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Anderson Andrew Sharpnack

Anderson Andrew Sharpnack

Patricia Kay Adams Whitlatch (View posts)
Posted: 939413505000
I am searching for the family of Anderson Andrew Sharpnack, Mother is Amanda Minor Sharpnack Ingram. Father is Daniel Sharpnack. Anderson married Nancy Bane in Marshall County West Virginia. I am from his mothers' second marriage to John Ingram and their daughter Sidney Ingram. I am also related to Nancy Bane for Sidney married James Alfred Bane who both are my greatgrandparents. They must have moved from Marshall county WVA. Can anyone help me? I hope so. Thank you in advance.


joan (View posts)
Posted: 943414081000
My great-grandfather was Charles Anderson Sharpnack b. Dec. 20 1862--d.july 8 1945.
He married Laura Gray in 1882. After her death, he married Irena Jane Bradford in 1897 and homesteaded in Arkansas.
His father's name was William Henry Sharpnack. Mother's name was Lucy Gills. (They were married in TN. Lucy Gills died when my great-grandfather was about 6 years old.)

I don't know if Charles Anderson Sharpnack is related to Daniel. I don't have brothers or sisters, etc. of Charles.

Sharpnack family

Dick D. Heller, Jr. (View posts)
Posted: 943878807000
I have about 300 pages of material on the Sharpnack family--all of them with that surname in the U.S. today descend from a Peter Sharpnack of NY and western PA who died at his son-in-law's in Harrison Co., OH.I could not find your line with the information listed--do you have some placenames and dates to go with your info? Please e-mail me. Thanks!
Dick D. Heller, Jr.
3103 Granite Drive
Mission, TX 78572-9743
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Sharpnack family

Dick D. Heller, Jr. (View posts)
Posted: 943879520000
There is a Daniel Sharpnack, born 1778, died 1819, in Wetzel Co., WV at the age of 41 years, three days. It is the Carney Cemetery. Is this your line? I don't have it attached as yet. Please let me know.
Dick D. Heller, Jr.

Anderson Andrew Sharpnack

Dick D. Heller, Jr. (View posts)
Posted: 943885510000
I have found your "man" under Andrew Anderson Sharpnack--here's more info on him than you may want!
Andrew Anderson Sharpnack

