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My TESCHE line

My TESCHE line

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My g-grandmother was Emma TESCHE, born about 1856 in either Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany or Alsace, France. According to my grandmother her mother was one of four children (listed in order of birth): Bertha, Charles, Emma and Peter. They emigrated to the Philadelphia area sometime before 1880.

Anyone see a connection?


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Do you have a Charles that married Hallie

Charles Tesche

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I have very little information on my Tesche line to-date. My grandmother told me that her mother, Emma Tesche Zimmerman (abt. 1856-1936) had three siblings: Bertha, Charles and Peter. Emma was born in either Germany or Alsace Lorraine and the family emigrated to the Philadelphia area while she was growing up. Her brother Charles' wife was named Minna (surname unknown) and they had 6 children: Mary, Helen, Theodore and two more boys.

All of this is as told to me by my grandmother many years later so it needs to be verified.

Re: Charles Tesche

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Sorry to be replying to this post so many years after it's original posting, but I just happend to run across it. Could the other 2 boys names be Walter and Edwin? If so, there may be a link. Walter C. (Charles or Carl, we could never quite figure out which was right) was my Grandfather. I know he had brothers named Edwin and Theodore, but don't remember hearing of any sisters. There is a possiblility, though. I have very little info on him. He married Elizabeth Waldron and they had two children, Walter and Julia Mae (my mother). My grandfather was a house painter by trade (in Philadelphia) and I know that Edwin was a milliner for Lilly Dache in New York. My mother used to always say that all of his brothers had a trade of some kind. But all I remember is my Grandfather's being a painter and Edwin being a milliner. I think one of the other brothers was a carpenter.

Re: Charles Tesche

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We definitely have a connection, as I have discovered more information since I posted the original message. Here's what I have now on this family:

Name: Charles A. TESCHE
Sex: M
Birth: ABT. 1850 in Prussia
Death: AFT. 1920
Occupation: 1910 Self-employed designer of furniture
Occupation: 1880 Carver of Wood
Occupation: 1920 Draughtsman? - General practice?
NATU: 1870 According to 1920 census
Event: Migration 1866 To the U.S.
Residence: 1910 1625 S. Juniper St., Philadelphia, PA
Census: 15 JAN 1920 315 Cedar Lane, Upper Darby, PA, with wife and children Carl, Theodore, Helen & Edwin, daughter Maria (Mary?), her husband & children, and an 86-year-old lodger from Baden, Germany - Maria Mielke
Census: 1880 Philadelphia, PA with wife "Minnie", children Emma, Clara & Julia, and 47-year-old Mary Mielke and her 22-year-old son, Charles

Marriage 1 Wilhemina C. ? b: ABT. 1856 in Pennsylvania
Married: ABT. 1877 in Prob. Philadelphia, PA

Emma TESCHE b: ABT. 1876 in Philadelphia, PA
Clara TESCHE b: ABT. 1877 in Philadelphia, PA
Julia TESCHE b: ABT. 1879 in Philadelphia, PA
Carl TESCHE b: 16 JAN 1884 in Pennsylvania
Walter A. TESCHE? b: ABT. 1886 in Pennsylvania
Albert J. TESCHE b: ABT. 1888
Mary W. TESCHE b: ABT. 1890 in Pennsylvania
Theodore L. TESCHE b: 24 AUG 1892
Helen G. TESCHE b: ABT. 1895
Edwin A. TESCHE b: ABT. 1897

As you can see, there were many more children than my grandmother had told me. It makes sense that she was aware of the younger children. She was born in 1899, so the four older children (if they survived this long) were likely grown and on their own by the time she was old enough to know them.

I descend from Charles' sister Emma - so that makes us distant cousins! I haven't yet been able to trace this Tesche family back to Germany - but according to my grandmother her parents came from the Black Forest area (Baden-Wurttemburg) and the Alsace. I'm still not positive which line (Tesche and Zimmermann) came from which location. The 1880 census for Charles A. Tesche and family (which shows some of the older daughters - Emma, Clara and Julia) indicates that Charles was born in Prussia.

I love to have someone else help me with this family! I'll be happy to share what I have. It may be easier if you contact me off-board at

Nancy Barnett

Re: Charles Tesche

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Surnames: Tesche
The following data are taken from the Disc "Emigrant File Rhineland":

Carl TESCHE, born 1850, Cronenberg/Wuppertal,
Prussia, year of emigration: 1866
Helene Bertha TESCHE, born 1852, Cronenberg/Wuppertal,
Prussia, year of emigration: 1866
Emma TESCHE, born 1856, Cronenberg/Wuppertal,
Prussia, year of emigration: 1866
Johann Peter TESCHE, born 1858, Cronenberg/Wuppertal,
Prussia, year of emigration: 1866

Cronenberg (a part of the city Wuppertal) is situated in Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany. You can find Wuppertal in the attached maps.

