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Summerour, Summerow

Summerour, Summerow

Trinetta Dellinger (View posts)
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Looking for information on the Summerour, Summerow family of Lincoln County, NC.
Henry Summerour III is my 4th Great Grandfather.

inquiries into Summerour, Summerow

Theresa Summerour (View posts)
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Henry Clay Summerour, Sr. was my Grandfather, his father was William Franklin Summerour, and I understand that William Franklin's father was also named Henry, perhaps your great grandfather? My father was William Franklin as well. Summerours moved from NC into North Georgia at some point, might try getting info from Cecil Summerour in Gainesville, GA. There is a Summerour Family Book in print but I don't have one...let me know what you find out
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Saw a note here from Theresa Summerour looking for information on the Summerour's. My mother's maiden name was Theresa Mae Summerour, daughter of Earl Lafayette and Lieta Mae Summerour of Donalsonville, GA. I have much info we found in Granpa's trunk when he died. The info traces the tree all the way back to 1748 to Henry I when he came to America on the ship Patience with his sister Susannah and brother Johannes. Gives names, dates, marriages and children. Would be willing to swap information with anyone interested. Please e-mail me at Thank You.

Summerour, Sommerow

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Do you have any info. on Margaret Sommerow b. 8/23/1841 d. 5/4/1914 buried @ Ben Lomond, Ark. married Jacob Hallman b. 1/16/1819 d. 10/10/1890 buried @ Ben Lomond, Ark.
Margaret Jacob Hallman had the following children:
David Franklin Hallman b. 1856
Francis Hallman
Lee Hallman b. 1865
Barbara Georgiana Hallman b.6/29/1867
Willie Hallman
John Hallman
Augustus Hallman
Anything would be greatly appreciated. If I have anything you might be interested in your welcome to it.
Thank you,


donna (View posts)
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my ancesters came on the ship patience to i.m from auraria ga, my great grand father was summerour would be interested in any information

Heinrich (Henry) Somerower, 1748, ship Patience

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Hello all,

I have found the passenger listing for the ship Patience, from Rotterdam to Philadelphia, listing Heinrich (age 29), Hans (age 33), and Johannes (no age given)Somerower (note the variation on the spelling... this is probably the correct original spelling, since it is the same for all three entries). Johannes might have been under 16 yrs. of age, since the listing is for men over that age. Sister Susannah is not listed at all, being a female.

Heinrich had two sons in America, Henry (2nd)(b. 1759) and Michael (1st) (b. 1760)... much information has been published online on Henry's line... I have only recently found the missing link to my line, through Michael, b. about 1795 in Lincoln Co., NC. According to Judy Reitsmeyer (, there were 9 children born to Michael Sommerour and Catherine Klein Somerour in America. Here is what I have thus far:


Generation No. 1

1. UNKNOWN1 SOMMERAUER1 was born in Germany.

There is a Hendk. Somerower, age 26, and possibly his brother, Hans Somerower, age 33, who came over on the ship, Patience, which qualified on Sept. 16, 1748, captained by John Brown. (Published in the Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Vol. 1 and 2, by Strassburger and Heinke, 3 vols. published in 1937; reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1966 and 1975, 2 vols.) There was no list of passengers, but these names were among the men over the age of 16 who took the oath of allegiance. (source: the Olive Tree website: Offsite)

The same website (The Olive Tree) does give a passenger list of this ship, which also shows Hans (age 33) and Heinrich (age 29 here) Sumerauer as passengers on this ship. Also listed is Johannes Summerauer, who is listed on Judy Peitsmeyer's site as a younger brother of Heinrich Sumerauer in Germany. This site also notes that the ancestor of movie star Kevin Costner (Adam Cassner/Kastner) was also aboard the Patience on this voyage.
(source: This site states that the ship sailed from Rotterdam, laying over in Cowes, England.

The Patience Homepage ( indicates that the Patience was a 3-masted ship that made regular runs, landing in Philadelphia between 1748 and 1753.

i. HANS2 SOMEROWER2, b. Abt. 17153.
2. ii. HEINRICH (HENRY) SUMMEROUR, b. Bet. 1722 - 1729; d. October 1795, Lincoln Co., NC.
iii. SUSANNAH SOMEROWER4, b. Abt. 1762, Sommerau, Saxony, Germany4; m. ULRICH JACKLY4.
iv. JOHANASSE SOMEROWER5, b. Abt. 1764, Sommerau, Saxony, Germany6.

Generation No. 2

2. HEINRICH (HENRY)2 SUMMEROUR (UNKNOWN1 SOMMERAUER)7 was born Bet. 1722 - 17298, and died October 1795 in Lincoln Co., NC. He married MARY UNKNOWN Abt. 1749 in Pennsylvania.

The History of Lincoln County
File transcribed and contributed for use in the
USGenWeb Archives by:Mrs. Peggy Simmons, Lincolnton, N.C., Mrs Jane Costner
Ware,Lincolnton,N.C. and Mr. Kemp P. Nixon, Lynchburg, Va., the
Grandchildren of Mr. Alfred Nixon have given permission to place this
Historic Manuscript online in the USGenWeb Project for Lincoln County,
N.C., this 10th day of June, 1997.

(From " Archives/nc/lincoln/history/nixon.txt" online):

"The Dutch Side
The German settlers came from Pennsylvania. Their ancestors and some
of them came from Germany.Their settlement covers the whole of the
county, except the eastern portion bordering on the Catawba, and in
this portion among the Scotch-Irish were the German families of
Cloninger, Earnhardt, Forney, Hager, Lockman, Keever, Killian, Nantz,
Sifford and others.

The names of the German pioneers deserve special
mention, and many follow. Aderholdt, Anthony, Arndt, Bangel, Benick,
Beisaner, Beam, Bolinger, Boyles, Boltz, Coulter, Dellinger, Detter,
DeVepaugh, Dietz, Eddlemon, Finger, Freytag, Gantzler, Gross, Haas,
Hafner, Helderman, Hallman, hartzoge, Houser, Heedick, Heil,
Heltebrand, Henkel, Hoke, Huber, Hull, Jared, Jonas, Jundt, Keener,
Kizer, Kistler, Klein, Kneip, Krauss, Kuhn, Lantz, Leeper, Lehnhardt,
Leonard, Lingerfelt, Link, Lohr, Loretz, Lorentz, Lutz, Michal, Miller,
Mosteller, Plonk, Propst, Quickel, Ramsauer, Rein, Reinhardt, Rieb,
Rinck, Rudisill, Sain, Scheidel, Schenck, Schufordt, Scronce, Seigel,
Schrum, Seitz, Shoup, Shull, Sigmon, Spiegel, Strutt, Summerrow,
Troutman, Tutherow, Warlick, Weber, Weckesser, Wehunt, Weiand, Weiss,
Wetzstein, Wisenhunt, Workman, Yoder, Zimmerman.

