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Martin Thelen

Martin Thelen

Michelle Margraf (View posts)
Posted: 930769046000
I am looking for the ancestors of Martin Thelen b. 9/7/1843 in Germany and d. 2/1/1899. He married Mary Laubendahl. She was born on 10/1/1848 and died on July 20, 1914. Their children settled in Minnesota.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

Thelen Ancestors

Jim Thelen (View posts)
Posted: 937311236000
As best I can determine the Thelens came from Rheinland-Westfal area of Germany in a triangle delineated by Aachen, Bonn and Koln.
There are quite a few in Koln (Cologne) and sorrounding areas.

Jim Thelen

Thelen family

Bryan Iverson (View posts)
Posted: 938859384000
My wifes family has a Thelen line that we are stuck on right about the time frame you are speaking and I am curious if they have any relation to your relative. They also came from Germany in the mid-1800's and settled in Minnesota. Her 2nd great grandfather was Jacob Thelen, b.12/28/1837 in Germany, d.9/28/1902 in Hector, MN. His wife was Mary Pitzen, b. 1/12/1847 in Marytown, WI and died 5/25/1929 in Hector, MN. They had 11 children; William, Annie, Kate, Albert, August, Tina, Magdalen, Julia, Cadia, Francis, and Gertrude. Please let me know if any of these names are familiar.

Mary Pitzen Thelen

Jami Pitzen (View posts)
Posted: 941308435000
Hi I hope that I can be of some help to you I have my grandpa's family tree.His grandpa had two wives both by the name of Catherine one with a C and one with a K.His name was John P. Pitzen and with his first wife Catherine they had a duaghter named Mary Pitzen.But it says here that she was born in 1864.But he may of had some sisters and brothers and he was born in 1834.If there is anyway that you can find out what her mothers name was or her father's name I would like to know for myself too.But more than likely she is related to a John Pitzen somewhere down the line.Please let me know if this was of any help to you at all.My grandpa was from his second wife Katherine.

Stearns County, MN Thelen Family

Michelle Margraf (View posts)
Posted: 945676556000
Unfortunately I was unable to make a direct link to the names you listed, but it is possible that Martin Thelen and the ancestor you mentioned are brothers. Here's all of the information I have about Martin Thelen and Mary Laubenthal in hopes that some of this information will help make a link:

Martin Thelen
b. Sept. 7, 1843 in Niederbahr, Germany
d. Feb 1, 1899

Mary Laubenthal
b. Oct 1, 1848 in Germany
d. Jul 20, 1914
m. Before 1870

Gertrude Thelen b. 10/3/1875 in Koblenz, Germany
Eva Thelen b. 4/4/1877 in Koblenz
Anna Thelen b. 10/12/1880 in Koblenz
Mary Thelen b. 7/28/1881 in Forest Prairie Township (now Eden Valley Township) Meeker County, MN
John Thelen b. 9/11/1882 in Forest Prairie
Jacob Thelen b. 12/2/1885 in Forest Prairie
Joseph Thelen b. Bef March 1887
Joseph Thelen b. After 1888
Hubert Thelen b. 8/6/1890 in Forest Prairie
Martin Thelen b. 3/20/1892 in Lake George Township, Stearns County, MN

Please write to me for more information. I hope we can find a link. My e-mail address is

Thelen Ancestory

Nick Thelen (View posts)
Posted: 946931771000
Hello Jim say I've been trying to find some information about the Thelen Family Tree. I know that John Thelen was my great great grandfather and they came here from Grermany around or in 1892 and settled in Breda IA., Wheatland Township, John was born in Germany in 1837 he was married to Anna Koll who was born in Germany in 1842 They purchased their farm north east of Breda Ia in the 1890's. They were the parents of 6 chidren, Joseph, Anton, Mike, Peter, Nick, and one daughter who died in infancy. My great grand father was Nick Thelen (1875-1954) he was married to Katherine Julich (1873-1942),they had 12 children, Helen (Mrs. Roy Kelley), Leona (Mrs. Don McCaffery), Engelbert, Marie, Martha(Mrs Leo Heinrichs), Hilaria (Mrs. Aloysus Bernholtz), John, Julia (Mrs. Ed Neppl), Fred, Appolonia (Mrs. Engelbert Neppl), Paul, Matt. Matt was my grand father was Matt. I've been trying to locate where in Germany we came from. I have the rest of the family tree if your interested, or related let me know. I haven't been able to find out where we came from in Germany. I have some old family pictures of Nick's family. Fred Thelen married Mathilda Boes they lived on the farm that John started,the buildings on this farm are the orginal buildings John built. I live in Omaha Ne. let me know if you have any information on our family. Thanks Nick

Thelen Family History

Jim Thelen (View posts)
Posted: 946977219000

My great grandfather was Konrad who was a pharmacist educated, I believe, in Germany.
He had 3 children: Ernst (my grandfather), Wilhelm and Hubertina. They originally emigrated to or near Cedar Rapids, Nebraska about 1880-1890. About 1927 the 3 children moved to San Diego, California. I don't know if Konrad moved there, too. Wilhelm and Hubertina never had any children. Ernst had 3: Charles, Paul and Angela. Paul had one child, me, Charles none and Angela married and had 4.

One of the other branches of Thelens emigrated to San Francisco in 1860's, I believe and were related somehow. One of these, Max, established a law firm there and had Max II who had Max III. I believe there were a number of other offspring.

Somewhere, in Germany some of the family maintained a detailed history dating to at least 1534. This I know because occasionally some would come over to the U.S. and visit Hubertina, but this was so long ago I know nothing further about it except what she had mentioned at the time.

From what little I know the family came from the state of North Rhine-Westfalia around Cologne (Koln) with some in the area around Bonn and Aachen.

Those coming to the U.S. seem to have come to Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Nebraska.
Some also went to California and to New York.

I hope this has been of some benefit. If I should find out more I will contact you.


Jim Thelen

Thelen Family Tree

Posted: 947500433000
Edited: 994878279000
My wife is a descendant of Anton Thelen. We too have been working on the Thelen Genealogy. We are working on all of our family lines at the same time and not been able to concentrate on any particular line. We have information which may be of interest on the Anton Thelen line but we are lacking information on John Thelen and Anna Koll. We would be interested in corresponding with you and obtaining any information on the John Thelen Family Tree.
Thank You Nick,
Bob Preston

Thelen Family Tree

Nick Thelen (View posts)
Posted: 947581437000
Robert let me know your E-mail address and I'll send you the information I have. Thanks Nick my direct E-mail address is

Pitzen family history

Ivy Pitzen Peterson (View posts)
Posted: 949663352000
I am also a member of the John Pitzen family he was my great grandfather. I have a print out of the family upto the early 1960's. Please contact me
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