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Sasseen variations

Sasseen variations

Alan Sasseen (View posts)
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Any information regarding "Sasseen"...."Zaidan" - "Zeiden" -"Zaidan".
These names relate to middle eastern immigrants from The Lebanon in the late 1890's...Said and Hannah: from the village of Beit Midi.
Camille Sasseen was a promient christian political leader in Lebanon in 1950-1960's.
This family settled in Scotland County, North Carolina in the late 1890's.
Additional family roots include the Anthony or Antoun branch of the matriarchal line.
Any information greatly received.

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tammy antoun (View posts)
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Surnames: SASSEEN
my fathers name is anthony and my grandfathers name is anthony. both were born on june 15. my grandfather passed away in 89 and my dad resides in ohio, my grandfather had a sister mary and a brother johnny which is still living in fowell, ohio. just curious, our heritage is part lebonese and italian on grandmothers side. any relatives in ohio?

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alan sasseen (View posts)
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It is a great surprise pleasure to read your note.

My surprise is more than fueled by the fact that you have replied to a 'sasseen' message board!

There is a DIRECT CONNECTION between our 2 families.

This is my understanding of the relationship: my Grandmother, Hannah Antoun (Anthony)married Said Zaidan (which became 'sasseen' at Ellis Island)in Syria/Lebanon in 1898/99? They came to America via ship from what was then, Lebanon.

The couple was the first of many Syrian/Lebanese migrants from and around a village called Beit Midi, Lebanon.

My Grandfather, Said, came from Damascus, Syria.

My Grandparents eventually settled in the Piedmot area of North a small town called Laurinburg. You have family still living in this town in Charlotte, NC.

The Anthonys the Sasseens were cousins, in fact in this part of your family a brother and a sister married a brother sister ...double 1st cousins!!!

This was an incredibly tightly-knit family which, like most 2nd/3rd generation, has dispersed and no longer has the close contact that once existed in my memory as a little boy growing up in Laurinburg in the late '40s/50s.

My understanding of the Antoun/Sasseen 'diaspora is this: some members of the newly immigrant arrivals wound up in NY, St. Louis. My uncle "z", Hannah's brother, found his way up to America via South America (I think Brazil) where a considerable colony of Lebanese was established around the turn of the century.

The Anthonys in my part of the family anlicised the arabic form of Anthony (Antoun) to 'anthony' for the sake of integration convenience. Anthony = Antoun in another language.

You are most probably related directly to Pete Margret Anthony who were still living in Laurinburg in the early '90s.....the last time I had direct contact with the Laurinburg family. Pete Margret have a daughter, Mary Margret and a son, Joseph who live in Charlotte Raleigh respectively.

My brother, Anthony (see the 'antoun' connection!!!) still lives in Laurinburg where he became the local version of 'Mr. Chips'!

I wish I could give you more info on the family but if you pick up a Laurinburg NC telephone directory I am sure you will quickly establish whether Pete Margret are still alive. If they are I know them well enough to say to you pick-up the phone call them. They are/were simply wonderful people.

Although my brother I are 'distant' he would give you a warm welcome, too. He is certainly alive kicking in Laurinburg. My brother, Anthony, will be able to give you even more substantial deep family lines info than I have been able to pass on to you. There is another contact, Rick SAsseen, our 1st cousin, who has done some depth work in the Sasseen/Anthony family trees. Rick lives in Texas near Dallas.

The Anthony Sasseen/Zaidan families are long related my part of the family comes from a little village called Beit Midi as I said earlier.

Camille Sasseen was, before the break-up of Lebanon in the 60s/70s, one of the most powerful of the Christian political leaders in the Lebanon.

It was nice to speak with you if you are EVER in the Denver area please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to meet you.


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zaidan (View posts)
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Surnames: ZAIDAN
there is a family in lebanon by this name you can reach them through this site
this is thier comapy site

good luck

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Arnold R. Sasseen (View posts)
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Surnames: SASSEEN
My husband, Arnold Sasseen, was born in Detroit, Michigan. The family later moved to the Atlanta area. He has roots in Kentucky and most likely has information that he could share with you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Looking for my ZEIDEN roots

Juan Pablo Zeiden (View posts)
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Looking for the last name "Zeiden" i found your messages. My father once told me that his father (called here Emilio Zeiden Samia) came from Lebanon, specifically from a little village called "Saghbin" or something similar, near the Litani river. If you have information about the "Zeiden" last name i´ll be pleased to receive it. Thanks for your attention. Juan Pablo Zeiden Martínez. Maracay, Venezuela.

Re: Sasseen variations

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Alan can you please get in touch with me at What have I done for you to distant yourself from me?
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