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the ruehl family

the ruehl family

ellen suri (View posts)
Posted: 930073636000
i do not have much information on my mother's side of the family. i would like to know if anyone knows the ruehl's from brooklyn, ny. my grandfather's name was william and he died in 1927, in his 40's. my mother just passed away this year and was able to provide some information beforehand. i would like to complete a family tree and would love input from others who are seeking their birthright. thank you.

Your request

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Contact me privately at RuehlNana2@aol
My husband who is a Ruehl has a cousin who has don extensive research on the surname ruehl. I don't know if they are related to your family but I will look for the cousin's name and address for you. These Ruehl's are from Wisconsin.


Shawna Barrett (View posts)
Posted: 940866832000
I am also looking for my mother, Ruth Lombardo, whom was born somewhere in NY. Her mothers maiden name was Naomi Ruehl. Maybe we could talk and see if there's any conection.

My name is Naomi

Naomi Ruehl (View posts)
Posted: 941388497000
My name is Naomi Ruehl. I know that "Naomi" was a family name. I know a lot about my family, and that it is very spread out. E mail me with specific questions.

Hi! Naomi

Naomi Ruehl (View posts)
Posted: 941441553000
My grandmother (Naomi) on my mothers side was born in Ohio- at least that's what it says on my mother and fathers marriage liceance. I know she had a brother or sister, because my mother had a cousin named Susan Ruehl. Last I heared she had married a David C. Robinson in San Diego. This was all back in the late 60's early 70's.
Does any of this sound familiar?

Here''s some info.

Naomi Ruehl (View posts)
Posted: 941449902000
I am from Ohio. My family is from Oberlin, Ohio.
I do have relatives in California, but I don't know who they are.
The Ruehl family is my father's side, which originated in Hesse, Germany.
Do you know anything about your family's German history? The name Susan
is not familiar, but here are some names which have been passed through
our family over and over again, maybe they will help.
Henry, Andrew, Peter, Louise, John-Adam, Emily, Christine.

Thanx for info!!

Shawna Barrett (View posts)
Posted: 941470469000
It's really hard to know anything. I Haven't seen my mother since I was 5, (I am now 30)and I know nothing about this side of the family, although it sounds like we might be related!! I'll probably try and get Susans marriage lic. That should have some helpfull info on it! Thanx sooo much for your assistance. If you think of anything else, I would greatly appreciate the info.
Take care!

Florence Goldhamer Ruehl

Julius Wagner (View posts)
Posted: 945116215000
Read your messages, and would like to learn any details on my birth mother, Florence Goldhamer Ruehl. Know she was married to Robert Cullander approx. early 1950's. I was born in Los Angeles, CA area in Feb. 21, 1952. My adoptive parents were personal friends of my birth parents. Last knew Robert Cullendar was in Brown Cty, Wisconsin in 1954. At that time, he and my mother were separated. I'm 47 years old and would like to locate either parent. Please write if you have any info.

New info

Shawna Barrett (View posts)
Posted: 945156005000
Hi Julius! I don't have much info on this family due to being adopted by my fathers parents, but I have recently made first contact with my mother, for the first time in 25 yrs, whos maden name is Ruth Ruehl. He was also maried to Susen Ruehl, her cousin. Any way, if all goes well, I should have some new info soon and I will most sertainly share it with you!!
Good luck

Florence Goldhamer Ruehl

Posted: 946413594000
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I'm writing on behalf of Julius, my husband.
Our best wishes to you in making contact with your birth mother after so many years.
We recently learned that Julius's father died about 20 years ago. Still no info on his birth mother. If you learn of any connections between the two famililes, please write.
Happy Holidays,
Linda Wagner
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