...". They selected the finest lands and settled along the streams. Their
first dwellings were log cabins, then followed the red-painted mansion.
A few of the old red-painted houses, built near the spring, yet stand,
monuments of a bygone age. They have always built large barns. Sweet
memories of the pioneers and many valuable papers linger among their
descendants. To give some illustration of pioneer times and conditions
a few notes of one family will be made."

..."The Germans encountered many hardships incident to the settlement of
a new country, but one of their most trying ordeals was the change of
their language from their native German to English. They called
themselves Dutch and their language Dutch, and so are called to this
day both by themselves and others. The pioneer Germans were Lutherans
and Reformed, and they usually occupied the same house of worship,
where on alternate Sabbaths they worshiped, and this is still the case
in a number of churches. Four miles northwest of Lincolnton the
pioneers established a place of worship and a schoolhouse called
Daniel's, on a tract of fifty acres, but did not take a grant. In 1767
a grant was issued to Matthew Floyd for the tract of fifty acres
including a "schoolhouse." In 1768 it was purchased by Nicholas
Warlick, Frederick Wise, Urban Ashehanner, Peter Statler, Peter Summey
and Deter Hafmer, who conveyed it to the "two united congregations of
Lutheran and Calvinists." The services were in German and the record
written in German script until 1827. On this tract each has a brick
church and by them stands the brick schoolhouse. Eleven miles east of
Lincolnton, on the great highway is the site of the "Old Dutch Meeting
House." The deed is from Adam Cloninger to the "German Congregation of
Killian's Settlement." The first church lot in Lincolnton was conveyed
June 10th, 1788, to Christian Reinhardt and Andrew Heddick, trustees
for the "societies of Dutch Presbyterians and Dutch Lutherans" of the
town and vicinity, "for the intent and purpose of building thereon a
meeting house for public worship, schoolhouses, both Dutch and English,
and a place for the burial of the dead." This was called the old White
church and occupied the site of the present Lutheran church. The
reference in title deeds to "Calvinists," and "Dutch Presbyterians" is
to the German Reformed or as now known, the Reformed Church.
The pioneers brought with them Luther's German translation of the
Bible. No dust was allowed to gather on this precious volume. These
have been handed down from generation to generation, and in almost
every family today can be found the Dutch bible of the pioneers printed
in a language now considered foreign, yet justly esteemed preciousheirlooms.
Rev. Johann Gottfried Arndt came from Germany as a school-teacher in
1773, and was ordained into the Lutheran ministry in 1775. He died in
1807 and was buried beneath the old White church in Lincolnton, the
inscription on his tombstone is in German, above it and eagle and
thirteen stars, and the motto of the new republic, "E pluribus unum."
The Reformed preacher of this time was Rev. Andrew Loretz, a native of
Switzerland. He died in 1812 and was buried at Daniel's. On the gable
of his mansion, outlined in colored brick, are the initials of his name
and the date, A.L.1793. Only the German was used during their
pastorates. Living in the same county, and preaching in the same
churches, these godly men were devoted friends, and engaged that
whichever died first should be buried by the survivor. The Lutheran
pastor at Daniel's is Rev. Luther L. Lohr, and in Lincolnton Rev.
Robert A. Yoder, D.D., Descendants of the Dutch settlers. While Rev.
William Ramsour Minter, pastor of the Presbyterian church in
Lincolnton, is a grandson of Jacob Ramsour, and great-grandson of David
Ramsour, both elders in that church; David Ramsour was a son of Jacob
Ramsour, owner of the historic Ramsour's Mill.
The North Carolina Synod held an historic meeting in the"old White
church," in May 1820. Then occurred the first rupture in the Lutheran
church in the New World. The president maintained his position in a
long discourse in the German, the secretary followed in a longer one in
English. This church and others withdrew and July 17th, organized the
Tennessee Synod. At its first meeting German was made the business
language and all its transactions were to be published in German. In
1825 the minutes were published in both German and English. In 1826
David Henkle was appointed interpreter for the members who did not
understand the German, and it was ordered that "the business of Synod
shall be transacted in the German language during the first three days,
and afterwards the English shall be used."
But perhaps the greatest hindrance was in the State. The English was
the dominant language. The laws were written and expounded in English,
and all public affairs conducted in tht language, and this prevented
many from active participation in public affairs. The change was
gradual, but was perhaps most marked between the years of 1820 and
1830. The entire German population outgrew the use of the German
tongue. In their pulpits no longer is it heard, nor have they German
schools. Now the Pennsylvania Dutch is seldom heard, and even in accent
and idiom remain on but few tongues; yet it is sometimes observed in
the use of the letters v and w,band p,t and d. This is seen in some of
the family names; Bangle and Pangle are the same name; likewise Boovey
and Poovey, Tarr and Darr; Davie Darr was called Tavy Tarr. A venerable
elder of fragrant memory, when the preacher ascended the pulpit to
begin service, was accustomed to step to the door and proclaim to those
outside, "De Beobles will now come in, te breaching is reaty."

The Civil War
The men of Lincoln County bore an honorable part in the American
Revolution, and were in evidence in the second bout with the mother
country; they helped to win Texan Independence and fought in the
Mexican War; at the outbreak of the great Civil War, they presented a
solid front in defense of their Southland.

Many of the Bethel soldiers won commissions of honor. Capt William
J. Hoke became Colonel of the 38th Regiment; Second Lieutenant Robert
F. Hoke was promoted through the grades to the rank of Major-General;
Eric Erson was Lieutenant-Colonel of the 52d Regiment; William R.
Edwards, Sidney Haynes, John F. Speck, Benjamin F. Grigg, Peter M.
Mull, Lauson A. Dellinger, and James D. Wells won captains commissions;
while David A. Coon, Ed. D. Sumner, W.A. Summerow and George M. Hoke
were first lieutenants, and Lemuel J. Hoyle, Charles Elmer, Josephus
Houser and Oliver A. Ramsour, second lieutenants.

3. i. HENRY3 SUMMEROUR/SUMMERROW, b. Abt. 1759, Pennsylvania; d. 1836, Lincolntown, Lincoln Co., NC.
4. ii. MICHAEL SUMMEROUR, b. Abt. 1760, NC.

Generation No. 3

3. HENRY3 SUMMEROUR/SUMMERROW (HEINRICH (HENRY)2 SUMMEROUR, UNKNOWN1 SOMMERAUER)8 was born Abt. 1759 in Pennsylvania8, and died 1836 in Lincolntown, Lincoln Co., NC8. He married ELIZABETH "BETSY" WHITENER/ WEIDNER8 October 8, 1784 in Lincoln Co., NC8, daughter of GEORG WEIDNER and MARY MULL. She was born 1759 in Mecklenburg Co., NC8.