Re: Charles Tesche

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Dear Heinz - This is so wonderful! I am very certain that you have found my great-grandmother and her siblings! It all fits as here is what I have found to-date on this family:

1 J. Peter Tesche
b: 1822 in Prussia (Alsace)
d: 05 Jan 1899 in Philadelphia
Burial: 1899 Fernwood Cemetary, Lansdowne, PA
..+? b: in Prussia
.........2 Charles A. Tesche
b: 1850 in Alsace-Lorraine / Prussia
d: 1923
Burial: Fernwood Cemetary, Lansdowne, PA
.............+Wilhemina C. Mielke
b: 01 Feb 1856 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
d: 1947
Burial: Fernwood Cemetary, Lansdowne, PA
......... 2 Bertha H. Tesche
b: Abt. 1853 in "Prussia" (Alsace)
.............+Joseph Bauer
b: Abt. 1851 in Pennsylvania
.........2 Emma Tesche
b: Feb 1856 in Alsace / Prussia
d: 17 Nov 1936 in New Collingdale, PA
Burial: 21 Nov 1936 Fernwood Cemetary, Lansdowne, PA
.............+Johannes Zimmermann
b: Sep 1856 in Germany (Black Forest, Baden)
d: 22 Nov 1937 in Philadelphia, PA
Burial: 24 Nov 1937 Fernwood Cemetery, Lansdowne, PA
.........2 Peter J. Tesche
b: Abt. 1858 in Prussia
d: Aft. 1930
.............+Lizzie ?
b: in Germany
d: Bet. 1905 - 1920 in Prob. Philadelphia, PA
.........*2nd Wife of Peter J. Tesche:
b: in Ireland
d: Bef. 1920 in Prob. Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA

My grandmother (Emma Tesche Zimmerman, daughter of Emma Tesche) told me that the Tesches came from the Alsace. I know that the borders of Alsace changed through history. Do you know if there was a time when Cronenberg/Wuppertal would have fallen within Alsace?

I can't tell you how much I appreciate you taking the initiative and doing this lookup. I am so grateful as I didn't know where to find this family! Is there any way I might be able to help you? I'm located in Syracuse, New York and have access to a good genealogy library here.

Nancy Barnett

Re: Charles Tesche

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Surnames: Tesche
My grandmother (fathers mother) was Julia Anna Tesche born about 1887. I always believed she was born in Alsace/Lorraine. Her family emigrated to Philadelphia and she married Samuel Alexander Smith. My father Albert Edward Smith was born in Philadelphia. I definitely remember the names Thedore and Edwin who worked at Lily Dache in NY. I'm not sure of the connection to them. I think they may have been uncles or cousins. I don't believe they were siblings. I would love to have any information regarding this family.

Re: Charles Tesche

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It seems as though we could be distant relatives. Charles and Wilhelmina Tesche had many children, and it seems like my Grandfather (Walter) and your Grandmother were one of many. I am attaching a picture I have of Edwin who was the milliner at Lilly Dache in New York. According to the 1940 census, Theodore was a Plasterer. If you have access to the census records from 1900 through the current 1940, or the (free and just do a search on Charles Tesche), there is lots of information about the family. There are three death records for three of their children which I never saw before. Seems like you have piqued my interest again. My mother knew a lot about the family, but whenever she tried to tell me something about it I kind of zoned out. Now that she is no longer living, I'm now interested and sorry I didn't listen! Anyway, enjoy the picture!
Jeanne Grimaldi

Re: Charles Tesche

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Surnames: Tesche
I find it very interesting that you thought your grandmother Tesche was born in the Alsace/Lorraine. My great-grandmother Tesche was Julia's aunt - her father's sister Emma.

My grandmother also told me that her mother (Emma) was from Alsace-Lorraine. Yet I have birth certificates that show that Emma and her siblings were born in Cronenberg, Wuppertal, Germany - which is in the Rhineland and quite a bit further north (near Cologne and Dusseldorf).

Perhaps Emma and her siblings (Carl/Charles, Helene Bertha & J. Peter) lived in Alsace-Lorraine for some time. But they migrated from the Rhineland to the U.S. in 1866, so it's likely that your grandmother Julia was born here.

But with your corroborating story of the family being from Alsace-Lorraine. I think we have more research to do! I have quite a bit assembled on this Tesche line that I'd be happy to share. My basic information is available on Rootsweb's World Connect (; my database name is nbarnett. Or you can search for Julia Tesche as she's in there.

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