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I have found out that my great grandmother Mary Magdalene Haras (possibly Harris) was married to a Smuda before she eventually married a Joseph Sonsikoski, the father of my grandmother. If anyone has any information that can help me get any further, please write to me at Thank you so much for your help.

claire sonsikoski

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my dad was your grandma's brother. i have no computer at home so i will need a mailing
address as i would like to share info with you.
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I was curious as to where your SMUDA relative lived. My gr-gr-grandmother, Sophie Smuda emigrated to this country in 1903 with her husband Stanislaw Kopacz (Austria-Hungary). They originally settled in New Britain, CT where her relatives lived. Yet, I have been unable to track her family there. Sophie died in 1919 in Bellows Falls, VT.

your Sophie

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Hi! I want to double check with somebody, but, I'm almost positive my grandma Clara Sonsikoski had a sister named Sophie. Now, she would have had to have been a SMUDA because she wasn't a Sonsikoski. Let me make sure of the information but, just so you know, most of my grandmother's family was in the Chicago area of Illinois but, she was the youngest of like, 8 kids or something so, her sister would have possibly already been married. Please e-mail me so we can sort through this. ~Heather

Sophie Smuda

Debbie (View posts)
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My Aunt Sophie was born in Chicago in the 1880's to Mary Harrast (sp?)
and her husband ?? Smuda.I met her once in 1956, and other cousins
visited her after that, so I don't think it's the same one.There are a lot of
Smuda's, many of which came in through and/or settled in Canada.To the
best of my knowledge Sophie stayed in the mid-west, MI IL.Also her
husband was not Stanislaw.Sophie was the oldest of 4 sibblings, I think
they were Frank, John Adam.Our family is related to the 4 Smuda
sibblings through their mother Mary Harrast, since she remarried after Mr.
Smuda died.She married Joseph C. Sonsikoski, had 4 more children, who are
therefore half-sibblings to the 4 Smuda sibblings. We know virtually nothing about
the Smuda's, not even their Dad's first name. We'd like to find them, too. Feel free
to stay in touch, maybe someone w/some info
will see this and reply. Deborah Sonsikoski Hoard

Sophie Smuda

Debbie (View posts)
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Heather, Your Uncle Dave visited Sophie on her
farm in MI. He mentioned her husband's name to me
at the birthday party last year, but I don't
remember it. Its possible that he yr mom know
Sophie's married name. That would probably help
us find her. Thanks for letting me know about the
inquiry!! Love, yr cousin, Debbie
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Well, what I'm thinking is MAYBE this Sophie Smuda that the lady I mentioned was talking about, is MAYBE the SMUDA sibling's aunt. You know, Mary's first husband's sister. Just a theory of mine. We'll just have to see what turns up.

The Smuda Surname

John Smuda (View posts)
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The man whom my dad takes his last name and me as well was called Edward Smuda. If it is any help he lived on a large estate near Manistee, MI. Edward was once married to my dad's mom and he took his last name. Ed must have died over 20 years ago at least when I was very young. If this is any help feel free to reply to this or email me.
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John, Thank you for your reply. We know so little about the Smuda's that
I don't know if that helps or not. As I understand it, our grandmother
Mary Magdeline Harrast (Harese, or var.) married someone with the last
name of Smuda. They had 4 children, Sophie, Adam, Frank who went by Jeff,
and John. Then Mr. Smuda died. Sometime afterwards, Mary re-married, to
Joseph Conrad Sonsikoski. I believe most of this took place in Chicago, although
it's possible that another Smuda relative lived in MI. I know that Mary lived
in the same place in Chicago for decades. It's interesting though - my Dad, a
Sonsikoski, also used Smuda as an a.k.a. I didn't know that wasn't our last name
until I was 10! We've found numerous Sonsikoski's now, but none of them know anything
about the Smuda's - I guess the siblings didn't mingle with one another.
I'll let you know if I find anything out, if you're interested. Thanks, Debbie

coat of arms, Smuda-Family

uergen smuda (View posts)
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Just to give any idea of the origin of the name SMUDA: They came from a village in Poland where they have belonged to the nobility. They actually are named "von Smuda" but many of us changed tzhe spelling so now some are called Zmuda, or Smuda, some Schmude or even still von Smuda, von Smuda-Tzrebiatowksi. Probably this is of interest to my american cousins. The coat of arms are still existing. Best wishes, Juergen Smuda (Germany)
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