See downloaded data for 7 siblings of Elizabeth Weidner. Until their link to my line is proven, this data will not be entered into the computer file.

i. HENRY4 SUMMEROUR, 3RD8, b. September 12, 1786, Lincoln Co., NC8.
ii. DANIEL SUMMEROUR8, b. December 28, 1787, Lincoln Co., NC.
iii. CATHERINE SUMMEROUR8, b. September 3, 1789, Lincoln Co., NC.
iv. JOHN SUMMEROUR, SR.8, b. 1791, Lincoln Co., NC.
v. MARY SUMMEROUR8, b. September 30, 1792, Lincoln Co., NC.
vi. BARBARA SUMMEROUR8, b. May 10, 1799, Lincoln Co., NC.
vii. JACOB "TAPSTER" SUMMEROUR8, b. February 16, 1801, Lincoln Co., NC.
viii. ELIZABETH SUMMEROUR8, b. August 3, 1801, Lincoln Co., NC.
ix. ANNA SUMMEROUR8, b. 1805, Lincoln Co., NC.
x. SUSAN SUMMEROUR8, b. 1806, Lincoln Co., NC.
xi. SALLY SUMMEROUR8, b. Unknown, unknown.

This child was stillborn..

4. MICHAEL3 SUMMEROUR (HEINRICH (HENRY)2, UNKNOWN1 SOMMERAUER)9 was born Abt. 1760 in NC10. He married CATHERINE KLEIN11 Bef. 1790. She was born 176912, and died June 10, 1820 in Lincoln, NC12.

5. i. JACOB4 SUMMERROW, b. July 15, 1797, Lincoln Co., NC; d. November 2, 1889, Mitchell, NC.
6. ii. MICHAEL SUMMERROW, b. Abt. 1795, North Carolina; d. May 5, 1870, Travis County, Texas (Onion Creek area).
7. ix. HENRY SUMMERROW, b. 1759; d. 1836.

Generation No. 4

5. JACOB4 SUMMERROW (MICHAEL3 SUMMEROUR, HEINRICH (HENRY)2, UNKNOWN1 SOMMERAUER)12 was born July 15, 1797 in Lincoln Co., NC13, and died November 2, 1889 in Mitchell, NC14. He married RACHEL ZELPHA TURNER14 September 25, 1830 in Lincoln, Tryon Co., NC14. She was born August 9, 1809 in Lincoln Co., NC14, and died April 30, 1888 in Mitchell, NC14.

8. i. JACOB WESLEY5 SUMMERROW, b. September 13, 1846, NC; d. March 14, 1919, Avery Co., NC.

6. MICHAEL4 SUMMERROW (MICHAEL3 SUMMEROUR, HEINRICH (HENRY)2, UNKNOWN1 SOMMERAUER)15 was born Abt. 1795 in North Carolina16, and died May 5, 1870 in Travis County, Texas (Onion Creek area)17. He married ELECTRA SUMMERROW in probably Missouri. She was born Abt. 1810 in Missouri18, and died November 16, 1898 in Travis County, Texas (Onion Creek area)19.

1830 record found for "Michael Summerrow", free white male between thirty and forty yrs. of age, w/1 male child, age under 5 yrs., and wife, between thirty and forty, another female(slave) 30-35, one other female, between 25-30 yrs./age.. Hempstead County, Arkansas Territory. This was an early census found at Dallas Public Library,, Vol.4, p. 127, Line 7. Parent county for Hempstead was Arkansas Co (before Dec. 15, 1818).

8-1-1837: Michael Summerrow is listed in Land Records of Arkansas in Washington Co., Ark., owning 51.6400 acres. He is also listed in Washington County on records dated 3-1-1855 with 40 acres.

1840 as Michael SUMROE in Hempstead County Territory, Arkansas (pg. 162, line 24). Family members include: Males: 1 under age 5, 1 between age 5-10, 1 between age 10-15, and 1 (him) between age 40-50; females: 1 under age 5, 1 between 5-10, and 1 between 10-15, and wife, Electra, between age 30-40. (see xeroxes in Summerrow 3-ring binder.) Texas State Archives Library.

1850 finds Michael Summerrow w/family members on Arkansas census in Hempstead Co., pg. 210b, Ozan township, 3300 (acres?) (see xerox in 3-ring binder):
Texas State Archives Library records:
Michael farmer 55 m NC
Electa 43 f Mo
Milton tchr. 21 m Ark
Velena J. 17 f "
Joel F. 16 m "
Montaurow P. 13 m "
Josephine M. 11 f "
Michael E. 8 mos. m "
D57, Ozan Twp

1850 Arkansas Census also has Michael Summerrow in Yell Co., in Upper Fouce and Lower Fouce, Dutchess Creek.

A C.C. Summerrow is listed in Hempstead Co., Arkansas under "Arkansas Marriage Records to 1850" online. She was born 1820 in NC. She married John Spencer in 1844 in Ark. Unknown if this is a daughter of Michael and Electra, or an unreported sister (or cousin?) of Michael's, who came to Ark. with him.

1854 in the Travis County deed re: J.S. Spence. He would have been between 50 and 60 yrs. old when he migrated to Texas.

1855 Land Records: Arkansas- lists Michael Summerrow as owning 40 acres in Polk County on 3/1/1855...unknown if this is our Michael, or a namesake.

Possibly born 1805 in Missouri... an "E" Summerrow is listed as age 65 on the 1870 TEX.cnsus in household of M.P. Summerrow, with his brothers James, W. E. and Wm. Summerrow.

SOME EARLY TRAVIS COUNTY, TEXAS RECORDS, by Miss Jane Sumner, 1979, Southern Historical Press, P.O. Box 738, Easley, S.C. 29640:

Bk.I/p.15 deed May 20, 1854 John S. Spence to Michael Summerrow, both Travis Co., Texas, witnessed: D. C. Sabin, T.H. Tumey.

Q/299 Feb. 26, 1863, POA, Michael Summerrow, Upshur Co., Tex. to Jno. Spence.

Q/299 deed Nov. 6, 1865 Michael Summerrow by Jno. Spence to M. Edward Summerrow of Lafayette Co., Texas.

Q/572 deed Oct. 10, 1866 Michael Summerrow et ux Electra to E.B. Turner.

226/324 Aff. 1909 W. P. Summerrow, grandson of Michael wo d. Onion Creek TCT May 5, 1870 and grandmother who d/Nov. 16, 1898.

