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Will share data base of Smollen and relatives

evelyn smollen

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i have a great aunt evelyn smollen,maiden name barchak that was living in santa monica ca inthe 1970s and 80s.she was widowed.i dont have her husbands name or any children.she origanaly was from saginaw, she in you database of names? oh she would have been born in the time frame 1910-1920.

Smollen in Ireland

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Yesterday while researching in an ancient cemetery in north Co. Monaghan, Ireland, I discovered an unusual name to this area ..that of a Bryan Smollen deptd this life 29th July 1793..if interested please contact me:


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i am trying to find the information on my Smullen family who arrived here in the US about 1831. Word has it they came from Dublin. I have not been able to get any information on "My" Smullen. Ther father was Edward born 1802 and Ellen Morgan/Moran born 1806. One son Patrick was born July 5th 1828 in Dublin before departure to the US. I am interested in the various spellings of this name.

Smollen Ancestry

joe smollen (View posts)
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That's interesting. my father, Joseph John Smollen just died feb. 13th, 2001, 1927-2001. His father was Joseph Patrick Smollen and his mother was born Angelina Ghetti(1900-1992). trying to find out when our family came to U.S. and from what area of ireland. that info definately helps. thanks, joe

smollen family database

joe smollen (View posts)
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any info or database you can forward would be helpful and greatly appreciated. thanks! joe smollen, san diego ca.

Smollen Data Base

Pat McHenry (View posts)
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Send email address or go to or or <>

Re: Smollen/Smullen

Bill B. (View posts)
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My grandfather name was James F Smollen,what I remmber was he had a ton reltives in NYC and they spelled the name both Smollon & Smollen,
Bill B.

Re: Smollen/Smullen

Michael Evans Smollon (View posts)
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Surnames: Smollon, Smollen?
My father Frank John Smollon Jr. and brother of William Smollon are sons of Frank John Smollon Sr. from Garden City, NY. My grandfather and my grandmother Florance Smollon had two sons, Frank Jr. and William. My Dad Frank Jr. moved from NY in 1956 to Va. then in 1958 to Maryland where we all reside now. My Grandfathers brother (Bill) William Evans Smollon started the pressmans union at the NY Times. Several of of NY male cousins worked at the Times during portions of there lives. My dear cousin Richard Smollon who passed away this year was the last of our cousins to be employed by the NY Times.

Most of Southern Smollon Clan from this branch live in or around Annapoils, MD. My name is Michael Evans Smollon.
Karen my sister is the oldest then Frank III then my dear brother Gregory who passed away in 1981 I'm the youngest at age 44 this year 08/12/58. My brother has three boys to carry on the name. My wife and I are not planning a family.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Mike Smollon

Re: Smollen/Smullen

bill beyers (View posts)
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Surnames: Smollen
I come from a big family of Smollens(smollon)and just about all ofthem were newspaper pressmen .my Grandpop's cousin was the head of the newspaper mailers union.I have worked part time at the NY Times on Sat. nites back in the 50's & 60's,and one of the pressmen ,a friend of my uncle Jack Smollon,walked me around telling me of the bunch of Smollens that worked,since computers and automatian came in there arn't many left in what papers are still left in NY,I remmber something Pop Smollen told me,was when he was akid all the Smollens lived on Green Ave in Brooklyn
Bill B.
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