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Descendants of Col. William Rhett of SC

Descendants of Col. William Rhett of SC

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To all Rhett Cousins: I am currently working on a 20th Century 'update' to our family genealogy by Mr. Barnwell Rhett Heyward, entitled "The Descendants of Col. William Rhett of South Carolina." This comprehensive work appeared in the South Carolina Historical Genealogical Magazine (Vol. IV), tracing the family from its beginnings in the Carolinas through the 19th century. I plan to update this 'genealogy' by locating as many Rhett relatives as possible in an effort to record our family's growth throughout the 1900s, and to reconnect our family which has spread throughout the nation during the past century. I have been in contact with several cousins already - all of whom have been encouraging and helpful. I thank you all. But as I get further into this project, I find it is far more involved than I had originally envisioned. I am going to need your help! I ask you all to please consider sharing your lines with me so I may include them in this update. Once complete, I will donate the updated version to the SC Historical Society for the benefit of all descendants - present and future. If this work results in enabling even one cousin to make his/her connection, then every moment spent compiling this information will have been worhtwhile. Won't you please help me reunite our family? If you will share your line of descent from Col. William Rhett, please contact me via e-mail at:, or phone (843) 553-8464. If you can supply me with the name of another cousin to contact, it would be most helpful. Be sure to send the name, address, phone number, or e-mail address. I sincerely appreciate your assistance in this endeavor. Thank you all in advance and I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you! Your Cousin, Pamela Rhett Molzan, Charleston, SC.

Col. Rhett?

Donya Rhett (View posts)
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I am an African American woman whose father was born in Georgia in 1941. I am not sure where his father was born, but his last name was also Rhett. I am curious about your research findings because I suspect that my ancestors along my father's paternal line were probably owned by a Rhett in the south. I don't know if your search includes descendents such as myself since I probably share only the Rhett name and not the blood, but I would greatly appreciate being able to share whatever history you have uncovered. It is extremely difficult for a Black American with roots far back into slavery to trace her history, but it is an endeavor I would love to take on. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Col. Wm. Rhett's relatives

Alice Stott (View posts)
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Golly I have just located this message board and then deceided to put in really old family names and look what I have found. Many of my cousins that have roots to Col. Wm. Rhett are doing research. I do know my line from him. Wm. Rhett b.1666 London
Married Sarah Amy and one child Mary Rhett b. 1714, Married Richard Wright and had one child Sarah Wright b. 1736,married James Hasell and had two children Mary and Susannah. Susannah married Parker Quince b.1743-1747 and they had Richard, Mary Sarah and William. Richard Quince b.1769 married Elizabeth Moore and they had John, roger, Parker,richard, and William.Parker Quince b.1803 married Janae Hill b. 1801 and they had nine children. John Baptista Quince b.1827 married althalia Johnnie brown b. 1830 and they had seven children. Emma Brown Quince b. 1851 married George Brister Myers. They had six children. Clarence LeGrand Myers is my grandfather.Is this the line you are researching? P;ease let me know. I will e-mail you now. Alice


Harry B. Rhett (View posts)
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Hi Pam:
Just came across your post on this web site. How your New England trip? Did you find any new interesting info? Hope your holiday season was pleasant and your new year prosperous. Would love to hear from you.
Hope your family is well.

Re: Col. Rhett?

christy (View posts)
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I noticed you were looking to trace your family that were of african descent.
The name Rhett strikes me as possible deriving from NC.
I have info on the Rhett family coming from the Smiths..... it goes...
What I know so far is that I have been doing research on a Benjamin Franklin Smith(Governor of NC.etc.) Benjamin Smith's mother was a Rhett. Benjamin Smith was the owner of the Orton Plantation and a few others.....also his brother James Smith worked with him on the rice plantations in NC and SC. now I have info showing that they owned over 221 slaves at one time. Bare with me.....
now Benjamin and James had a huge dispute over land and other James Smith moved to SC....and changed his last name to his mothers maiden name therefore he was known then on as James Rhett.
Basically...this was all happening around the 1800's
A few sources you might want to check with is the North Carolina Historical museum....Also...I have found a newspaper clipping from Greensboro in 1996 for Black history month in Feb. of an old picture of a five generations of enslaved family posing for a picture in 1862 at Smith Plantation near Beafort, NC......which was owned by the family of Benjamin Smith and James Smith(Rhett). the newspaper I think is called News N Record or Greensboro News n Record. I hope this helps....
Then ..I also know of a will that Benjamin Smith had.....showing that he wanted his servants(as he called them) set free...and he also gives some of them land.etc.....then he names off a few of their names.......using only first names.
Well...good fortune on your search.
I bet you will find more info in Greensboro, Wilmington..etc. of NC.

Re: Col. Rhett?

christy (View posts)
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I forgot to also mention that James Smith(Rhett) was the founder of the famous Rhetts known in the South also. Starting the fame in SC. this must be the link. I know there wasnt that many Rhetts around and still arent as far as I can tell.

Re: Col. Rhett?

Donya Rhett (View posts)
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Thank you so much for the info. I think I will try to follow up and see what I can learn.


Re: Col. Rhett?

christy (View posts)
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you are welcome. I just hope that it helps you.
Also....benjamin Franklin Smith that I told you about has a grave marker in St.Phillips in I recall. In which I heard and read that most of the direct family members and siblings were buried.except the other 5 brothers who took on the Rhett name of their Grandmother along with James. well, if everything went as it was told.......some of the african american slaves were probably even buried nearby. Please..tell me if you found anything. I would be interested in knowing if anything turns up.

Re: Descendants of Col. William Rhett of SC

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Mrs: Molzan:

I do not know if this helps or you are still working on your project but here it is.

Mark Rhett
Son of Ben R. Rhett Jr.-1923-1961, his father Ben R. Rhett Sn.-1893-1977, his father William M. Rhett-1856-1932, his father Ben Rhett-1826-1884, his father James Smith Rhett (changed name from Smith to Rhett)-1797-1855.

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