See notes on Michael Summerrow.

i. MILTON5 SUMMERROW, b. Abt. 182920.
ii. VELENA J. SUMMERROW, b. Abt. 183321.
9. iii. MONTAUROW P. (M.P.) SUMMERROW, b. Abt. 1837, Arkansas; d. December 1896, Austin, Tx. (b. Oakwood Cem. 12-23-1896).
iv. JOSEPHINE M. SUMMERROW, b. Abt. 183921.
v. W. E. SUMMERROW, b. Abt. 1841, Arkansas.
vi. JOEL F. SUMMERROW, b. Abt. 184221.
10. vii. MICHAEL E. SUMMERROW, b. July 2, 1842, Georgia; d. May 23, 1884, Travis County, Texas (Live Oak Cemetary).
11. viii. M. EDWARD SUMMERROW, b. Abt. 1843, Arkansas (via Mo., orig. N. C.); d. Aft. 1880, Texas.
ix. WM. A. SUMMERROW, b. Abt. 1844, Texas; d. Aft. 1870.

Notes for WM. A. SUMMERROW:
Wm. A. Summerrow

Listed on 1870 census w/ other 8 family men members; father is probably the "E. Summerrow" listed (w/ age 65), all living in household of M.P. Summerrow, then age 33. Wm. A. Summerrow was 26 yrs. old at that time.

x. JAMES SUMMERROW, b. Abt. 1851, Texas; d. Aft. 1870.

James Summerrow

James was 19 years of age in 1870, had been born in Texas, might be the son of E. Summerrow, all living together in M. P.'s houshold at the time of the 1870 census.

7. HENRY4 SUMMERROW (MICHAEL3 SUMMEROUR, HEINRICH (HENRY)2, UNKNOWN1 SOMMERAUER)22 was born 175923, and died 183623. He married ELIZABETH "BETSY" WHITENER/ WEIDNER24, daughter of GEORG WEIDNER and MARY MULL. She was born 1759 in Mecklenburg Co., NC24.

See downloaded data for 7 siblings of Elizabeth Weidner. Until their link to my line is proven, this data will not be entered into the computer file.

12. i. JOHN HENRY5 SUMMERROW, b. 1794, Lincoln Co., NC; d. Abt. 1836.
ii. JACOB SUMMERROW25, b. February 16, 180125.

Generation No. 5

8. JACOB WESLEY5 SUMMERROW (JACOB4, MICHAEL3 SUMMEROUR, HEINRICH (HENRY)2, UNKNOWN1 SOMMERAUER)26 was born September 13, 1846 in NC26, and died March 14, 1919 in Avery Co., NC26. He married MONASCHIA CAROLINE BUSH26 December 25, 1873 in Caldwell, NC26. She was born September 16, 1851 in Caldwell, NC26, and died November 5, 1934 in Avery Co., NC26.

13. i. GEORGE CLEVELAND6 SUMMERROW, b. March 1886, Mitchell, Avery Co., NC; d. May 9, 1973, Hazelwood, NC.

9. MONTAUROW P. (M.P.)5 SUMMERROW (MICHAEL4, MICHAEL3 SUMMEROUR, HEINRICH (HENRY)2, UNKNOWN1 SOMMERAUER) was born Abt. 1837 in Arkansas, and died December 1896 in Austin, Tx. (b. Oakwood Cem. 12-23-1896)27. He married NANCY SUMMERROW. She was born December 18, 1842, and died November 17, 1879 in Travis County, Texas (Live Oak Cemetary).

1830 Census, Hempstead County Territory, Arkansas: there is a male child listed with Michael Summerrow and wife, another female child, another white female and a female slave. M. P. could be this male child.

1840 Census: Father, Michael Summerrow is still listed in Hempstead Co. Arkansas. w/ minor children.

1850 Census: Father, Michael is listed in Arkansas w/ wife Electra and 6 children.

1860 Census: ?????

1870 Texas Census:
M.P. Summerrow 33 M/W Farmer illegible Arkansas
Wm. A. Summerrow 26 M/W " Texas
James Summerrow 19 M/W " "
E. SUMMERROW (?) 65 M/W " Missouri
W. E. Summerrow 28 M/W " Arkansas
Wm. Summerrow (W.P.)3 M/W Texas
Robt. Summerrow 2 M/W Texas
Sidney Summerrow 1 M/W Texas
Finis Hicton (illeg.) 11 M/W Tennessee

Comments on the Above 1870 Texas Census:
If the E. Sumerrow listed above is Michael E., where is Electra, his wife who didn't die until 1898? "E. Summerrow"

Listed on 1870 census, age 65, living in the household of M. P. Summerrow, then age 33... probably brother of MICHAEL OR SAME PERSON/
"E" could be the brother of MICHAEL SUMMERROW, patriarch of the Texas
Summerrow's, ... it is likely that this is the same person and either the census-taker got the initial wrong, or that Michael also went by "E"... family name of Edward is consistent. MICHAEL SUMMERROW WAS THE FATHER OF WM. A., JAMES AND WM. E. SUMMERROW.

M.P. and W.E. were Michael's and Electra's sons, born in Arkansas, Wm.A. and James were born in Texas. M. P.'s wife, Nancy had died in 1879.

Wm., age 3 above, was either "Willie Price", Michael E.'s and Sue Summerrow's son. Where they were in 1870 is unknown. These are the 3 graves (4 if you include the unmarked rock) beneath the tree at Live Oak Cemetary.... or he was Wm. J., M. Edward and Emma's son, also born about 1866, and a brother to Robert and Sidney, listed below.

Robert and Sidney were M.Edward's sons, brother of my grandfather Ed. M. These two, or three, were living with their parents in 1880, along with M. Edward's mother, Electra.

It is unknown who Finis Hicton was.

Her tombstone is in the "old" section of Live Oak Cemetary, on the upper left side, almost against the Twin Creeks Road... it is now tilting and needs to be adjusted. (Spring '93: Andy and Kenneth corrected the tilt on this headstone... concrete needs to be set now.)

i. EUGENE6 SUMMERROW, b. Unknown.

Eugene Summerrow is listed in the 1885-86 Austin City Directory, as an Operator for the Erie Telegraph and Telephone Company, and was living in the home of M.P. Summerrow. (Austin Travis County Collection).

In 1887-88, Eugene is listed in the Austin City Directory as a messenger with the Western Union Office, still living in the home of M.P. Summerrow

ii. MORTIMER P. SUMMERROW, b. Unknown.

Mortimer P. Summerrow is listed in the Austin City Directories (Austin Travis County Collection, Austin Public Library) from the years 1877 -1888, working as a clerk in various (law?) offices:
1877-78: W.B. Smith, residence: SW Corner Cypress and Red River,
1879-80: W. B. Smith, residence: WS Brazos, between Cypress and Live Oak.
1881-82: McCreary Robertson, residence: Guadalupe, between Hickory and Ash.
1883-84: D. W. Weaver, residence: 308 W. Hickory
1885-86: W. B. Smith, / 308 W. Hickory
1887-88: (as Martin P.,clk.) W. B. Smith, residence: 308 W. 8th Street

iii. JOHN SUMMERROW, b. Unknown.