He is the great-grandson of
6. Peter Sharpnack. Peter was born December 17, 1741, probably in Philadelphia Co., PA, probably the son of the emigrant Peter, born 1702. His father was either dead when he was born, or died shortly thereafter. (And I have him back 5 more generations. Please send me your snail-mail address so I can send you a booklet I have done on the family. Keep the numbers in mind, so you can find your info!
In the Census of 1850, Mary Sharpneck Heller stated that she was 63 years old, and a native of New Jersey. Her birthdate, according to her tombstone, was February 10, 1786.
Until the 1972 publication in The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, of the rateables of 1778-1780 of Bethlehem township, Hunterdon Co., New Jersey, the location of the family in that state was wholly unknown. The author had searched and searched through books at the Fort Wayne-Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana, on New Jersey, looking for the Sharpnack name.
However, the June, 1778 list shows: Sharp Neck, Peter; householder, 1 pig. He would have been 36 years old. The September, 1780 list shows Sharpneck, Peter, householder, 2 cows, three pigs.
In 1977-8, GMNJ published the records of the Grandin Fulling Mill Book, 1774-1785, of the mill of John and Philip Grandin near Hamden, Clinton Twp., the Lethiol Valley, a part of old Kingwood Twp., Hunterdon County, NJ.
This shows that on August 23, 1777 Peter Sharpneck made a purchase. He was just 35 then. There was also an undated record for him, and a number for Peter Sharp and John Sharp and Sharpe. Since he was listed under job orders, he may have been involved in the weaving trade, Sheri Siebold theorizes. We ned to find the sale of PeterÂ’s various lands, if he owned them, to get the first names of his wives, if he had more than one. At least one of his wivesÂ’ names was Mary; he was married about 1763, since his first child was born in 1764.
The 1790 census for Mifflin County, PA, north of the Juniata River, on page 153: Sharpknack, Peter: 3 males over 16, 3 under 16, 3 females. This indicates Peter, his wife, and seven children. John, by then 25, was already married, and in a separate household. In fact, the earliest reference we have(1994) to Peter Sharpnack is a 100-acre farm, surveyed to Peter Sharpnack and James Steiers on October 17, 1774 in Northumberland Co., PA. He is 30 years old. Since Mifflin County was not created from Northumberland and Cumberland Counties until 1789, it is likely that this tract was within the 1790 boundaries of Mifflin County, where he was found in 1790. How did he get to New Jersey and why? It was during the Revolutionary War-- he had probably been raised in the Brethren Church, which taught against making oaths and against military service. Present-day Mifflin County is half way across Pennsylvania between Philadelphia and Greene County, or New Jersey and Greene Co., PA.
Mifflin County then included a large sector of central Pennsylvania. There are two more references in Mifflin County records to Sharpnacks:
On February 23, 1793, Lt. John Sharpneck is an officer of the Second Lost Creek Regiment, Second Battalion, according to the returns of the field officers.
On September 24, 1793, the return of militia officers for Mifflin County shows John Sharpnack elected lieutenant of the 4th company, 2nd battalion, 2nd Lost Creek Regiment.
We have not yet (1992) pinned down the exact location of the Sharpnecks in Mifflin County, when they arrived, when they left, nor the relationship of John to Peter, although we assumed that he is a son, since in the 1790 Census shows that Peter's brother, Henry, is still located in Germantown, Philadelphia Co., PA with 1 male over 16, two under 16, and 3 females.
By 1798, Peter Sharpneck is listed in Cumberland Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania. He is on the land of Isaac Pritchard, living in a house 24 by 20 feet, with one 14 by 12-foot barn. The buildings were valued at $75, and both were log cabin construction. The 319-acre, $2,627 farm was rented. The assessment was considerable for the time, but was probably in inflated continental dollars. It was described as adjacent to the land of Charles Swan, Isaac Israel and others.
This farm, called "Difficulty", was surveyed April 21, 1786, in pursuance of a Virginia certificate, patented June 24, 1794 to Samuel Swan, P21-307.
In 1800, the census showed Peter Sharpneck to be over 45, and his wife also over 45; they had a male 27-45; a female 17-26; 2 males 17-26; 1 male and 1 female, ages 11-16. This means six possible children at home:

65. Elizabeth Sharpnack b. 1770
62. Peter Sharpnack, b.c. 1772
63. Henry Sharpnack b.c. 1773
64. Daniel Sharpnack b. c. 1780
68. William Sharpnack, b. C. 1784
66. Mary Sharpnack b. Feb. 10, 1786
67. Samuel Sharpnack b. August 13, 1788.

