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Family Tree

Family Tree

Jeff Shivak from Cleveland (View posts)
Posted: 933420537000
My grandfather Andrew Shivak married Elizbeth
Gaspar around AUG 12, 1922. Both were
Hungarian imigrants that settled in Lorain,
Ohio. Am trying to find out the name of my
greatgrandfather, born AUG 1, 1865 and his
wife, born JUN 24, 1871, her maiden name is
unknown to me. The SSDI is of little use
since the two never applied for SS and I
doubt if they were citizens. My grandfather
never was. Any help that anyone could give
me would be greatly appreciated. The states
with the most Shivaks seem to be OH, PA, MI
and NY. Thanks again.

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Michelle Hardy (View posts)
Posted: 934701583000
My grandfather was Frank Shivak who had a brother Andrew in Lorian. He was also a Hungarian immigrate. The family first came to Canada then came to the United States. My great grandfather lived with my mother. If it is the same family, she may be able to help you in your search.

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Jeff Shivak (View posts)
Posted: 935141110000
Michelle, I believe it was your mother Doris
that contacted my father, Richard during the
week of August 16th. My grandfather Andrew
had a brother Frank and another brother John.
I also think there was a sister named Helen.
Since your mother lived with your g/f Frank,
would she know what his father's first name
was and the name of his wife as well. A maid-
en name would be great also. Your mom seems
to know more about the family than my father
does, he can't seem to remember much details
about the family. Also, if your mother would
have any photos she would care to share, that
would be great too. If your grandfather and
my grandfather were brothers, somehow that
makes us related. Since your grandfather is
my dad's uncle, I guess your my dad's cousin.
Any futher info you can give me would be
great. Thanks for your help. -Jeff

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Shivak (View posts)
Posted: 935250217000

It is a small world. It was my mother who called your father. We were curious if your father was Richard. So, yes somehow we are related and both live in the Cleveland area.

My mom has some information about our great-grandfather. She knows his name which may be helpful in your search. How far are you researching? How much information are you interested in?

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Jeff (View posts)
Posted: 935487940000
Small world indeed. When I posted the Shivak
name on the board, I really didn't think I
would be getting a reply, ever. Our great-
grandfather's name would be great, as would
his wife's. Also, would your mother be able
to comfirm the fact that the Shivak name may
have had a different spelling? I have found
evidence that it may have been spelled SIVAK
at some time. I have logged onto a site in
Hungary that had a list of surnames, but when
I entered Shivak, I got nothing. But when I
entered Sivak, I got a hit. But also, I know
that the name Sivak is a Slovak surname, and
that just leads me to people who we're not
remotely related to. So, you can see my prob-
lem with the spelling issue. If your mother
could shed any light on that subject, it
would be a great help. Thanks. -Jeff

Jeff Shivaks letter

Tammy (View posts)
Posted: 936383665000
I'm trying to find some of my moms family. The letter you had posted sounds like her family! I looked back and forth at your letter and the list she gave me, it sounds sorta the same. Could be just a coincidence, but maybe not :) Write when you can and we can compare.Thanks!

Shivak family name

Jeff Shivak (View posts)
Posted: 936951159000

My mom does know the name of our great-grandfather along with where he is buried. He lived with her parents until his death so my mom also remembers him. She also has the name of the town they family came from in Hungary. If you would like a copy, she has a picture of your grandfather and grandmother's wedding.

Maybe we can get togther and compare notes if you would like. Please e-mail me back and let me know.


Shivak spelling

Posted: 952341067000
The Hungarian spelling of Shivak is "Sivak" with an accent over the i. They changed it when they came to Canada and the U.S. because no one could pronounce it correctly. I is pronounced the same as the new spelling.

Jeannette's Reply

Posted: 952363032000
Edited: 1008784827000
You seem to know pretty much about the name. May I ask from which Shivak are you decended from? I come from Jonnis Shivak, he was my great-grandfather. He did come to the US from Canada. His son Andrew is my grandfather. And his son Riscord is my father. I have compiled quite a bit of genealogy from this side of the tree. I you have anything that you would like to contribute, I would be most appreciative.

looking for relatives

Lois Shivak Bowers (View posts)
Posted: 953500678000
I went looking for more info on my family and some of the info I had in the past was incorrect. My grandfather came from the village of Gojdos,Austria-Hungary in 1911. This is in the Eastern part of the Slovak Republic which was part of Czechlosvacia until 1993. He had some cousins in the U.S. in PA. and the only name I know of is Mrs Charney. He married my grandmother in 1915 her name was Mary Ann Hrubovchik (Hrubovcak). Also he had a sister who wrote him letters which I have copies of her name was Alzbeta Zobrackova and the return address is Gajdos, Slovensko. These letters were written in the 1940's in slovak. I can not read them and hopefully can get them tranlated soon. I was hoping to find some relatives . If any Shivaks think there might be a link let me know. Thanks
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