John Summerrow is listed in the Austin City Directory for 1885-86 as a (c) lab/ William Walsh Company. Austin Travis County Collection, Austin Public Library. It is unknown who this John Summerrow was, or if he was the son of M. P. Summerrow..

10. MICHAEL E.5 SUMMERROW (MICHAEL4, MICHAEL3 SUMMEROUR, HEINRICH (HENRY)2, UNKNOWN1 SOMMERAUER) was born July 2, 1842 in Georgia28, and died May 23, 1884 in Travis County, Texas (Live Oak Cemetary)29. He married SUE ANN SUMMERROW. She was born February 28, 1848, and died May 5, 1877 in Travis County, Texas (Live Oak Cemetary)30.

This Michael is buried at Live Oak Cemetary. Enter West gate, go to 2nd road to left, go to its dead end, turn left and find the three Summerrow grave markers under the large oak tree ahead. A small rock appears placed between Michael E. and Sue Summerrow, possibly a child. W. P. is on the other side of Michael. Other Summerrows may be buried nearby, without headstones, including my grandfather, Edward. Robert Summerrow, a cousin is buried on the row at their feet, at the end of the Turners. Nancy Summerrow is buried closer to the main road, in the old section. She was evidently the wife of M. P.

1850 Census, Hempstead Co., Arkansas lists him in family with Michael and Electa as being 8 mos. old and born in Arkansas.... Hyltin Manor Funeral Home records say whoever gave his death data that he was born in Georgia in 1842... discrepancy.

The following article appeared in the 8-16-1989 Austin American Statesman:


Travis County Sheriff's deputies hope to locate the resting place of a 19th century tombstone apparently stolen from a local cemetery and discovered Tuesday at an East Austin community center.

The grave marker, which commemorates the 1877 death of susan A. Summerrow, was found propped against the Shady Hollow Community Center, said J. J. Flynn, a deputy assigned to the sheriff's office property room. Offeres are trying to locate the cemetery from where the marker was taken.

The marker appeared to have sustained no damage from its apparent theft, Flynn said. The displaced marker is the first recovered by Travis County authorities, he said.

Earlier this year, deputies investigated the apparent entry into two graves in the Old Live Oak Cemetery in southern Travis County, said Bob Guard, a deputy assigned to the criminal investiations division." The article was accompanied by a photo of the tombstone.

There is a tombstone on the site of Sue Summerrow's grave at the Live Oak Cemetary where she is buried near her husband, Michael E. Why she had two tombstones created for her is unexplainable.

14. i. WILLIE PRICE (W.P.)6 SUMMERROW, b. December 9, 1866, Austin, Travis County, TExas; d. December 9, 1941, Travis County, Texas (Live Oak Cemetary).

11. M. EDWARD5 SUMMERROW (MICHAEL4, MICHAEL3 SUMMEROUR, HEINRICH (HENRY)2, UNKNOWN1 SOMMERAUER) was born Abt. 1843 in Arkansas (via Mo., orig. N. C.)31, and died Aft. 1880 in Texas. He married (1) SUE (SUSIE) BLACK SUMMERROW. She was born February 21, 1848 in Arkansas32, and died June 5, 1877 in Texas (Live Oak Cemetary, Manchaca, Travis Co.)33. He married (2) EMMA (EMILY) SUMMERROW Aft. 1877. She was born Abt. 1857 in Minnesota34, and died Aft. 1880.

It is possible that Michael E. and M. Edward Summerrow are the same person.

1850 Census, Arkansas: Michael Edward (Michael E.) was listed as 8 mos. old., living in household with Michael and Electa.

{1860 Census, TENNESSEE: (Unlikely this is our line)
Henry Ruth SUMROW, 319 No.}

Some Early Travis County Records, by Jane Sumner, 1979:
Q/299 deed Nov. 6, 1865 Michael Summerrow by Jno Spence to M. EdwardSummerrow of Lafayette Co., Tx.

Q/341, Travis County, Texas, Jan. 1, 1866, M. Edward Summerrow to Electra Summerrow, love and affection for mother, both Trav.Co.,Texas.

1870 Census: M. P. Summerron, Travis Co., 198, Onion Creek, Prec. 5.
8 Summerrow men listed together, incl. 3 children/see M.P.'s
Family page
E. Summerrow gives age as 65, states being from Missouri.

1877 - On September 1, 1877, a petition filed to establish Live Oak Community School, to be established at Live Oak Church, possibly located on the grounds of the original cemetary (McCuistion Cemetary). Ed Summerrow was a Trustee in 1877, 1879, and 1881. The school ceased to operate in 1888. (History of Live Oak Cemetary... see Summerrow paper file - from Doris Siebert.)

1880 Census: Ed Summerron, Travis Co., p. 171 128
Ed Summerrow age 37 Retail Grocer Ark., Mo., N.C.
Emma " age 23 Housekeeping Minnesota
Wm. J. " 13 Son Tex., Ark., Ark.
Robt. " 11 Son
Sidney " 9 Son
Edward " 6 Son
Electra " 70 Mother North Carolina

Summerow, Ed., 27 Aug 1883
Ellison, Wm. A., 10 Apr 1893
Summerrow, Robt. E., 11 Feb 1896

This "Emma" was probably the same "Emily" as is listed in the 1887-88 Austin City Directory, as widow of Edward Summerrow. She must have been Ed's second spouse. She was then living in the house of a Wm. McDonald, Teamster John McDavid), and residing at 707 W. 5th Street in Austin.

My mother, Grace Hess, says Earl's uncle (Sid) owned the land on the bluff above Onion Creek @ IH35, which is currently the last tee on the Onion Creek Golf Course. She and Earl were designated to inherit that land, but after mom (Aunt Myrl says it was her!) met a young woman while swimming @ Barton Springs, discovered this was Sid's long-lost daughte. Sid was dying in the hospital at that time, he and the daughter reconciled and that daughter inherited the land instead. Shannon Roberts' father, long-time Manchaca resident, Earl Jones, confirms that this was the location of the "Summerrow's Hole" swimming place where, from the top of the bluff, people could see the State Capitol Building.

Mrs. Doris Siebert and Mrs. Toombs of Manchaca report that the Summerrow's owned the land where Holt Machinery is now located, somewhat north of Onion Creek, on IH 35.

Need to check out land records.

see notes on Emily Summerrow, (widow of Edward) from 1887-88 Austin City Directory.

Susie Black Summerrow was the name given to me by Morris Hohman at Hyltin-Manor Funeral Home as the name of Edward's wife. No mention is made of an Emma, although that name appears on the 1880 census as Edward's wife in 1880. Susie died in 1877 and is buried at Live Oak Cemetary in Manchaca.

Sue Ann Summerrow, the wife of Michael Summerrow, was born a week apart from Susie Black Sumerrow and these two sisters-in-law died a month apart from each other, both in 1877. Another strange coincidence regarding Sue Ann Summerrow is that she evidently had two tombstones created for her... one is on her grave, another was found in East Austin by Travis County Deputies in 1989 (see story in notes for Sue Ann Summerrow.)

