs. and I do have some stuff that we can share. Please write back. Thanks, SRV


Sharyle (View posts)
Posted: 966443180000
Hi ! Steven I just got am E-Mail from Steven Karolyn was that you?
I answered it, just in case that wasn't you I'll answer this to. My Grandma was Mabel I think the madin name was Shaw not real sure.
Do you Know? Or was that a married name.
I'd like to talk some more. I didn't know very much about my Grandma cause she didn't seem to like me I don't know why but it was that way every sence I could remember so I tried to stay out of her way as much as I could. I loved her dearly and didn't want to make her unhappy. I never did find out what the problem was, I supose I never will but thats ok. It's all water under the bridge.
I would dearly love to know more about her side of the family too. I have her probate hearing papers with all the names she had in her will, if you'd like a copy let me know. I have my Grandpa's also if you would like a copy of that to let me know. My E-Mail address is Please E-Mail me.
I live in K.C.,Mo. now. Where are you ?
I'll be waiting to hear from you again. Sharyle


Sharyle (View posts)
Posted: 966444081000
Hi Steven, It's just me Sharyle again.
Was your Grandmother a Valandra also?
The reason why I ask is cause my Grandma Mabel's married name was Valandra, I think her madin name was Shaw. If they was sisters wouldn't they have the same madin name but different married names? Help I'm confused? ( nothing new )
How did you get the Valandra name?

Hey you!

Denise Nack (View posts)
Posted: 967131414000
Received your information. We are indeed in colorado now. It was great to get your newsletter. Stanley is doing really well, but we have a sick cousin out here in Denver. Linda Lentini and her husband, Andre, both have cancer. She is the daughter of Nephi Valandra. Keep them both in your prayers. Denise.


Denise Nack (View posts)
Posted: 967131526000
Steven, our new address is: 5494 South Idalia Way, Aurora, CO 80015 Phone, 720-870-1511. But we hope to be moving down the street in the very near future. I'll be sure to forward our address at that time. Denise.

my address and stuff

Steven R. Valandra (View posts)
Posted: 967133480000
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