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i'm just looking for other family members around the country.

Spolarich-Northwest Indiana

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Hi, Ben. I have a friend researching the Spolarich family, Stephanie Spolarich. Send me a message and I will forward it to her. Thanks. Linda

looking for family

chris spolarich (View posts)
Posted: 968355054000
my great grandparents were michael and frances spolarich they had ten kids and were originally from czechoslovakia if anyones grandparents were perhaps siblings of mihael from czechoslovakia please let me know

Howdy Cousin

Mark Spolarich (View posts)
Posted: 981397127000
Okay, where are you at and what is your Father's name? My Grandfather's name is Henry, son of Micheal and Francis Spolarich.

Spolarich Family

Mark Spolarich (View posts)
Posted: 981397502000
Ben, that may be a very momumental task. It seems that it really depends on where your family came from in the old country. My family is from the Czech Republic, arrived here in 1911.

Re: Howdy Cousin

Chris Spolarich (View posts)
Posted: 983520326000
Well, if your in michigan, then im not far
at all. Im in toledo. My name is chris and
am 17. George is my grandfather. That would
Henry's brother i believe. If your henry's
grandson then that would make you lucille's
grandson too. unfortunately i was born long
after henry died but i did know lucille. Were
you at her funeral? i was there if you were
there we might have met. i dont know. I met
Irvin and Laverne. I imagine one of them is
your father, you'll have to excuse me, im
not too familiar with that side of the family
so forgive me if i get any of this wrong. I
also met raymond. Thats all i can really
remember. Well if your interested you can
email me at or if you would like to
email my mother hers is

Re: Spolarich-Northwest Indiana

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it's been a while since i've checked this board, but heres the info... my grandfather's name is john spolarich from NJ. my dad's name is james, also of NJ. i'm trying to find out more about the family, where they've gone, etc... i know my grandfather had several brothers, and my dad's cousin is named carl he is in the NJ area.

Re: looking?

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Hi Ben, My husband's mother's maiden name was Spolarich. Michael Spolarich was from Croatia and came to Houghton Michigan where he married Zora Pintar from Yugoslavia. However, I have not been able to find any other information. I do know that the name was spelled Spoljaric and was changed when they came over.

Lana Selby

Re: Howdy Cousin

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Chris, I also have a grandfather named George Spolarich. He was born on May 17, 1918 and his family came from czechoslovakia also. He died in 1977. Is this the same George?

Re: looking?

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My name is Kevin Spolarich. My Grandfather's name was also George. He died in about 1994. My father's name is also George Jr. We live in NC. We are originally from West Virginia. We are actually originally from Somewhere over there Czech or Slovakia, I can't remember.
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