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Robshaw Surname.

Robshaw Surname.

Romaine (View posts)
Posted: 933781851000
looking for anyone with information on Walter robshaw married to Emily ferguson and their son Keith robshaw married to agnus briggs. not sure on date's or location.
thank you.

looking for family

mary (View posts)
Posted: 936429820000
hi my name is mary and we are looking for any family member's please
email me so we can see if we are related


Romaine Robshaw (View posts)
Posted: 936583565000
hi mary, i just recieved your reply!
um, i dont know what to tell you except that im the daughter of colin james robshaw, whos father was keith robshaw married to agnus, um keiths other children are heather, lindsay, and norm, all married also. who were your parents? grandparents?
look forward to your reply.

Romaine Robshaw


Romaine Robshaw (View posts)
Posted: 936584126000
mary, just to tell you that i live in Australia, n.s.w. where abouts are you? any other info about you and family would help to see if we are related. and also all the Robshaws that do live in Australia are all related. our ancestory search found that we date back to england, canada and north america, if you wanted to know!
from romaine robshaw

Other Robshaw''s

Karen Robshaw-Peterson (View posts)
Posted: 938158448000
This is my first attempt to get to my background ... But this I know...My Grandfather was John Paul Robshaw married to Regina Strauss Burns in Buffalo, NY. His parents were in Providence Rhode Island. And they go bakc to England I believe - with some surnames of Hughes and Ryan. My father says our name came from England. That a farm in the country was called a "haw" it was owned by Rob...therefore, Rob's haw...Anybody else here that story?


Romaine Robshaw (View posts)
Posted: 938499607000
Hi, I have traced our surname back to Yorkshire, England and thats as far back as i can trace it! I live in Australia and there is 3 Robshaw's in Australia and we are all related directly! Where is it that you live? I am really interested in tracing all Robshaws. Any other information that you have about your family would be helpful to me so i can see if we are realted! Your grnadparents? Aunty's, Uncles's anything is useful! hope to hear from you soon, thanks for your post.
Romaine Robshaw.

Robshaw Family History

K Robshaw (View posts)
Posted: 940889279000
I would like to find out if anyone is related
to George Robshaw who was married to a woman
named Annie. I'm not sure what year he was
born in, he may have been born in Virginia.I know that the family originally came from England. His son was Charles William Robshaw, Sr. He was born Dec.4, 1888 in either Virginia or New Jersery. Charles William Robshaw, Sr. married a woman named
Elizabeth Meyer and they had a son named
Charles William Robshaw, Jr. who was born in
1914 and a daughter named Mildred. I would like to know if anyone is related to these
same Robshaws. I would love to hear from you
if you are.

family Robshaw

Jude Warnemuende (View posts)
Posted: 949393777000
Hi, I'm jusy the great granddaughter of Flora Matilda Robshaw and Richard Vincent Van Voltenbergh, They had son Fred Who was born May13 1873 in Iowa City Iowa. They were not mrried it was there love chiold she was the daughter of George., Tho There were two Georges in Goshen Iowa, They both had children. Flora died shortly after Fred was born. Theat is what civil was record of Richards say. Fred Had 1/2 sis names Jane. Any correspondence would be great. Thanks


Judy Warnemuende (View posts)
Posted: 949481462000
Hi, I am working on Robshaw line now. Flora Matilda. She died about 1874 after my grandfather was bornn. I believe the lived in Goshen. Iowa. There were two Georges who where on the 1870 censes for Iowa city Iowa, I would need to get my cds out to let you know.


Romaine Robshaw (View posts)
Posted: 950289603000
Hi, i have only just recently been back on the net and found your message about charles and william, those names and dates sound very familar to me and i will try to find all my paper work i have on my family, but im sure when i went back as far as i could with my family history i saw those names and dates, so just letting you know that i will look more into and get back to you soon.
Romaine Robshaw.
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