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Barbara Hennigan (View posts)
Posted: 945626054000
I would love any info on Trundy's of Maine


Steve Herrick (View posts)
Posted: 948292981000
I am trying to connect Elizabeth Trundy (b.1794), who married Richard Warren in 1808 at Deer Isle, ME, with Susanna Warren (b. 1825), my g grandmother, at Deer Isle.
Can anyone help?


Barbara (View posts)
Posted: 948298811000
Dear Steve, you should write to a woman Colleen
who has done some major reseach of The Trundy family in Maine.
Her e-mail is I am also related to the Trundy family
my gr- grandparents were Llwellyn Cater born May 13, 1872 d. Oct, 16,1953 married Inez(
Trundy) from Sedgewick or Brooklin, Maine Inez day 1920 and is buried in Pine Grove Cem. in sedgwick, Maine. Her parents were Moses And Emma (Day) Trundy
hope this helps.I also know a Richard Trundy here i will get the info for you
They had 13 children


Colleen Archer (View posts)
Posted: 956378196000
Steve, I have some information on Elizabeth's family. Please get in touch.

Trundy Name

Timothy Corson (View posts)
Posted: 957594017000
Hi, My wifes maiden name is Trundy, She hails from Addison, Maine. This by any chance would'nt be the Barbie Henningan from BarHarbor, Maine?


Barbara J.Hennigan (View posts)
Posted: 957814610000
Dear Tim,
yes, I'm Barbie from BH and i'm also doing Trundy genealogy along with Hennigan and hope to go to Ireland next spring to do more research on Hennigan's. Inez Trundy was my great grandmother on my mother's side she was born in Brooklin,Maine abt. 1872 and Died Dec 25,1920 her parents were Moses and Emma(Day) Trundy. She married Llewellyn Cater
I also have a Benjamin Trundy born Nov 2,1860 in Surry married Abbie (Demarius)who's parents were David and Elizabeth Trundy from Brooksville. I have an aunt who's really heavy in the Trundy stuff if you want to give me any information such as her parents grand parents etc i'll see what i can get for ya. I know most of the Trundy's we have came from Segwick,Maine and i know these a few Richard's any way hope all is well with you both and are you still in Bangor? bye for now hope some of this information fits into your tree

Trundy Tree

Tim Tina Corson (View posts)
Posted: 957890316000
Hi Barb, Its good to hear from you. Hope all is well down in the big city. Now ,Tina, My wife is a Trundy . Her family is from downeast, Addision Maine. Her fathers name was Walter Trundy, He passed away on Feb. 14, 1975. Also her grandfathers name was Preston Trundy, He also was from Addison, He passed away before Tina was born, and that was 1960. Barb if you want, send me your E-mail Ad. and we'll talk more, I'llalso try and dig up some more info on the Trundy Name, There are some Trundys in Stockton Springs also. Well I know I did'nt have much info for you, but it was good to hear from you. Tina is going to ask her mom about her family tree, If she find any good stuff I'll send it your way. Have fun in Ireland, Tell everyone there I said Hello. Take care Tim Tina


Barbara J. Hennigan (View posts)
Posted: 957892316000
Tim Tina
my e-mail address is write anytime.


Barbara J. Hennigan (View posts)
Posted: 957892530000
Dear Tim Tina
I just wanted to let you know that my cousin Colleen from Mass is also addicted to Trundy research.She has a book going and she may be able to help you better than me. Her e-mail is
good luck

Any correspondence welcome!

Sonia J. Trundy (View posts)
Posted: 961924749000
Hi everyone, I was just here using my aol instant messenger when I saw and ad
asking if you would like to research your family tree. When I clicked on it, I ended up
being greatly surprised about the amount of people who are actually interested in the trundy name.
I believe that my grandfather was part of the trundy family in Maine. My grandmother
knows a lot of his family's history. His name was Arthur Benson Trundy III. I believe his father'sname was
Harry Trundy and his uncle was Arthur B. Trundy II. I know he lived with his grandmother for a long while as a child.
If you have any questions for me, or anything you can add, please let me know. The other time I tried
to do some research I found many Trundy's around the country, but never got many people to respond. There are over forty of us
currently living in the New Bedford, Fairhaven and Dartmouth Massachusetts area. Thanks, sorry for the rambling, but I am just very excited.
My e-mail is
Hope to hear from you soon
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