Emma's name appears as Ed's wife on the 1880 Census, age 23, having been born in Minnesota. It is unclear if she is Ed's only wife (Susie being the same name as W.P.'s mother, and buried in Live Oak Cemetary). Emma (or Emily, as reported elsewhere, was very likely Ed's second wife, who survived him. Susie died in 1877 and could have been Ed's 1st wife, and mother to all four of his sons, since Edward Dallas was 6 yrs. old at the 1880 census.

An Emily Summerrow is listed in the Austin City Directory for 1887-88, as "Widow of Edward Summerrow), living in the home of Wm. (or John) McDonald, teamster, residence: 707 W. 5th Street. (Austin Travis County Collection, Austin Public Library)

Susie Black Summerrow was the name given to me by Morris Hohman at Hyltin-Manor Funeral Home as the name of Edward's wife. No mention was made of an Emma, although that name appears on the 1880 census as Edward's wife in 1880. Susie died in 1877 and is buried at Live Oak Cemetary in Manchaca.

Children of M. SUMMERROW and SUE SUMMERROW are:
i. WM. J. ("WILL")6 SUMMERROW, b. Abt. 186735.
15. ii. ROBERT E. SUMMERROW, b. November 23, 1868, Texas; d. April 22, 1918, Travis County (or Marble Falls)(Live Oak).
iii. SIDNEY (SID) SUMMERROW, b. Abt. 1869, Texas36; d. June 19, 1928, Hays Co., Texas (Live Oak Cem.,Travis Co.)37; m. (1) NANNIE(OR ANNIE) BLYTHE SUMMERROW; d. May 31, 1936, Travis Co.,Tex. (Live Oak Cem.-no markers)38; m. (2) MAUDE RUBY SUMMERROW, December 23, 1896, Travis County, Texas.

My mother tells the story that Sid would stand in the yard when it rained for his baths...said "If it's good enough for the animals, it's good enough for me."

Shannon Jones Roberts of Manchaca told me her father remembers Sid Summerrow... he was an authority on steam engines... he suggested callinghis older half-brother, Dr. Claude (C.A. Martin) in Austin as his memory may be some better on the Summerrow's... Dr. Martin lives @ 2901 Windsor Rd. They reported that the Summerrow homeplace was where the Onion Creek Golf Course now sits.

472-4989-Dr. Martin's conversation 12-8-92: he was born 1804, remembers Ray Summerrow and said the "Summerrow Hole" was at the small lake formed by the dam on Onion Creek... lying between the old San Antonio Hwy. and the new Interstate. He said they used to have picnics down at the "hole" and he remembered climbing a tree on the property to see the Capitol building downtown... he confirmed that Sid Summerrow had a cripped knee.
Postscript: Dr. Martin died Spring, '93.

Who is Maude Ruby Summerrow, and why do I have her listed as his wife?? Obit. from Hyltin Manor or newspapers? check this out.

Mrs. Toombs (nee Blackwell) told Doris Siebert that Sid committed suicide.

Could be "Nannie Summerrow" listed as D.C. # 28171 (Travis Co.), died 5-31-36. This person is only known because her D.C. appears in the records books and the caretaker at Live Oak Cemetary had her full name in the permanent cemetary book (with black marks beside it)(as reported to me by Mrs. Clark of Buda, Texas.) More research required to connect this person to the Arkansas connection, possibly Blytheville ?...see Eugene Baldwin Summerrow...address in Granny Summerrow's address book..."Eileen Jones, 205 Latona Lane, No. Little Rock, Ark. 72118" wrote about 1990, no response, no returned letter either.

Vera Blythe Ramey, Denison, Texas (area 903-892-2690) ,is related to President Clinton through her brother, Wm. J. Blythe, who evidently lived in Austin when a son, Henry Leon Ritzenthaler of Apple Valley, Calif., was born to Blythe's ex-wife in Austin in 1938. Wm. J. Blythe was Clinton's natural father from a later marriage to Clinton's mother, Virginia Kelley.

16. iv. EDWARD DALLAS SUMMERROW, b. August 3, 1874, Austin, Texas; d. February 14, 1937, Travis County,(Austin) Texas (Live Oak Cem., Manchaca).

12. JOHN HENRY5 SUMMERROW (HENRY4, MICHAEL3 SUMMEROUR, HEINRICH (HENRY)2, UNKNOWN1 SOMMERAUER)39 was born 1794 in Lincoln Co., NC40, and died Abt. 183641. He married MINERVA T. DAY42 September 12, 1820 in Rutherford Co., Tn.43. She was born 1806 in Virginia43, and died June 9, 1872 in Lauderdale Co., Tn.43.

i. JAMES H.6 SUMMERROW43, b. 1822.
ii. MARY E. SUMMERROW43, b. 1824.
iii. JESSE M. SUMMERROW43, b. 1826.
v. GEORGE HARRIS SUMROW43, b. Bet. 1830 - 1832.
vi. WILLIAM C. SUMMERROW43, b. 1833.
viii. MARTHA EMMA SUMMERROW43, b. 1838.
ix. ROBERT W. SUMMERROW43, b. 1848.

Generation No. 6

13. GEORGE CLEVELAND6 SUMMERROW (JACOB WESLEY5, JACOB4, MICHAEL3 SUMMEROUR, HEINRICH (HENRY)2, UNKNOWN1 SOMMERAUER)44 was born March 1886 in Mitchell, Avery Co., NC44, and died May 9, 1973 in Hazelwood, NC44.

i. RUFUS7 SUMMERROW44, d. Waynesville, NC.

14. WILLIE PRICE (W.P.)6 SUMMERROW (MICHAEL E.5, MICHAEL4, MICHAEL3 SUMMEROUR, HEINRICH (HENRY)2, UNKNOWN1 SOMMERAUER) was born December 9, 1866 in Austin, Travis County, TExas, and died December 9, 1941 in Travis County, Texas (Live Oak Cemetary). He married UNKNOWN HOCUTTWELL SUMMERROW LUCAS, daughter of REV. E. G. HOCUTTWELL.


Death Certificate # 57960 recorded @ Bur.of Vital Statistics, Austin, Tx.

1870 Census: Wm. Summerrow, age 3, M/W, born Texas, living with 7 other Summerrow men and 1 non-related male, age 11, in Travis County, Pct. 5.

See Summerrow letters from W.P., family album... he seemed to be the "family patriarch".

1909: 226/324, Travis Co., Texas, filed Affidavit of heirship re: Michael and Electra Summerrow, who had died near Onion Creek in 1870 and 1898, respectively.

i. MICHAEL EDWARD (MIKE E.)7 SUMMERROW, JR., b. October 28, 1905, Travis County, Texas45; d. Bef. October 1932, Travis County, Texas46.