In adjacent Jefferson Township was 61. John Sharpnack, and his family included three males under 10, 1 female 11-16, and himself and wife, 27-45. They would be:
61. John Sharpnack, b. 1764, wife, Mary Stires.
611. Unknown dau., dead by 1810.
612. John Sharpnack, Jr. b.c. 1794-6
613. Peter Sharpnack, b. 1798
614. Henry Sharpnack, b. 1799
Both the census of 1790 for Mifflin and the census for 1800 for Greene indicate six sons and two daughters for Peter Sharpneck.
The Census of 1810 shows five Sharpneck families in Greene county, PA. In Cumberland township were 6. Peter; 67. William; and 63. Henry; in neighboring Jefferson Township were 61. John and 65. Daniel.
There were four males in Peter's household: 1 over 45 (Peter); one 27-45(Peter 672?); 1 17-26(Samuel 678?); 1 under 10; 1 female 17-26. Apparently Peter's wife is dead. He is living with a son and daughter-in-law, who have a young son, and his youngest son, Samuel.
67. William and his wife were 17-26; they had two sons and three daughters under 10.
63. Henry was over 45, his wife 27-45. They had two sons under 10, one daughter 10-16, and two sons 17-45.
In neighboring Jefferson Township, 65. Daniel and his wife were 27-45, and had three sons under 10.
61. John and his wife were 27-45, and had two sons and a daughter 10-16, and a son and daughter under 10.
Reuben Mickle, who married Peter Sharpneck's other daughter, 64. Elizabeth, was living in nearby Franklin township. The Mickles later settled in Adams County, IN and Thomas M. Mickle claimed to be a second cousin of Daniel D. Heller. He was actually a first cousin, once removed. His daughter, "Aunt Jennie" Fuhrman, gave the Hellers an old sugar bowl, said to have belonged to her great-great-grandfather, 6. Peter Sharpneck. This is now in the possession of the compiler.
In 1820, we find, listed under 62. Peter Sharpneck, 1 male and two females over 45, and one male 18-25. We believe this to be 62. Peter Sharpneck, Jr., son of 6. Peter, his wife, son, and mother-in-law. The figures from the census of 1830 show why -- it still lists 62. Peter, and we know that 6. Peter was dead by then.
61. John and his wife by 1820 are over 45; living with them are a male and two females 26-45; two males and a female 18-25; two females 11-16; and a male; and a female under 10. Apparently two or more of their married children are living with them.
Since no William shows on the census, it is probable he has already moved to Wetzel Co., (W) VA.
675. Daniel Sharpneck has two males over 45, a male 27-45, a daughter 16-18, two sons and a daughter 11-15; and three sons under 10. We believe that 65. Daniel and his wife are 27-45, and that 6. Peter Sharpneck and possibly Daniel's wife's father are living with them.
63. Henry Sharpneck is 27-45, with another male that age in the home; his wife is the same age; their children are two sons and a daughter 18-20; one son 16-18; three sons and a daughter 11-16; and one son under ten.
The 68. Samuel Sharpnack family has three males over 45; one male and one female 27-45; one son under 10 and one 10-16, and a female 10-16.
The 1830 census shows 61. John Sharpnack 61-70; his wife, 51-60; a son 21-30; and daughters 15-20 and 21-30.
62. Peter Sharpnack is 51-60, his wife, 41-50; daughters 11-15 and 16-20.
621 .Peter Sharpnack (5th Peter in a row!) is 31-40; wife 21-30, two sons
under 5, one 6-1 O, a daughter 6-10. 63. Henry Sharpnack, 51-60. 65. Daniel Sharpnack, 21-30. Anthony Sharpnack 21-30. Henry Sharpnack, 30-40.
From all this data, we project the following children for 6. Peter Sharpneck:
61. M * John Sharpnack b.c. 1769 prob. NJ
62. M *Peter Sharpnack b.c. 1772 prob. NJ d. 1845 m. Mary Alfire.
63. M *Henry Sharpnack b.c. 1773 prob. NJ
64. F *Elizabeth Sharpneck b.c. 1783 prob. NJ m. Reuben Mickle
65. M *Daniel Sharpnack b.c. 1785 prob. NJ
66. F *Mary Sharpnack b. 10/FE/1786 NJ m. Anthony Hiller c. 1805
67. M *William Sharpnack b.c. 1787 prob. N J;
68. M *Samuel Sharpnack b. 13 Aug 1788 Hunterdon Co., NJ
Perhaps by taking this reconstruction from census records, and comparing it with land records, wills and administrations in Greene County, etc., a more accurate picture of the Sharpnacks, and their interrelationship, can be arrived at.
This information varies considerably from that found on page 27, Vol. 4, The Tenmile Country and Its Pioneer Families by H. L. Leckey, based in part on Mrs. Lowther's History of Richie County, W. VA., p. 184. However, as Leckey points out, the story from West Virginia and the facts of what can be seen in Greene county records just do not jibe. We will insert their articles, with corrections in brackets [ ], here.

