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find other ricaudas or vietti's

find other ricaudas or vietti's

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my grandfather john ricauda and joseph vietti came to the u s a in the late l800's from torino, italy. am looking for any other with that surname who might be related.

Re: find other ricaudas or vietti's

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Surnames: Ricauda, Vietti, Marietta, Zambanini
My name is Linda Zambanini (Zambenini) - and i grew up about a mile from Clinton up on "Greencastle Hill" above Lyford. I recognize the Ricauda name as being from over in Clinton - it was exciting to find someone from clinton posting to the Vietti board. My grandfather John Zambenini married Anna Marietta in Brazil IN in 1915 and after he retired (as mine electrician) they bought land were i grew up and built a house there - my dad and mom built a house next to theirs and that is where i grew up (unfortunately in parke co - so i had to go to school in rosedale - arghhhh! Italian HELL.)

My grandmother. as i said, was a Marietta whose family were coal miners in Carbon/Diamond/Perth area near Brazil IN. But her grandmother was a Vietti. (Domenica VIETTI Marietta - b.1844 [i imagine around Coassolo]; d. 1908, Perth - she is buried in the Perth Cemetary with the other Marietta's).

I really dont know much about the Marietta's or the Vietti since i have spent my life until recently tracking down my Zambanini in Trentino. I have traveled there 6X since '85, traced my roots, and met them all. Only this summer did i start looking into the Marietta side of my family. The information i do have about the Marietta/Vietti are in an old letter my great aunt (Nellie Zambanini Perucca) gave me before she died. I only recently dug out that old letter and started looking it over thinking i would do a little research online for our Marietta's. In the letter it is mentioned that there is this Vietti connection. I am not really into tracing the Vietti in detail but i thought i would write to you - maybe you could use my Vietti info in some way, or who knows maybe we are related. Never know.

Just this Labor Day when i went up to Clinton to the Little Italy festival i realized there was a Marietta family in Clinton, (i didnt know this when i was growing up - wasnt interested in tracing the marietta then) and my dad mentioned that there was a Vietti Packing plant in Clinton! I did some research online and found that our Marietta were from Coassolo (on the ellisisland records) and that the Vietti are also from around Coassolo (Torinese) - there is even a nearby town called "Vietti". It seems most of the Vietti and Marietta are from that valley that is just NW of Torino. I mentioned all this to my dad (Leo George Zambenini) who still lives where i grew up, and asked him if he knew anytihg about the Vietti and Marietta in Clinton. Were they related? He said he didnt think so but he didnt really know...he said people back then didnt talk much about relatives. They could be distant relatives. Well obviously they are all related somehow, even distantly, since they are all from around Coassolo. Anyway - it would be interesting to know if and how we are related to the Marietta and Vietti in Clinton. We may not be closely related but it is just nice to know there are some other people in Clinton who are from the same place who are Marietta and Vietti!

BTW are you familiar w/ the white pages of Italy?:
It is indispensible. Next to each name you can click on a link for a map of where they live. I noticed on one of your posts that your Ricauda relatives are from "COURGHNE" (sic) and that THEIR MIDDLE NAME WAS AMIONEE. Well i did a quick search on pagine bianche for you and sure enough it is a VERY rare name found mostly in the town of "Cuorgne' " in Torino province - which is about 20 miles north-northwest from Torino and lies in a different valley than Coassolo. The Ricauda surname is so rare that only 18 Ricauda households are in the entire region of Piemonte. Here is the results page for Ricauda in Piemonte:

Most interestingly, most of the Ricauda are "Aimonino"! I have a hunch that your "Amionee" name was a nickname or "scatume" (as they call it in Trentino) to differentiate your particular Ricauda family from other Ricauda. (This is also true for the Zambanini in Trentino - everyone has a "scatume"). It appears that the Ricauda are heavily marrried into the "Aimonino" family - looks like over 1/2 of them are "Aimonino Ricauda"! Interesting name Ricauda - reminds me of bagna calda or bagna cauda in dialect. (Being from Clinton you MUST know what THAT is ;) - just writing this makes me miss Fossi bread and breadstix by the way... ) Your name means "re-warmed" or "re-heated" i think. It appears that the name Aimonino is also rare but a little less rare than Ricauda. Do you know about the GENS site? You can type in your surname (cognome) and hit enter and it shows you where your name is located on the map of italy and its frequency. Your Ricauda name is SO rare that it doesnt even show up on the map! You can be sure if you find ANY Ricauda they will be your relatives! If you type in Aimonino they do show up on the map in that area only but very few. I thought Zambanini was rare but your name is almost extinct!

Linda Zambanini
Bloomington, IN USA
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