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family history

family history

Sansevero (View posts)
Posted: 953235066000
looking for information about Luigi Sansevero, Born 25 October 1884 in San Severo, Italy.

Luigi SanSevero

Patricia (Mester) SanSevero (View posts)
Posted: 966625017000
I am pretty sure that I have heard the name Luigi SanSevero mentioned in the family. I know my husbands grandparents came straight from Italy. I do not think that they came from San Severo Italy. although I do know that the city does exist. I will try to get more info about Luigi. I am not sure if it is someone I just saw on Ancestry or something or if indeed Luigi was in my Sansevero family. I will get back to you soon.

Luigi Sansevero

Louis Sansevero (View posts)
Posted: 966794282000
Thanks for your reply, I've been trying to find out about my ancestory but unfortunately(for me) I got interested in it long after my aunts, uncles, etc. have passed away so its been kind of difficult. I know that there is another family Sansevero from Brooklyn. If I may ask what is your husband's first name, I've lost contact with my N.Y. family and we may very well be cousins.



Patty (View posts)
Posted: 967053586000
Hi Louis,
My husband is Joseph. There are lots of Joseph's in the family. My husband has lived in NY all his life and so did his parents and his parents parents came from italy. So my husbands grandparents Joseph Vincent And Florence "dolly" Serpe SanSevero I believe were from Italy. If not them than it was their parents that were from Italy. A friend of mine had gone to Ellis Island 2 years ago and did the pencil/paper thing on the wall of SanSevero and Luigi was one of the names on the wall. If you give me your email address, I can send you an invite to the sansevero website in There is alot of information in there that I am just learning. This may help you link more to your family since I am unsure if you are related. Hope to hear from you soon!!

my e-mail

Patty (View posts)
Posted: 967063650000
Patty -

I have a cousin Joseph but his parents where Michael and Aggie. His and my grandparents where Luigi and Jenny Sansevero. Luigi was from Italy but Jenny was (I believe) born in America of Italian parents. She was from up state N.Y. somewhere. My e-mail address is Thanks for the reply and help, it would be nice to be able to track down my geneology, guess I should have paid more attention when I was a kid but in those days (the '60s) no one was much interested in where they came from only in where they were going.


Re: my e-mail

michael (View posts)
Posted: 1011822440000
Classification: Query
Joseph is my brother. You are my cousin? Vito and Suzie?
I put Luigi's name on the Ellis Island wall a few years ago.

How are you.
Mom died this past xmas.
I did speak to your brother.


Re: my e-mail

Posted: 1249597329000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Sansevero

Came across this old email while doing some genealogy, can't remember if I ever replied to it. My wife an I have re-established a link with some of our cousins in Montalbano Jonico (that's where grandpa Sansevero came from). . . we are going there on September 15th and hope to "fill in some blanks" in the family tree. Say hello to Joey

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