Your Andrew is the grandson of:
66. William Sharpnack was born June 22, 1779, probably in Hunterdon Co., NJ. In 1801 he married Sarah Anderson, who was born in 1781/6 in the Susquehanna Hundred, near Havre de Grace, in Harfold Co., MD., the daughter of Daniel and Rachel Worthington Anderson. The Andersons had lived on Swan Creek in Baltimore Co., MD since 1725. They moved to the Monongahela Valley and settled near Carmichaels, Greene Co., PA. In 1823, William and others bought 185 acres on Nob Fork of Fish Creek, then part of Tyler Co., VA. Their first purchase that year had been 200 acres on Fish Creek. The following year he bought 50 more acres on Fish Creek. In 1828 he recorded two purchases totaling 100 acres. And he acquired another 50 acres in 1853, his final land purchase there. They settled in Wetzel Co., WV on the site once marked by the Anthem Post Office, near Littleton, WV. There he established a mill and a distillery, and reared a large family. He was a cabinet maker, carpenter and mason. He built his home, made his own furniture and hewed sandstone for the local cemeteries. An article entitled “CHARLES ANDERSON’S” by J. Dallas Ewing includes some references to William and his wife, and her family.
“When Harford County was formed from the northeastern part of Baltimore County, Maryland, the Anderson family was listed on the first census of the new county, taken in 1776. Charles Anderson, then 13 years of age, was living with his parents and siblings in Susquehanna Hundred, near Havre de Grace. The Andersons had lived on Swan Creek in Baltimore County, since 1725.
“In the Fall of 1777, the family moved to the Monongahela Valley and settled near present Carmichaels, Greene County, Pennsylvania. Charles grew up and married Margaret Eagon, a girl from across the ridge. His older brother Daniel had a daughter, Sarah, and she married William Sharpnack, who lived near the mouth of the creek. Her brothers, Richard and Daniel Anderson, also married and lived n the same neighborhood.
“In 1817, Richard Anderson and his family moved south to the Knob Fork valley. They are the only Andersons shown on the Tyler County census of 1820. They were followed by William Sharpneck and Daniel Anderson and their families; and, in 1826, Charles and Margaret Anderson and their seven children settled in that valley. Two of the younger children were William, born in 1802, and Harriet, born in 1808.
“Even today it is a long road from Knob Fork to Jacksonburg. In 1830 it must have seemed to be a never-ending, winding trail but William Anderson and his cousin, Richard Anderson, Jr., traveled it often. They courted and married sisters, Gilley and Malinda Hays, daughters of James and Elizabeth (Dragoo) Hays of Jacksonburg. William took his bride back to Knob Fork; Richard stayed with the Hays family and both had many children. Meanwhile, Harriet married Ebenezer Clark, lived near Fanlight, and had several children, including Josephus.
“The people of the northern part of Tyler County found it most difficult to get to Middlebourne to transact official business and there was started a movement to form a new county. The Andersons, the Sharpnecks, the Clarks and the Hays, all related by blood and by marriage, were active in the political process which resulted in the formation of Wetzel County in early 1846.
“William Sharpneck was the first sheriff of the new county, William Anderson was the third sheriff and Josephus Clark was the fourth. Three out of four is not a bad record for one family out of Knob Fork!
“While William Anderson was sheriff, his daughter, Emeline, worked in the tax collecton office. J. Dallas Ewing, a young lawyer from Marshall County, met her there and they were married a few months before her father’s term expired in January, 1861. After the Civil War, J. D. Ewing served as County Clerk, then took his family to Moundsville and finally to Wheeling. William Anderson moved to Iowa and most of his children went West also. None remains on the Knob Fork.
“Some of the Clark family still lives near Endicott. Joseph Clark’s grandson was a respected merchant in New Martinsville and Joe Clark Thiess, recently mayor, is also descended from him.” Submitted by J. Dallas Ewing
On January 10, 1846, when Wetzel County was separated from Tyler, he was named a justice of Wetzel, and as the oldest justice, he became the first sheriff of the new county. He died in Wetzel Co., WV in 1849, after suffering a fatal injury while chopping wood, and is buried at the Old Carney Cemetery. He and Sarah had 15 children. Lowther listed ten.
Your Andrew is the son of
665. Daniel Sharpnack was born in Greene Co., PA May 31, 1807. On October 5 (or 13), 1835 he married, in Monongalia Co., VA, Amanda Minor, who was born in 1821. In 1839, a Daniel Sharpnack bought 75 acres on Sugar Run in Tyler Co., WV. He died in Wetzel Co., WV July 2, 1849.
6657. Andrew Anderson Sharpnack was born in Wetzel Co., WV in 1847. On November 25, 1869 he married Nancy Jane Bane, the daughter of Frederick and Lydia (Blodgett) Bane, who was born in 1851. They lived in Marshall Co., WV, and had four children:
66571. Lydia Le Etta (Ettie} Sharpnack was born in Marshall Co., WV February 2, 1871. She married abt 1890, name of husband unknown, and died July 4, 1898. They had two daughters:
66571-1. Bessie _______, born June 6, 1891. She married and had issue:
66571-11. John Fred _______ born August 30, 1911.
66571-12. Dorothy _________.
66571-2. Nancy _________, born and died in 1896.
66572. Mary Belle Sharpnack was born in Marshall Co., WV February 16, 1873. She married Sebastian Smiley.
66573. James Spencer Sharpnack was born in Marshall Co., WV in 1876. In 1904 he married (1)Sarah (Sadie) Margaret Elms. She was born in 1883 and died January 28, 1917.. He married (2) Ida Penny. James died in 1939 in Ravenna, Portage Co., OH. By his first wife had three children:
66573-1. James Edward Sharpnack was born in Waynesburg, Greene Co., PA on July 7, 1906. He received his Social Security Number, 280-10-0560, in Ohio. In 1929 he married Margery Kent Cli-----. She was born January 24, 1906, and received her Social Security Number, 293-18-8712, in Ohio. He died in Proctor, Portage Co., OH 44266 in January, 1981. His beneficiary lived in Windham, Portage Co., OH 44288. His widow died in August, 1975 in Proctor, Portage Co., OH.
66573-2. Clyde Sharpnack was born in Ravenna, Portage Co., OH on May 10, 1908 and married Ethel Tromble. He received his Social Security Number, 370-10-3414, in Michigan. He died at Mt. Clemens, Macomb co., MI on March 30, 1988, almost 80 years old. They had no children.
66573-3. Margaret Sharpnack was born in Ravenna, Portage Co., OH in 1910 and in 1934 married Carl George Nelson.
66574. Amanda Minor Sharpnack was born June 24, 1881. She married (1) Elmer Buzzard and they had four children.
66574-1. Mavis Buzzard was born December 6, 1899 and she married Walter Miller. They had six children.
66574-11. Walter E. Miller.
66574-12. Robert E. Miller
66574-13. Richard Miller
66574-14. Theodore Miller
66574-15. Blaine Miller
66574-16. Violet Fern Miller
66574-2. Wilda Laura Buzzard was born July 28, 1901. She married William B. Earhart and they had two children:
66574-21. Virginia Irene Earhart
66574-22. Laura Jean Earhart
66574-3. Theo Anderson Buzzard was born March 13, 1904.
66574-4. Josephine Buzzard was born September 1, 1916. She married William F McPherson.