OBITUARIES, TRAVIS COUNTY, TEXAS, 1900-1940, collection of Barker Library, UT, Austin: Obituary, Austin-American Statesman, 1932:

"Mike E. Summerrow, 26, died Austin, Texas, survived by father, W. P. Summerrow, mother Mrs. George B. Lucas, sisters: Mrs. Robert Berrehill, Mrs. Georgie Lucas, grandfather, Rev. E. G. Hocuttwell." NN of P.

George B. Lucas, Travis Co., Tex., died 4-17-38, #20567/ inf. of George B. Lucas, Travis Co. Tex., died 8-19-16, #19974.


15. ROBERT E.6 SUMMERROW (M. EDWARD5, MICHAEL4, MICHAEL3 SUMMEROUR, HEINRICH (HENRY)2, UNKNOWN1 SOMMERAUER) was born November 23, 1868 in Texas47, and died April 22, 1918 in Travis County (or Marble Falls)(Live Oak). He married ALLIE (MYRTLE R.) HANCOCK SUMMERROW April 10, 1895 in Travis County, Texas, daughter of W. HANCOCK and SUE HANCOCK. She was born January 5, 1877 in Travis County, Texas, and died April 27, 1947 in Travis County, Texas (Live Oak Cem.).

1870 Census: Robt.Summerrow, age 2, listed w/M.P. Summerrow household.

1880 Census: Robt.Summerrow, age 11, living w/ Ed Summerrow household.


Summerow, Ed., 27 Aug 1883
Ellison, Wm. A., 10 Apr 1893
Summerrow, Robt. E., 11 Feb 1896

Mrs. Beatrice Toombs (Leander, Texas 259-1781) remembers the Summerrow family from Manchaca... she said Bob Summerrow (or his daughter, Gladys) had a store in Manchaca in a house where the Baptist Church playground now stands. She said Bob moved to Marble Falls, was buried at Live Oak Cemetary, but grave was moved to private property nearby. A large granite tombstone has been erected at Live Oak on this spot...

Someone I spoke with told me Bob may have moved to Marble Falls for a time. Look up information on him in that county.

Directly descended from John Hancock, signer of the Declaration of Independence... also State Senator John Hancock, who is also buried in Live Oak Cemetary. Her family built Austin's Hancock Opera House, founded Austin Country Club and Hancock Golf Course is named after them. She lived at 204 Park Lane, off Academy Drive in South Austin.

Mrs. Toombs remembers a "good woman, large-built" who nursed Mrs. Hancock. This might have been Granny Summerrow.

She was the daughter of W. L. Hancock and Sue A. McCuiston Hancock.
She was an aunt to Fred Turner, Jr. (Fred m. Mary Ellison Hancock, Allie's niece... their daughter is Jackie Patton (Mrs. Kenneth Patton), 2408 Ware Rd., Austin, Tx. 78741/ 448-3763/ wk.# (IRS): 499-5247.

Who was Mable Burtner Turner and how did she fit in w/ Fred Turner, Jr.?

There is a granddaughter named Bridgit living in Austin. See notes on Ray E.Summerrow.

i. GLADYS SUMMERROW HALLFORD7 GRIZZARD, b. Abt. 1895, Texas48; m. (1) BENJAMIN FREDRICK HALLFORD; b. November 11, 189649; d. September 22, 1971, Llano County, Tx.50.; m. (2) D. E. GRIZZARD.

My mother tells the story about how she and Earl were supposed to inherit the land on Onion Creek owned by one of the Summerrow brothers...Aunt Myrl met some lady at Barton Springs one day and began talking with her, only to find she was the long-lost daughter, who ended up then inheriting the land... this may have been Gladys.

ii. RAY E. SUMMERROW, b. December 1897, Manchaca, Travis County, Texas51; d. Travis County, Texas(Live Oak Cem./Turner).

Jackie Patton says Ray was the "black sheep" of the family... when he died, his Turner relatives felt sorry for him, so allowed him a space in their plot... he is buried in a space w/ no headstone in Turner plot, near fenceline... first is Mary, Fred, Jack, then Ray... Jackie remembers there being a military service. There is a daughter, Bridgit, who may or may not be Ray's child.

The Turners are connected with the Hancocks and Carpenters thru Allie Hancock Summerrow and Mary Ellison Hancock Hardin Turner(m. Fred Turner, Jr.) Jackie Turner Patton is their daughter.

Dr. Claude Martin remembers the Summerrow's being from Marble Falls, probably because of the cotton gin there. (Claude Martin died Spring,'93.) Ray's father, Robert, is buried at the foot of the 3 Summerrow graves in another Turner plot... his grave has a large granite marker.

Enlistment record of "Special Rangers" dated 10 March 1934 (#401-105) says he was 37 years and 4 mos. old, was born @ Manchaca, was single, was 5'9-1/2" tall, with Light complexion, Hazel eyes and light brown hair, weighing 165 lbs. He was the "manager asst. to Receiver at Hamilton Dam," and lived at Hamilton Dam. This record is held in the Texas State Archives Library..

16. EDWARD DALLAS6 SUMMERROW (M. EDWARD5, MICHAEL4, MICHAEL3 SUMMEROUR, HEINRICH (HENRY)2, UNKNOWN1 SOMMERAUER) was born August 3, 1874 in Austin, Texas52, and died February 14, 1937 in Travis County,(Austin) Texas (Live Oak Cem., Manchaca)53. He married (1) EMMA BALDWIN SUMMERROW. She was born in Minnesota54, and died Bef. December 4, 1914. He married (2) MYRTLE MAY LANGLEY December 4, 1914 in Bell County, (Temple) Texas, daughter of JAMES LANGLEY and IDA CONNER. She was born February 5, 1890 in Temple, Bell County, Texas, and died February 2, 1979 in Austin, Travis Co., Texas.

Death Certificate # 12021 - Bur.Vital Statistics, Austin, Texas

1880 Census: Edward, age 6, listed w/ family of Ed Summerrow and 2nd(?) wife, Emma (age 23) in Travis County.

Agreement, filed July 3, 1925, Travis County, to drill well by E.D. Summerrow on land owned by Mrs. M.V. Cade on Hamilton Pool Road.

Agreement, filed July 3, 1925, Travis Co., ....between EDS W. R. Puryear. Also ditto between EDS Ada Robinson, a widow.

Lived at Cypress Creek, Texas while interested in winemaking; personal papers show fine hand-drawings of stoves, engines, etc.

Unable to locate his grave @ Live Oak Cemetary. Hyltin-Manor Funeral Home held the service, but made no record of where the gravesite was placed. Granny did not place a marker. Rowena Deane (282-1181) in Manchaca says some of the graves were left on private land when the cemetary fence line on the west side was moved... O.D. Bradshear (282-2705) now owns that land... it was the "old Walling Place". I have been unable to get permission to go on this land.

