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Pretty late in life I realized, just like everyone else in my family, that my middle name more than likely once was a surname of one of my relatives. I have found a Hannah Spencely. I have also learned there may be several spellings: Spenceley, Spencely, Spencley, etc. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Murray, Gordon, Grace, Van Brunt are the other middle names. My gfather Edmond Murray Watkins supposedly had six brothers.

Watkins Inquiry

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Indeed Spenceley IS a surname. There are many of us. I am William T. Spenceley of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. My great grandfather emigrated from Yorkshire, England in 1841.

Is this of any interest?

Bill Spenceley.

Spenceley Surname

Keith Paternoster (View posts)
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my grandfather married Frances Spenceley of Hedon York 1884 Her father was Joseph mother Mary Smith Frances birth dec 1862
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My grand Mothers parents livedat Hedon and

ran theTiger Inn Market Place.
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Sorry Keith - I only just got back to this message board. Where are you? I think there may be a connection, since my great- grandad and family emigrated to Canada in 1841 and was named Joseph. My grandfather was born the same year. My dad was Wilbert. Do you see any connection to these dates/names. Thanks. Bill Spenceley
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Hi Bill. I live in West Sussex U K .My grand father married Fanny (Frances)Spenceley,born Hedon Yorkshire 1862.Birth cert states Father as John, marriage cert gives his name as Joseph, her Mother was a Mary Smith,In 1881 census she was living with her Step Father John Thorpe Webster at the Tiger Inn Hedon. Her Father died 23rd July 1875 he was an Inn keeper, Ihave not been able to trace his parents. Regards Keith.

Your kind note

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Hi Keith:

Thanks for your note! We recently moved and all my research [not that much except some on my paternal side]is boxed away somewhere. I'll find it and get back to you at first opportunity. We're having a dickens of a winter here - cold and huge amounts of snow! We don't mid the latter too much since we X-country ski.I understand its not been great in GB either.

Our email address is . Why not correspond via email?


Spencley Family Geneology

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I am the great-great granddaughter of William Spenceley of Yorkshire, England. I am very interested in finding our family connections. My grand-father, William Spenceley migrated to Canada and married Madelline McCumby. They sired 17 children together. They ended up in Michigan where they both passed away.

Possible Family Connection

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Dear Bill,

You may have already seen some of the messages I have been posting. My greatgrandfather was William Spenceley. He migrated from the U.K. to Canada around 1900? He was born in 1866 and married a Madeline McCumby with whom they had aroun 13 children together. I believe she had at least four children prior to their marriage, as I have an adoption certificate for which they gave up one child prior to coming into Michigan. I have found little about William's mom, dad or any brothers or sisters he may have had. I think he had a brother name George, according to one of my Aunts. William died around 1934 in Bliss Michigan. Can you see any possible connections here?

Thank you! Shelly

Spenceleys or Spencleys

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Hi Shelley:

Thanks for the reply to my posting. Unfortunately no, I don't think we have a direct connection. Although there is an extra "e" in our name, I don't think that's a factor since some families chose to drop - indeed in some cases, they are even spelled Spencely.

However, my "chain" as far as I can trace started with the marriage in January 1794 of John Spenceley [all "e"s] to Mary Wilson and they bore a son Joseph in 1812. He married Elizabeth Sherwood in 1832 and after having 4 children, they moved to Ontario, Canada in 1841 where they had 4 more. My grandfather Martin was born just before they emigrated. Martin married Francis about 1884 living until 1917 while Francis lived until the early fifties.

Joseph Sr. did have a son William, but he was born in 1837, living until 1904 and I don't know if he emigrated from Britain or not.

By the way, Joseph had a sister Ann, who was christened in June of 1796 plus a brother Mark christened in June of 1801. It sounds as if any of these connections may have been too early to connect to your William.

Sorry, I couldn't get any closer and good luck with your search.

Kind regards,

Bill Spenceley.
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