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frank spataro (View posts)
Posted: 944417521000
Looking for any Spataro's that immigrated from Sicily for background knowledge on the Spataro family.
Posted: 948115709000
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Frank, Came across your post in I have a Spataro branch in my family. I also have a Frank Spataro included. Please respond to see if we can help each other out. All my information is available if you can use it.

Billy R.

The Spataro family Tree

J Antonio Spataro (View posts)
Posted: 953585298000
There were 21 Spataro familys that immigrated to this
country through Ellis Island. My family (the Spataro Amianti Family)came
to this country in 1917 from Palermo, Sicily. My mother's family The Salvatore Addotta immigrated
from Partinico, Sicily about the same time. They settled in the midwestern town of Rockford, IL.

My grandfather's name on my mother's side was Gaspare Espano Addotta and my grandmother name was Frances Guido (Addotta. My paternal grandfather's
name was Joseph Angelo Spataro, and my grandmother's name was Rose. They all lived and died in Rockford, Il. with exception of my mother Grace Ella Addotta and Ray Spataro.

The Addottas raised 5 children Rose, Victor, Grace, Frank, and Mary. The Spataro's children were Peter, Raymond, Phillip, Sam, Mary, 'FRANK SPATARO'(OLDEST) and Joseph my father.

Today there is myself and my brother Angelo Spataro and host of other Spataro's living all across the US. Some 1200 families listed as head of household. Have you looked on the internet for the Ellis Island Wall of honor. they have finally
listed the names and you will be able to find the Spataro listed 21 times.

Best of luck
Antonio Spataro


John Spataro (View posts)
Posted: 965334773000
Hi Frank --
I am interested in finding out information on the spataro family. My grandfather louis was the son of Sicilian immgrants, Francesco and Rose Spataro. they were from Palermo. He had a brother Donald, Marie, Annette, Frank and Florence. Louis married Anna Baumgartener and had two children Marie and my pop Frank. My father also has a cousin Frank. My branch of the Spataro family resides in the New York Metro Area. My sibs and relations are spread across the country. any info you have on the Spataros would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Posted: 975584354000
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I came across your post where you mention Spataro relatives from Sicily and an Anna Baumgartner. I am related to Spataros of Agrigento, Sicily and my husband is related to an Anna Baumgartner. I will go home tonight and research more names and if you happen to have more info can we exchange data?
My email address is


John Spataro (View posts)
Posted: 975614453000
I just read your message. I will work to get further information. When you get more information, please email me at or


Paula (View posts)
Posted: 979920464000
My mother's maiden name is Spataro. She was
born in Sicily in 1929 to Guiseppe Francesca Spataro. I have many relatives in New York also. I wonder if there are any ties??


John M Spataro (View posts)
Posted: 981937218000
My Nanu was from Sicily, he's came to monterey Ca in the early 1900's his name was John Spataro, and My Great Nanu's name was Diego.

Spataro in Rockford

Pam (View posts)
Posted: 991382886000
I came across your message, and noticed the Spataro family in Rockford. My mom is from Rockford and my grandparents Peter J Spataro and Serafina (Fucha) Spataro still live there. I am wondering if you are my mother's cousin. So, I believe, your Uncle Pete is my Grandpa. (And your cousin Pete, my mom's brother, would be my Uncle Pete). Did I get this right????? Look forward to hearing from you!

reply--It sounds like you got it right

J Anthony Spataro (View posts)
Posted: 991586379000
thanks for getting in touch. My Uncle Pete was a painter. He had numerous
brothers, and I believe most have past on. There was Phillip, who I believe just past away just few years ago,
there was my father Joseph, and his other brothers, Sam, Raymond, and Frank. My granmothers, name was
Rose Spataro, and her husbands name was Angelo. I forgot there was a sister Mary Spataro. I think that about sums
up my paternal family. My father past away July 31st, 1979 at the age of 67.

My fathers family lived at 1247 Corbin Street on the Southside of Rockford. They attended St. Anthony's Church close by.
One thing I do miss is the good Italian food and the great pasta, and sugo.
Actually, I didn't live with either of my folks to very long. My mother and father were dysfunctional so me and my brother
Angelo spent most of our lives in Orphanges throughout the midwest. My brother finished his time at St. Vincent's orphanage when
he graduated from the 8th grade. He left and got a job at the Steak and Shake on Kishwaukee St. He got married when he was 15 had two children
and was divorced by the time he was 18. Meanwhile, I was doing time at Illinois Soldiers and Sailors Children's School in Normal, Ill. I stayed there
until I graduated from high school. I went into the Marines immediately upon graduation and spent 4 years in the military.

I still have relations in Rockford on both my father's and mother's side. Including you. I should you know you or maybe you are either younger or older than me.

My father married Grace Addotta. They had a fairly large family. Most are dead. My only living Aunt by birth is Mary Flowerette. She is staying at a rest home in

Let me hear from you again and tell me about yourself. Maybe we can share some war stories.

My home email is

Later Regards Cuz.
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