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Richard Taverner, Loudon Co., VA

Richard Taverner, Loudon Co., VA

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Seeking information on Richard Taverner (variant spellings) of Loudon Co., VA. Might have relocated to Licking Co., Ohio by 1830.
He had one daughter, Nancy, who married Wm. Deputy and migrated to Wabash Co., Il in early 1800's.
Would appreciate any and all info on the Taverner family.

Tavenner Loudoun Cty.Va. 1790-1850

Mary Harreld (View posts)
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I have found a Richard (1769-1837), son of George and Tabitha and another(abt. 1807),)) with the same grandparents. I am looking for an Isreal Tavenner borned to Jonathan, son of Jonah who was a brother to Richard. Isreal moved to Arcola,Ill. Douglas County (about 1869). Seems we may have come from same line. Please wite

Israel Tavenner

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Mary, in checking my Taverner genealogy I do not find Israel the son of Jonathon.
The children I have listed for him are: Marie E, David Jonathon, Meoion, Jonah, Sarah Edith, Susan Alvina, Issac Brown, Frank Lycurgus, Mahlon Thornton.

I have 15 children listed for George and Tabitha, the 12th being Israel born 3 Mar. 1785. Could you give me more information on this Israel?
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I'm looking for info on Olive Tavener born 1875 in Licking Co. Oh.
She married Henry A. Brown. I have eight of thier childrens names and birth dates(all boys) but our cousin thinks there was a girl also. Does anyone have info on who Henry's parents were? Henry and Olive are my Greatgrandparents. Please e=mail me at Thank you in advance.

Richard Tavenner

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Have many records on Tavenner of Loudoun Co., Virginia starting with George and all of his children. Have some info. on Nancy Tavenner in Ohio but not much. You can reach me at

Nancy Tave(r)ner

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I am a descendant of Nancy Tave(r)ner b. May 24 1798 alledgedly the daughter of Richard Tave(r)ner and Susan?. She married William Deputy of Delaware on Nov 6 1817 perhaps in Wood Co. VA. They migrated from ther to Wabash Co IL in 1818.
She was thought to be the daughter of Richard Tavenner of Loudoun Co VA but I have not been able to prove this.
Any help would be appreciated.

Iseral Tavenner

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I have looked through the information that I have and like Gwen, I see no Isreal in that family. Could you tell me who his mother was and what year he was born in? Maybe that will help.

Olive Tavenners

Sharon Simas (View posts)
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There are 2 other Olive Tavenners:

Olive b. 4/24/1904 d. 7/1978 in Myrtle Creek, Douglas, County Oregon


Olive b. 1859 in Meigsville, Morgan County, OH

Seems like your Olive might be named after the second one. I believe my great-grandfather Charles was this Olive's brother. I am trying to sort out the several Morgan County Tavenners and would appreciate any info you find about Olive, Jonathan, Samuel, or Charles W. Tavenner.

Do you have any info which might help?

Olive Tavener

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Hi Sharon,
This is the same family. I don't have alot of info but, I will share what I have. This was sent to me as a reply from a message board. I tried to save the site, but I can't get back in. Here is what I have.
1. George Tavenner Sr.
Born: England
Wife: Elizabeth Bishop
2. Geroge Tavenner
Born: 1 Jan. 1747 Hamilton, Loudoun, VA.
Died: 14 Mar 1826 Hamilton, Loudoun, VA.
Wife: Tabitha Roach
Born: 1 Jan. 1747 Loudoun, Va.
Father: Richard Roach
Mother: Hannah Sands
3. George Washinton Tavener
Born: 24 May 1815 Silcott Spring, Loudoun, Va.
Died: 5 Sept 1858 Licking Co., Oh.
Wife: Mary Leah Ewers
Born: 26 May 1814
Died: 18 Aug 1880
Married: 22 Aug 1836
1. Mary
Born: 29 Jue 1837 Newark, Oh.
Died: 28 Mar 1910
Husband: David Benner
2. Jonathon
Born: 20 Oct 1838 Newark, Oh.
Died: 27 May 1919 Newark, Oh.
Wife: Mary Fry
Born: 29 June 18??
Died: Mar 1908
Father: Thomas Fry
1. Cora B.
Born: Feb 1872
Died: 5 Nov 1943
2. Melvin
Born: Mar 1874
Died: Dec 1946
3. Olive
Born: 20 Mar 1875
Died: 25 May 1939 Newark,Oh.
Husband: Henry A. Brown
1. Willis
Born: 5 May 1893 Newark, Oh.
Died: Sept 1971 Newark,Oh.
2. Charles R.
Born: 15 Oct 1896
3. Floyd Murle
Born: 5 Nov 1898 Newark, Oh.
Died: July 1968 Upper Sandusky, Oh.
Buried: Oak Hill Cemetery,
Upper Sandusky, Oh.
4. Vernon Roy
Born: 9 Nov 1900 Newark, Oh.
Died: Feb 1971 Newark, Oh.
5. Howard Hazen
Born: 13 July 1903 Newark, Oh.
Died: Mar 199? Newark, Oh.
6. Evan Russell
Born: 13 July 1904 Newark, Oh.
Died: 27 July 1904 Newark, Oh. 14 days old
7. Zane
Born: 13 July 1905 Newark,
Died: Nov 1980 Newark, Oh. 8. Ralph
Born: 13 July 1906 Newark, Oh.
Died: 26 July 1996 Doylestown, Oh.
4. Charles
Born: 7 Feb 1879
Died: 19 Feb 1960
Wife: Bessie Parr
Born: 25 Oct 1881
Died: Apr 1958
Father: Samuel Parr
Mother: Sevilla Motherspaw
Married: 29 Sept 1903
5. Dora
6. David
Born: 9 Mar 1880
Wife: Erima Benner
Born: 12 Oct 1886
Father: Edward Benner
Mother: Elizabeth
Married: 27 Oct 1904
7. Roy Loaten
Born: 7 Jan 1886
Died: 21 Nov 1956
Wife: Maude Parr
8. Maude K.
Born: 26 Feb 1889
Died: Jan 1937
Husband: Roy L. Hughes
3. Josephine
Born: 1842 Franklin Twp., Oh.
Husband: Henry Parr
4. Rachel Katherine
Husband: Peter McKnight
5. Sarah
Husband: William Thompson
6. Barton
Born: 1849 Franklin Twp., Oh.
Died: 1927
Wife: Rachel Erwin
7. George
Born: 28 Aug 1851 Franklin Twp., Oh.
Died: 15 Mar 1926
Wife: Eva Drumen
8. Louisa
Husband: Sylvester Simpson
There is alot more info at the web site. If I find it again I will send you the address. Do you live in Newark? My e-mail address is or I haven't varified this info except Olive and Henry's children. Our cousin said they had a daughter but, I couldn't find a birth record for her. I hope this helps.
Thank you,
Peggy Sexton

George and Tabitha Tavenner

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Do you have the names and birthdates of all 15 of his childre? I descend down from George number 6. Please email me at:
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