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Stanke Family Tree

Stanke Family Tree

Bob Stanke (View posts)
Posted: 948388486000
I'm looking for any info I can find on the Stanke name. In particular the Stankes of Wisconsin. At least that is where I can first find the name.


lisa (View posts)
Posted: 961761495000
i know of several stankes in the flint, mi area if you want more info reply


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Rudolf Stanke (View posts)
Posted: 969048694000
the name Stanke originates from the area of Berlin ,Germany.It is believed to come from the dialect spoken .From the word " stein"or in their slang "stanche"
My branch of Stanke's lived in Russia Poland ( where I was born )since the the early 1800th.I imigrated to Canada in 1960.


rudolf (View posts)
Posted: 969545756000
hello i know few stankes' in the flint, mi area. my grandpa harold stanke, and his brother ed stanke.

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Edward Michael Stank (e) (View posts)
Posted: 970771543000
name Rudolph in our family also

Rudolf Stanke

Posted: 972201195000
Edited: 997144846000
I found your name in the Family History message board. I am searching the Stanke,Steinke,Stainke name. My mother was Clara P. Stainke, her grandfather was August(Gus) Stanke. The earlyist I have found them was Gus Stanke in Effingham Co. Ill. I am fairly positive the came from Weat Prussia in the 1800s. I also have found a number of Stanke familys in west Prussia, also in different places in the USA. I would be interested in sharing informaton with you.
Donald K. Roper
1707 Parkwood Lm.
Garden City, Kans.

Stanke Surname

Rudolf Stanke (View posts)
Posted: 972240671000
My Father had a Halfbrother by the name August.But he was only born in 1917 and passed away in 1921.I believe he passed on in Germany.His Fathers name was Hermann Stanke born 1874 in Poland and died 1945 in Germany.Since Hermann was my Grandfather I am looking for information prior to him.But I can not get into any records in Poland.

Stanke sir name.

Posted: 972243587000
Edited: 997144846000
Dear Mr. Stanke:
Thank you for answering my query. My daughter and I have been searching family since the early 1970s and haven't made much progress on the Stanke family, we have found there is a number of ways it is spelled STEINKE, STANKE STAINKE; I have found a number of Stanke families who were in West Prussia. These were in 1700s, however to date I haven't found who I thought was our Stanke who came to the USA. They were there in the 1870s. I know it is difficult to get some information in Germany unless one was involved with military. My wife was also born in Germany, she came here when she was five with her mother and brother. If possible I would like to know the city where you came from, also maybe a local cemetery, as there are a number of towns where the cemetery is listed. I hope to hear fron you again.
Don Roper


REBA (View posts)
Posted: 972410364000

Stanke Surname

Rudolf Stanke (View posts)
Posted: 972499297000
Dear Mr Roper
The nearest City to my place of birth was Lublin in Poland near the Russian border.But I was 2 years old when WW2 started and we had to leave.We then moved to West Prussia ,and in 1945 to West Germany.My fathers family consisted of 20 kids.But only one emigrated to Canada in 1947 ?.All others died in Germany,Poland Russia.
But if you check the German (Das Telefon Buch )you will find over 1200 Stankes listed.Only a small number are related to me.
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