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looking for George Andrew Stradtner, Philadelphia, PA - father of George Andrew Stradtner. The father would have been in Philadelphia, PA 1870's. contact by e-mail.


Nicole (Stradtner) Newcomb (View posts)
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I have been trying to find more family members throughout the U.S. Any Stradtner interested in finding other relatives please contact me.

Stradtner surname

M. J. (Stradtner) Walker (View posts)
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father: George
gfather: George A. Philadelphia, PA
ggfather: George ???? dates??
Any connections out there?
email me.


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I am a Stradtner on my fathers side.
Father: Robert Stradtner(Brothers: Johnnie, Paul, Henry Earl. Sister: Joanne)
Grandfather: Henry Stradtner(Sisters: Leatha, Beulah, Pauline, and Trilby)
G-Grandfather: George Stradtner(Brothers: William Pete, and John Conrad. Sisters: Zenobia, Emma, Dora, Calista, and Minnie)
GG-Grandfather: John Ulrich Stradnter(immigrated from Germany in 1866)
Married to: Eva U. ?
I have more info if you want it. Most of my info can be seen on
So, are we same Stradtners?
Let me know.


Nicole (View posts)
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Perhaps you could find out the name of your great grandfather. I think that would be the link that we are looking for if there is one. Also what area of the country is your father and grandfather from? There seem to be a lot of Stradtners in Michigan that are from the William P. Stradtner line. See if your father can remember any names that have something to do with Stradtner, I might be able to match something up.

Paul A. Stradtner

Angela Stradtner (View posts)
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there is a plot in a mosuleum in Westland MI. that bears the name Paul A. Stradtner. Last time my husband was there it had no date of death. Therefore he might still be alive somewhere in the metro Detroit area. He was my husbands biological grandfather. Details are un known to my husband but it is said that he left his wife Mary Jane and children over 40 years ago. Childrens names:
Paulette, James, Paul Stephen. My father in law is James Wilford Stradtner. Reply if information is any help.
Thank you

Paul Stradtner

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My Paul Stradtners' middle name is London, but I did dig around a bit on the Social Security death benifits and found a Paul A. Stradtner that was born Nov. 10, 1905, and died in June 1986. SS# was 378-01-4404 and the address at death was 32720 Deland, Volusia, FL.
This might be your Stradtner.
I also came across a Stradtner obituary in the Florida Sun-Sentinal but they wanted $$ to look at the article and I'm not sure if it was the right date. I hope this helps you on your search.

paul stradtner

george stradtner (View posts)
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from what i know, and it is all pretty sketchy, is that when i had last seen that mauseleum it was the summer of 1995 with still no date of death on it. however it did occur to me that it was possibly part of the renovation that was going on in that particular cemetary at the time. they were re-doing a large amount of the mauseleum walls and also building the hall of angels at the time over by the pond. so it could be that you have in fact found my paul stradtner, just that with the renovations going on, the d.o.d was not yet replaced. the cemetary is called cadillac memorial gardens west. it is on ford road in westland, michigan. it was a frequent stop for me during my teenage years, mostly with friends passing away. thank you so much for your help and extra research. i hope to be of help to you in return and we can both find answers and missing pieces to our respective puzzles. who knows we may end up linking somewhere down the family chain. that would be so exciting!!
thank you again, so much. let's keep up the good search.
george william stradtner :)

Stradtner Family

SH (View posts)
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Your Johnnie Stradtner is my son and daughters grandfather. Their names are Tina and Michael. Father is Gaylon. His brothers(Jerry, Darrell, Nelson, Danny Joe, Doug, Timmy, Eric and one sister Becky. I'm sure my daughter would be glad to give you any info you need.
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