C.M. Clark, caretaker at Live Oak Cemetery (512-295-3571) says old records are not complete...the cemetery was "mapped" by Louise Kemp and the record should be at the Archives Library. There is a book called "Manchaca Hills" (by Tom Carpenter?) which may have some written history. I have been unable to find the "Old Manchaca Cemetery" book @ the Archives Library by Mrs. Kemp. Look up "Onion Creek Cemetery"???

Several old letters of Ed and M.P. Summerrow are stored in cedar chest given to Michael in 1999. Among these items are letters from Ed's employers from his gas station, "Airways District Office, Department of Commerce, Lighthouse Service... P.O. Box 1689, Ft. Worth, Texas". May have been Sinclair Refining Company at the time. Granny claimed he worked as a Geologist while Earl was growing up and they lived in tents out on his job sites for many years. In the cedar chest are some fine line drawings of mechanical instruments, drawn by Ed.

Letters addressed to E.D. Summerrow during 1930's: Route 5, Box 260A, Austin, Texas.

Hyltin-Manor Funeral Home directed his burial. Their records confirm that he is buried at Live Oak Cemetery, but they do not state in which site. I suspect he is lying next to his brother in the unmarked space beneath the large oak tree with the other 4 - 5 Summerrow graves. One grave appears to be a child's. Mr. Clark told me that when he took over as caretaker at the cemetery, the previous caretaker told him not to allow any more burials in this area, as there were already unmarked graves there.

Mrs. Siebert, Kenneth's cousin of Manchaca, wrote me that Mrs. Toombs (nee Blackwell) told her "Ed Summerrow married, but was separated from his wife. He operated cotton gins. His wife took care of Mrs. Hancock. Never stayed any one place - wandered." Also, " Ed Summerrow's wife lived across the street (FM 1626 @ Twin Creeks Drive) on SW corner." That house still stands in 1996, broad porch.

Fred Siebert also wrote that Bob Summerrow operated gins, Sid Summerrow committed suicide.

A.G. and Josephine Matthews sold Lots 1 2 in Block No. 10, Manchaca, (Plat Bk. I, pg. 12) to A.E. Matthews Wife, notarized by R.E. Summerrow, Dec. 24, 1896. The Matthews' stored Granny's mementos until retrieved by she Mike Hess in the late 70's or early 80's. To see this farm, look across the road from the Live Oak Cemetery... the little tin roofed building in the distance, beneath the trees, is it. (2nd gate past the Twin Creeks Bridge, 1233 Wirth Road, Austin, Tx.)

Also in Granny's mementos was a large collection of antique postcards, addressed to Myrtice and Grace Stanley. There is also several legal deeds and letters regarding the Stanleys, and possibly some old photos, pictures of people who are not recognizable.

i. EUGENE ("BILL") BAULDIN7 SUMMERROW, b. March 16, 1906, Hardin Co., Tex.; d. Abt. June 1971, Houston, Harris Co., Texas55; m. OMA; b. August 1, 1904; d. April 1971.

Birth Certificate # 645786 on file @ Bur. of Vital Statistics, Austin,Tx.

See Nannie Blythe Summerrow for address of Jones in No. Little Rock whom I wrote to, but never got a response... also in Granny Summerrow's address book.

ii. EARL J. LEE7 SUMMERROW, b. August 3, 1918, Goose Creek, Harris Co., Texas; d. November 10, 1944, Admiralty Is., So. Pacific (U.S.S.Mt.Hood); m. ERMER GRACE CUDE SUMMERRROW, October 12, 1938, 1109 Trinity St., Austin, Travis Co., Tx.; b. June 2, 1919, Taylorsville (Caldwell Co.) Texas.

Earl was possibly living in Temple April - Nov., 1930; his school photo (5th grade)has those dates written in... also name of Burton Bland. (The Bland name is connected to the Langley family.) His handwritten schoolwork/dictionary are in cedar chest given to Michael, together with other Summerrow mementos. These were things kept by Granny Summerrow, kept at the old Matthews Place, across from Live Oak Cemetary, that Mike and Granny rescued in about 1978-80. Amongst this material are his lesson books, showing a very fine ability in architectural renderings. Also kept are his father's fine drawings of mechanical instruments.

Also, mementos from the U. S. Government showing the inscription of his name at a Memorial in Manila are in the cedar chest. Earl's name is also inscribed in Austin, in the island between the state Capitol and the Governor's Mansion, on the Gold Star Mother's Memorial... Granny Summerrow was a member of the organization. Mike and Earlayne attended college under the War Orphans Act Scholarship Program.

Earl enlisted in San Antonio on 23 May 1944. His boot training was at Camp Wallace in California. He was a Gunnery Mate and was in charge of 40 other men. His ship, the U. S. S. Mt. Hood, exploded on Nov. 10, 1944 while being loaded and Earl's body was never recovered. Earl was a Seaman 1C, his serial # was 9681197.... "World War II Tablets of the Missing, Manila American Cemetary and Memorial, Manila, Republic of the Phillipines.. administered thru the American Battle Monuments Commission, Washington, D.C." includes his name.

Certified copy of his NAVPERS-2059, Report of Casualty, is in the Original Documents File in Earlayne's metal fireproof file cabinet. This report was sent to Earlayne on 18 July 1994 from Capt. E. R. Ghent, USN, Dept. of the Navy and serves as a Death Certificate.

A memorial marker for Earl was ordered thru the Navy Department and placed at the foot of Earlayne and Ken's Memorial Headstone at Live Oak Cemetery in Manchaca, Texas..


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I hope this is useful for you.

I am searching now for data from Pennsylvania, which will "flesh out" the family before their migration to North Carolina. Any information you can share will be most appreciated.

Earlayne Chance

Ancestor or Ernest Summerour

Traci D. Bailey (View posts)
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I am the grandaughter of Ernest and Bertha Summerour of Acworth, Ga. I don't have much information about my family tree but am extremely interested in learning anything that I can. Please respond!!!!


Debbie Martin Sumrow (View posts)
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Thank you for sharing you many hour of hard work with the rest of us out here...My husband is a Sumrow..Mark Franklin, Son of Royce Sumrow born in TX, Son of William Eugene Sumrow Born in TN Buried in TX. I have some but not much information on William Eugenes family. If you would like it contact me. I am trying to find out more on Williams life.

Thank you again for your hard work...
Debbie Sumrow
La Palma, CA
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Edited: 996627332000
Dear Debbie,

Yes, please send me whatever you have on the Sumrow branch... they are all connected and I have almost nothing on the branch that began spelling their name SUMROW or SUMROE...I'm glad my material was helpful to you... I'm at "".

I'm leaving town for a few days... will get back to you after I get your material for comparison!



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