Contact me!
Dick D. Heller, Jr.

Father's History

Stuart Sharpnack (View posts)
Posted: 948055583000
Any information concerning my father. His name was Donald Earl Sharpnack and was from the Stow Ohio area?

Donald Earl Sharpnack

Dick D. Heller, Jr. (View posts)
Posted: 948064999000
65344-4. Donald Earl Sharpnack was born January 15, 1919 at Salem, Columbiana Co., OH. His Social Security Number, 296-01-2656, was issued to him in Ohio. In September, 1950 he married Grace Stuart. He died July 9,1989 in Circleville, Pickaway Co., OH 43113. They had two sons and a daughter, and adopted his sister’s son, David Burgy, whose mother was Mary Jane Sharpnack:
I have some info on his children--not much on you except your wife's first name. I also have information tracing him ten generations back.
Cousin Dick

William Henry Sharpnack

Dick D. Heller, Jr. (View posts)
Posted: 948066778000
I have three William Henry Sharpnacks in my files, but none of them seem to fit the information you provided.
Cousin Dick

Donald Sharpnack

Stuart Sharpnack (View posts)
Posted: 948080439000
Dear Mr. Heller, Thank you for this information. I know very little about my father's family and his past. Could you send me more imformation about his family? I would really appreciate it very much! And by the way, how are we cousins?

Sharpnack Family

Dick D. Heller, Jr. (View posts)
Posted: 948083162000
I would be very glad to send you a copy of my History of the Sharpnack Family--it's about 300 pages, and includes copious footnotes, which don't carry through on e-mail, so I need your snail-mail name and address. All I ask in return is that you send me information on your immediate family that I don't have. We are distant cousins--I will work out the chart, and enclose it.
Cousin Dick
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