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Stettnisch, Charles

Stettnisch, Charles

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lived MN? Where was Charles naturalized? And who else Stettnisch were in MN before 1900?

Charles Stettnisch

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I think I wrote to you quite a number of years
ago on the Messall/Stettnisch families. I
have a little more info on them. Charles or
Carl and all the family were naturalized in
Marshall Co., Kansas. I have quite a bit of
info on the Stettnisch's...let me know what
you need. There is a family reunion on June
24 in Barnes, Kansas at the Fire House...
starts about 10:00 a.m. Really nice people.
Sorry I have been lax...lost a daughter 46 yrs
old in Oct and have been zombie since then.
There was a Paul Stettnisch who stayed in Blue
Lake, Minnesota and had a son Charles.

Charles Stettnich

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Yes, I think youare correct, you lived in Overland park KS, I have very little info since then, still 3 Stettnisch and Messall (S) intermarried. I had figured a change of last name for Stettnisch since i could find no info since Marysville. AND, yes the term zombie applies very well to me. My mother passed away and younger sister had a stroke . I don't think time is a healing, just managing to accept and cope. Did Stett(s) change name or ? Glad to hear from you, I still look at the family sheets you had sent me. Be glad to work together on these.


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My email is email me and
I will send you a descendant outline. Were
you related on the Messall side or the
Stettnisch. No only one changed their name.
A Julian Stetnish in Enid Okla said his
mother hated his father so much (he spent all
the family money on mining ventures and then
died) so when he died she had it changed.
Julian said he couldn't see where it helped
him any. Give me a message. Ramona

Write Back

Paula Stettnisch (View posts)
Posted: 991914151000
Hello my name is Paula. My husband is Rubenjames Stettnisch. His father is James L. Stettnisch. His mother is Carol Elizabeth Garis Stettnisch (deceased). James lives in Pineville, Missouri. I would love to trace my husbands family orgin and get to know the other side of the family and let my childrenn learn their hertitage. I have a set of 2 year old twin girls and a 1 month old son. Could you please write me.
Thank you
Paula Stettnisch

Re: Write Back

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Hi Paula, My name is Michelle. I am the oldest daughter of Jimmy's middle brother. I have a partial family tree back either 3 or 4 generations. Let me know if you are still interested and after we finish moving I can email you what I have. I think it only goes through Ruben, LaVern, and Jimmy's kids (the last one is Michael) I tried to keep it up for a few years, but we have not seen much of the Stettnisch's since Grandma Edna died.

Re: Write Back

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Hi: Paula doesn't have this email any more. I would like
to hear from you on the genealogy. I have the Stettnisch's back 5

Re: Charles Stettnich

Merwyn Brian Pettyjohn (View posts)
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You may have solved something of a mystery for part of our family! We were involved in a discussion about whether Winona Stett's last name was, or was not, actually Stedt. As it turns out, it may have originally been neither. Winona was born in the early 20th century and lived in Clay County, NE. Have you any information on Dtettnich families becoming Stetts who would have been living at or before that time?

You can't imagine (or perhaps you can) how exciting this possibility is!

Re: Charles Stettnich

Ramona Stettnisch (View posts)
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Surnames: Stettnisch, Zabokrtsky, Rencin,Cjep,Brychta,Krusghel
Who is this person? I do know one of the Stettnisch wives changed their name to Stetnish so simplify the name. I haven't researched them to Germany but have heard there are Stettnisch's over there. I suppose someone could do that. We have several people in our family who have changed their Bohemian names for something easier.
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