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Taquino family in Louisiana

Taquino family in Louisiana

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I am trying to find any information about James Sylvester Taquino (b. 1873) and any other ancestors. His father was Tom Taquino and was a native of Louisiana.


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Thomas F. Taquino was my grandfather (1881 - 1930) but show no record of James. He had a sister Marie, and children were Thomas, Albert, Maurice, May, Charles Frank. His wifes name was Fredericka

Taquino family

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I don't think this is the same Thomas Taqunio I am looking for. My great-great grandfather was born before 1881. His son, James Sylvester Taquino, was born in 1873 and died at the age of 50 in 1923. James was married to Henrietta Adele Bisson. I believe they were originally from White City and Plaquemine, LA. Thanks anyway!


Michael Taquino (View posts)
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I am not sure but I think that Mrs. Mata may be a relative of mine. I was just looking through the internet and found this message board and thought I would find out. I am the grandson of Rosemary and Thomas Taquino, originally from Mobile, Al and New orleans, LA. Just thought it would be interesting to know.

Taquino Family

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I found your message regarding your Taquino genealogy. I have found a bundle of beautiful old Taquino family photographs in an antique store near New Orleans. The photos are turn of the century anad some are dated 1882. I want to get them back to their true relatives. The surname Taquino and the given name is on most of them . Please send me all of your names. I hope I can reunite you with these photos. Sally
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I have found lovely old photos in an antique store near New Orleans of Taquino surname with many given names. I am writing to you and to the others on this message list who are researching Taquinos of Louisiana. Please let me know the names of Taquino in yoour family. I want to get these turn of the century photos to their homes. Sally
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I found several Taquino photos at an antique store near New Orleans. I am writing to all the Taquino researchers on this message list in hopes of getting these lovlely photos to their relatives. The names are on most of these turn of the century pictures. Please send your Taquino names. There are adults dating back to 1882, many children in wonderful clothing , etc. Sally

Taquino Photos

Eric Taquino (View posts)
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I noticed on one of the postings the mention of Albert taquino being the son of Thomas Taquino. I know that my grandfather was Albert. Wondering if the photos have names on them. He lived primarily in New Orleans, La. Let me know please

taquino photos

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Eric, I recently found a pack of about 20 Taquino family photos with first and last names. The names are: Mildred Taquino, Victoria Taquino (baby), Louis and bride Taquino dated 1882 with some writing in french, James Taquino, George Taquino, Adele Taquino, ( with hair to the ground) , a group of children Armentine, Inez, Louisa, Henry Taquino, Alfred Taquino, Lonny Taquino, Thomas Taquino, and other surnames in that group of pictures that may be related. Send me your email address . These pictures are in an antique store and They arre priced at $3 up to $8 for the largest one. I will get the ones related to you and send. Sally


Mari A Williams (Taquino) (View posts)
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I am the Daughter of Frank Allen Taquino.
Born May 17,1919 in New Orleans. He had brothers Thomas, Maurice, Albert, Charles, and a sister May. Don't know my grandparents
names My Father Frank died in 1968.
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