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Rattee Family Tree, USA, Canada and UK

Rattee Family Tree, USA, Canada and UK

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With generous assistance a substantial tree of the RATTEE family has been compiled and includes the England, Canadian and USA family groups. There is still much work to be completed, especially in connecting the England and USA branches, which seems likely to be around the late 1700's, early 1800's.

All information is exchanged free.

If you are connected with the Rattee family please make contact.

I am particularly keen to trace any relatives of Carl Allan Rattee who was Killed in Action in Vietnam in 1968. Both parents, father Carroll and mother Rita have passed away. The family was from Wales, Massachusettes, USA.

David Rattee


Doug Greetham (View posts)
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Hi Dave. My mother was a Rattee and our hand written tree on them goes back to a Charles James Rattee, b. 1785 in Epping Essex. WhatI have failed to do is trace the family to their Huguenot roots in France.

Would any of this be of interest? Doug

Charles James Rattee

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Thanks so much for your message. It is rewarding to know that there is someone else out there looking through the internet.

Can you let me know your mothers name and date of birth , also your grandfather Rattee's first name so that I can place them on the tree.

There is a Charles Neil Rattee who lives in Suffolk who has done a massive amount of research on the Rattee family.

The Charles James Rattee b1785 is soemone whom at the moment I have confusing information since I have yet to be able to confirm whether this is the same person as a Charles John Rattee who died in 1870 and was believed born in 1785.

So far I also believe that in all probabilty the Rattee's were French Hugeunots. However as we have traced records with the same spelling of Rattee in England back as far as 1605 we have yet to get any indication of when the family may have come over from France or the low countries.
Kind Regards
David Rattee


Douglas Greetham (View posts)
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Hi David, My mothers name was Margaret Isabel Rattee, b. 9/23/04 in Malpeque PEI. Her father was The Rev. Edward Joseph Rattee,b. 12/29/1869 in Little Wilberham, Cambridge. Charles Neil Rattee is a cousin whom I have never met, although I know his sister Anna, quite well. I believe my hand written Rattee tree was done by him.

I will be going off the air in a few days to change my internet provider and acquire a DSL service. I'll send the new address as soon as I have it.


ps Where are you writting from?

Canadian Rattee's

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Thanks for your reply. I guess PEI is Prince Edward Island, Canada?

I met Neil Rattee many years ago when he lived in York, England. At the time I lived about 26 miles away in Leeds. We first met as a result of my father (who was at the time Professor of Colour Chemisty at Leeds University - he is now retired) advertising for a new secretary in the local newspaper.

Through Neil I also met some of the Canadian Rattee's who came over on a visit to England.

I have put the family tree onto a computer file which can be read through the program available through the family search web site as a free download.

Please let me know your new e-mail address when you change.

I am in Poynton, Cheshire. It is 18 miles south of Manchester in the North of England.

I am hoping that this site will soon attract other interest from family members around the world.


David Rattee


Doug Greetham (View posts)
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I've just finished a four year odessey dredging up the history of my own surname and have just started on my mothers family. Unfortunately when I started, I lumped both names in a single Family Tree Maker file. Now it will be a real challenge to split them.

Give me till after Christmas and then we can get donw to the business of trading notes.


The Descendants of Jacques Raté inc.

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I wrote the dictionary of the Raté Descendants from 1650...I know I missed a few...I work with the spouses name...Give me some and I might be of any help.

Jaques Ratte

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Thanks for your message. Which country are you in?

While I have also found information on people with the name spelling of RATTEE, RATTE, RATTY, RATTIE, so far no linking of these separate families has been made. However I do suspect that certainly the ones in England may well link up.

You say that you have gone back to 1650 with the name RATTE. In which country, or countries have you built up records?

Through I found a marriage record of a John Rattee in 1808 in Loudoun County Virginia. So far this is the earliest record of a Rattee in America.

I only have information on the other spellings that can be seen in the IGI records for England.

David Rattee

the raté family

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Our family comes from teh Jura region in France...Jacques, the first in America, arrived in Quebec around 1650...The descendants from any spelling can be found in England, America, Canada, France, etc...I found out a chevalier Ratte from 1328.
I wrote the dictionary of the descendants(I know I missed many)...more than 6000 descendants...Its a pleasure to talk to you.

where is the compiled family tree

peter andrew rattee (View posts)
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hi david

my name is andrew ratte and i live in toronto ontario canada. I am the youngest of three children. My father's name is David Arthur Rattee and I believe his father's name was George and I think George was born in Prince Edward Island. I have always been curious about my family background. My dad was aware of the Huguenot ancestry but that's as far as my knowledge goes. Please help me out

andrew rattee
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