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looking for German ancestors

looking for German ancestors

Teresa Corradini (View posts)
Posted: 943970480000
My great grandmother, Alvena Catherine Strohman, came to the US in 1894 with her widowed mother,Dorothea or Doretta, one brother and 3 sisters. Their names were Richard, Wilhelmina, Magdalena and Dora. Dorothea married John/Jack Hachmann, had two more children and lived in Jackson County, Iowa the rest of her days. I am interested in corresponding with any decendants mentioned in this message in the hopes that I may find where in Germany the family came from and Alvena's father.

Your German search

Linda Strohman (View posts)
Posted: 955272044000
Hello, I am married to David W Strohman, who can probably give you information about whom you are searching. His e-mail address: . he was born reared in Tri Cities area, most of his Strohman relatives still live in that neck of the woods.
It is pure fluke that I found your message. I am in looking around trying to decide if I want to join. We are already neck deep into which is much like this but without the History part.
Good luck with your hunt! Linda

Stro(h)man family history

Brad Stro(h)man (View posts)
Posted: 959494948000
I have been resarching the Stroman family that started in York Co., PA back in 1753. One son of this large family broke off and started his own family in neighboring Lebanon Co., PA. It was here that his surname spelling became changed to Strohman. Several of his children made their way west into the Midwest and eventually Iowa and beyond. One such son was Jeremiah Strohman who began a tradition of farming. Can anyone help locate this or any other Strohman family with roots in PA??? Thanks.

Strohman family in York and Lebanon Pa.

Harry J. Strohman (View posts)
Posted: 960245842000
My sister probably has a lot of information about our family. I will talk to her this week end.

Strohman family in Leb. Co.

Brad Stroman (View posts)
Posted: 960302230000
This is fantastic news!!! I'm writing a book on this family and have at least 150 pages of text along with photos. Joseph Strohman's family is most interesting out of the seven brothers and two sisters. But because the Lebanon Co. family became so large, it is difficult for me to separate names and keep track. Your forthcoming information is going to be very, very helpful. Do you have a e-mail address I can reach you at? I live in Lancaster County and would be very interested in "going over" what information I already have on the Leb. Co. families.

Strohman family

Harry Joseph Strohman (View posts)
Posted: 960321786000
To Brad Strohman. My e-mail is Harry36!@AOL.COM I talked to one of my sisters and she will see what information she has. My other sister may have some information, and I will talk to her this weekend. I live in York county and my family moved here from Lebanon in 1948. Talk to you soon.

Dutch S family

Guus Strörmann (View posts)
Posted: 962416743000
There is a Dutch family S as well. The name Strörmann (as we spell it now) was earlier written as "Strohrmann and Strohmann". To me it is obvious that this name comes from Strohen, a little village in GE near Osnabruck. The whole Dutch family is related to a man called Gerhard Heinrich Strörmann (born 4Jun1813 in Warmsen GE). He married in Rotterdam on 10Jun1840. His greatgrandfather was Gerd Hinrich Strörmann (26Jun1696-20Oct1744). This man married on 31Aug1727 with Anne Marie Buschhorn (23May1708-26Mar1778).

Question: are there any links to this family and/or to the Dutch relatives?

Strohman Family

Peg Osborne (View posts)
Posted: 972848831000
Brad -- There are Strohman's in my ancestry from Snyder Co., PA, not far from Lebanon Co. I believe mine came directly from Germany, but I'm not sure. Know anything of Snyder Co.?

Strohman family

Brad (View posts)
Posted: 972924169000
Peg, I have little knowledge of Snyder Co. as far as the Strohman family is concerned but would be very interested in finding out what you know. I have traced my family back to Switzerland to the German-speaking Canton of Basel where the name originated as Straumann. Some of the family members relocated into the Palatinate region of Germany, just north of the Canton of Basel and this may be why you think your ancestors came from Germany. Please furnish me with what info you have. I have accumulated over 1800 names in the family tree so far and have written well over 150 pages of text on this family. Anything new would be of interest to me. Thanks, Brad

Strohmans in Snyder Co.

Peg Osborne (View posts)
Posted: 973019134000
Thanks for your quick reply, Brad. I really have very little and what I have is from family genealogy done by grandfather and his brother. Nothing is confirmed by my own research. Repeat -- NOTHING. We have Jacob Strohman coming to America in 1824 w/2 children. He was a farmer and lived in Fairfield Co. OH, as well as Marion (now Morrow) Co. OH, where he died. His son, Jacob Jr. was born 10 Mar 1800 in Brettsville, Basil/Lance Canton (?), Switzerland; married Christina Dorothea Wuppenich 26 Jun 1826 who had been born 30 Mar 1799 in Ilinges, Oberant, Pfeinigen, Wurtenburg, Germ. She was an only child. They had 9 children, 7 sons 2 dtrs., all but one of the sons changing the spelling to Strawman. John remained Strohman. Jacob Jr. died 14 Jun 1884 in Caledonia, OH and is buried in the Canaan Church Cem. He was a farmer whose farm was adjacent to tthe Canaan Methodist Church in Marion (Morrow) Co. His wife died 16 Feb 1871 same place. Their son, Daniel, is part of my family. He was born 17 Oct 1830 in Canaan Town, OH, married Sarah Houser 4 May 1854, died 6 May 1900 in Lindsey, OH, was an Evangelical circuit preacher. They had 10 children, I think, one of whom (Henry) was my great-grandfather. I'll be interested in whether any of this is pertinent or not. I didn't realize that they're the part of my mother's family that is NOT from Pa., but from Ohio. Sorry about that, but maybe it will be of some help anyway. I have more anecdotal stuff on them, if it would be of interest to you. Let me know and I can copy and mail to you if you send me your address. Speaking of which -- I seem to be having trouble hooking up to the message board. If you wouldn't mind writing back and forth directly, I'll give you my e-mail address -- Hope some of this is helpful to you. Peg
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